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Cumstains 10

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Performers Director Studio Category Details
  Zero Tolerance
Duration: 3 hours
Date Added: 01/22/13
Production Year: 2009
Format: DVD

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Reviewed by   10/06/09 Source: AdultDVDTalk

The best way to describe Cumstains 10 would be this: ?Cum one, Cum All! Prepare yourself for a cum drenched assault of epic proportions! Quarts of cum, mounds of muck and streams of splooge are dripping off of chins, lips, tits and hips! XXX hottest whores get the complete sperm spa treatment with full on facials and a barrage of body polish. It?s no wonder their cum-plexions look so good! Enjoy the slut soiled dream? with loads of ball cream!? Cumstains 10 is the latest popshot compilation from Zero Tolerance and draws heavily from the Mother Load, Face Invaders, Crude Oil and a few other ...