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Viv Thomas Viv Thomas
Duration: 2 hours
Date Added: 10/31/12
Production Year:  
Format: DVD

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Reviewed by   06/14/07
Normally I give Viv Thomas stuff 5 stars but not this one. I haven't bothered to figure out the connection but I think some of Viv's stuff is in like a different category. maybe its a time period or maybe its how its produced. Anyway the video is very grainy. lighting and sound are just ok. the foreplay is not as good as other movies. I'm not a big fan of Sandy - in fact i never heard of her before - but even if i was, I don't think i would like every scene to have her. A little variety please. Offsetting that is that each scene has a different girl with sandy. they are all new to me and all of them are very pretty.

Reviewed by   04/28/07
Sandy is hot! You wouldn't have rented if you didn't think so... Problem is- the vid quality looks like it was shot 10 yrs ago and remastered... Maybe it was... Thats what I got from an lcd

Industry Reviews (1)

Reviewed by   11/26/05 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Well my friend I've got another juicy Viv Thomas title to rave about here. I'm so pumped to see his stuff becoming more available at more reasonable prices as this type of lesbian porn is so good it's miles above anything else I see the other porn studios doing. This man's approach stresses beauty, kissing, oral, plus there's very little toy use. If you want dildos and strap ons then there are a multitude of studios and dvds showcasing that. If you want passion more towards the erotic end like I prefer then you've got to do a little fishing and man when I hooked this guy's stuff it was like ...