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Performers Director Studio Category Details
  Pink Visual
Duration: 3 hours
Date Added: 10/27/14
Production Year: 2007
Format: DVD

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Reviewed by   09/12/09
This is the first movie in this series I've seen. I like the stuff that comes out of Pink Visual, and I've liked the series "Her First Lesbian Sex" so I figured that I'd like this movie. I was disappointed. It's a lot like HFLS; it uses the same cameraman, and set up. I think the lead-ins for the scenes are somewhat shorter. I think in HFLS they were getting shorter as the series went on, too. And that's not a bad thing. They were too long. What is also shorter is the time it takes to seduce the girl. The girls in this movie were all very easily seduced. I liked the girls being reluctant and shy in the beginning. I find that to be a turn on. And it's missing in these scenes. In HFLS usually both girls in the scene were pretty. But Most of the Milfs in this movie are unattractive. And what is it with older porn stars; do they have to get implants? Is that like a union rule?

It's not all bad, though. The teens in this movie are all pretty nice. The one on the cover, April, isn't credited, and I've only seen her once before in a HFLS. Her scene is pretty good. McKenzee Miles may not be anything special in the looks dept but she usually provides a good performance. I felt she was underutilized here. But her scene was OK. Gwen Diamond is another cutie you don't see too often. I liked her scene best and in part due to the fact that her scene had the only good looking (and natural) Milf. Well, you can't not like scenes with Paulina James or Bree Olsen but their scenes weren't anywhere close to their best. Paullina's scene had a female cameraman who didn't say anything once Paulina showed up and this was more like a regular scene than the "fake reality" that the other scenes use. C+