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  Dog Fart
Duration: 3 hours
Date Added: 12/17/12
Production Year: 2010
Format: DVD

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Reviewed by   02/26/11 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time: 180 min.

Production Date: 12 / 23 / 2010

Director: None credited

Cast: Ashli Orion, Brittany Angel, Chayse Evans, Krissy Lynn, Byron Long, Dick James, Jon Jon, Julius Ceazher, Justin Long, Tone Capone, and a few more black guys

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty average. The audio is decently balanced, but there are a few background noises and the sound never sounds that crisp. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks okay. There's some uneven lighting and a little motion to the camera work at times, which is nothing overly unusual with gonzo or reality porn, as well as a little grain in places.

False Advertising: Although the cover states ?6 Four Filled Scenes!?, there are only four scenes in the movie. I'm deducting a half point from the overall score because of this.

The Movie:

Scene 1 ? Krissy Lynn, Dick James, Jon Jon, Julius Ceazher, and Justin Long

While driving around the guys pick up hooker Krissy who's worried about if her pimp sees their camera as well as taking on nigger dick. They haggle on price a bit before heading back to meet the guys, and soon after Dick and Justin are moving in to check out her tits. Krissy passes out rubbers to the guys before starting to suck cock, and the guys quickly toss them aside. Justin starts fucking her from behind and bow and arrow style before the guys start working their way around her with Krissy not being too happy about them going bareback on her. Krissy keeps sucking cock while the guys fuck her in missionary, doggie, and from behind as well as riding them cowgirl style. They even get in a little spooning before the guys start to pop with Krissy taking cum on her tits, pussy, and face along with plenty of tastes.

Scene 2 ? Chayse Evans, Byron Long, Tone Capone, and three other black guys

Tone Capone heads inside with some of his guys to find brunette birthday present Chayse happily waiting inside. The guys make him unwrap his present and Chayse puts on a little show for them before she starts sucking Tone's cock. Chayse quickly starts sucking and stroking her way around the rest of the guys before laying back so they can start fucking her missionary style. They keep the fucking going doggie style with Chayse taking it all extremely well as the guys try to outdo each other and dominate her with a little breath control and feet on her head. She happily eats the first guy's cum when he pops on his stomach and then breaks out a bowl for the guys to pop in after fucking her a bit more. She swallows the cum down while getting fucked from behind and then sings to Tone.

Scene 3 ? Brittany Angel, Byron Long, Dick James, Jon Jon, Justin Long, and another black guy

Slightly trashy looking bottle blonde cover girl Brittany introduces the scene outside with the guys before heading inside to strip down and show off. The black cocks start arriving soon after with Brittany eagerly sucking and stroking her way around them. Byron lets her have the first fuck doggie style as she sucks Justin before the guys move down the line fucking her and letting her suck them clean. They keep working Brittany over missionary and cowgirl style before letting her have a couple pops in her mouth to swallow down. They mix in a little more fucking as the guys get close to popping with Brittany eating each load before letting the camera know how full she feels.

Scene 4 ? Ashli Orion, Byron Long, Dick James, Justin Long, and two other black guys

As the guys talk about a zombie movie they saw the other night, brunette zombie Ashley walks up in red lingerie demanding black meat only. She messes with them a little more following them back to their place before letting them check her out and admire her ass and then putting on a little show for them as they stroke themselves. Ashli moves down the line sucking and stroking the guys as well as letting them play with her and fuck her from behind. They move on to fuck her missionary and cowgirl style as Ashli continues to see how much cock she can suck and stroke. They even give her a bit of a midair cowgirl ride and let her ride them reverse cowgirl style before starting to cum on her face and in her mouth. Ashli continues to put out to the guys so they can each give her a load in her mouth to eat before heading back out zombie style.

4 In Da' Ho is a pretty standard interracial gangbang movie. It has a little more fun at the start of each scene with a little story and the girls normally putting on a little show before getting to the action. As usual with black guys and gangbangs there's plenty of banter among the guys, and the girls seem to feel the need to mouth off about being black cock sluts as well. I think Chayse Evans came out on top with this one just due to how much the guys seemed like they were trying to drive her into the ground as she took it all and seemed like she could take even more. The others came out above average and pretty even with Ashli being the only one to really stand out due to her fun opening. I was also a little surprised to see five guys instead of four in most of the scenes, but at least DogFart is exceeding the count in the title rather than coming in short. I can't say that I'm a big fan of interracial gangbangs, but if you are 4 In Da' Ho is probably worth checking out.

The Extras: Trailers are included for four other Dog Fart and Blacks on Blondes releases. The photo gallery lasts about two minutes with about six seconds per still. There's also a bonus scene, cumshot recaps, and commercials.

Bonus Scene ? Lily Labeau and four black guys

The bonus scene comes from Gangbang Her Little White Thang 6. Dirty blonde Lily starts out the next scene talking with a black guy about wanting to do interracial onscreen who offers to hook her up after they talk about it a bit, kiss, and she gropes him. They keep talking as she gropes him back at his place, and even get in a little spit play before she starts sucking his cock. Lily keeps sucking and stroking as a second, third, and fourth guy arrives, and strips down for them before letting them play with her pussy as she continues to suck. They start fucking her doggie style, and mix in a little pussy eating and pussy play to make her squirt before fucking her missionary style all with Lily seeing just how much cock she can suck and squirting a little more. Lily also rides the guys reverse cowgirl style and gives them a bit more head. Finally, she lets the guys cum on her face one after the other and declares herself a black cock whore before playing with the cum a little more.

This is a hot scene. The opening has a nice feeling to it, and Lily plays the good girl gone bad very well through the scene. She does a great job taking on the guys and every bit as good of a job talking dirty as she plays with the cum afterwards. This scene worked very well for me.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: Although it only contains four scenes instead of the six advertised, fans of interracial gang bangs will probably find plenty to like here.

Note to Dog Fart: Please watch your cover claims a little better. You normally put out a solid product with plenty of scenes, so when you only put out two thirds of the scenes as usual while still claiming the usual amount it's going to leave a few people disappointed even with a long running length.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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