Real Sex Magazine 18Kate12/04/1999
Debbie Does Dallas '99Drew Black12/04/1999
Mobster's WifeDrew Black12/04/1999
Debbie Does Dallas: The Next GenerationDrew Black12/04/1999
Virtual Sex With Jennarick12/05/1999
Taboo 12Saki12/07/1999
SodoMania Slop Shots 01Calistoga12/07/1999
North Pole 05Steph12/08/1999
Seven Deadly SinsKate12/08/1999
First Time Ever 07AdultDVDGuru12/09/1999
Kelly the Coed 01Steph12/12/1999
Mobster's WifeSteph12/12/1999
4 Finger Club 01, TheSteph12/12/1999
Country Comfortsvadas (sean)12/12/1999
Kelly the Coed 01Drew Black12/14/1999
North Pole 05Drew Black12/14/1999
Electric SexDrew Black12/15/1999
FlashpointDrew Black12/15/1999
Electric SexSaki01/08/2000
Dinner Party 01, TheSaki01/10/2000
Seven Deadly SinsSaki01/17/2000
Up'n ComingSteph01/23/2000
Neighbor, Thesonic01/24/2000
Original Sinsonic01/24/2000
Seven Deadly Sinssonic01/26/2000
Devil in Miss Jones 02, TheSteph01/29/2000
Above the Kneesonic02/01/2000
North Pole 05LaNIKITA200002/04/2000
Generation XDarkmage02/11/2000
Sodomania 28Saki02/13/2000
WildflowerFord Prefect02/28/2000
Masseuse 02Saki03/05/2000
House of DreamsSaki03/12/2000
Out of LoveLaNIKITA200003/13/2000
Debbie Does Dallas '99Darkmage03/19/2000
Flesh for FantasyJason Little03/20/2000
North Pole 06Steph03/24/2000
Watcher 01, Thesonic03/30/2000
Lewd Conduct 01Ishamael04/01/2000
Gangbang Auditions 03Pornboy04/04/2000
Gang Bang Angels 09Evil_Rip04/06/2000
Gangbang Auditions 03LaNIKITA200004/08/2000
Night Shift Nursessonic04/13/2000
Down the Hatch 01LaNIKITA200004/13/2000
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