Bubble Gum Babes

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Viv Thomas Viv Thomas 105 minutes
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Reviewed by   08/28/07
Finally a good sex scene where Eve Angel gets fucked by a dude and her acting is good enuf to believe she is having an orgasm...the only thing that would have made it a great scene would have been Jo getting fucked too...I passed on Davina...Jamie and Nikita put in a pretty good lez scene...Suzy Sparks had a pretty good scene...the irritating part was the stud who repeatedly grabbed his cock and did the put-it-in, pull-it-out crap...and Tiffany ended it with a
good scene...there are a lot of closeups

Reviewed by   08/04/06
I've just started watching these Viv Thomas movies and so far I really like them. Each scene is somewhat romantic and the actors and actresses generate some real heat. I also like the little story lines and plots. Viv also seems to have the same taste in women as I do. The first scene is great and has Katie who is usually billed as Eve do a guy with Jo helping her along. Then there is a couple scene that's good but not the best in the movie. The third scene is a g/g thats excellent. Then a b/g with suzy that's great. I've never seen her in any other movies. In the movie credits she is called Little Suzy. but here she is called Suzy Sparks. But there is all ready a different Suzy Sparks, so who knows. The final scene is with Tiffany and that's all so pretty good. I gave this movie 3 stars but it really deserves at least 3.5 - I should have given it 4