Cornfed Redhead

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Description: Your favorite cum guzzling DD redhead is back! Her big freckled tits never looked better than in WATER NYMPH, with John Holmes and his buddy tag teaming young Lisa in the shower. Big John also slams her in the locker room in ACHING JAWS. Her pussy and tits are yours to ogle forever in more rare and raunchy loops and scenes like STAR IN HEAT, SEXUAL PLAYGROUND, FIXING HER FAUCETS, and many more!

Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
  Alpha Blue
120 minutes
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Reviewed by   08/08/11
The run time of this compilation is 4+ hours, not 2 hours as incorrectly listed. They include a lot of the famous scenes featuring Lisa De Leeuw and a couple of hot scenes. The scene with John Holmes in a Gym is special and a scene with Billy Dee from the 1982 release, The Girls From S.E.X. is memorable for me as I recall it from my high school days. It is extremely erotic with almost no script. There is a good mix of mostly Lisa from her early days and some later performances. Picture quality on virtually all four hours of this compilation is sub par, most is grainy but it is still a good rental if you love Alpha Blue studio releases as much as I do.

Reviewed by   05/14/10
A pretty nice compilation of one of my favorite big boobed classic pornstars, Lisa Deleeuw!