James Deen's Sex Tapes: Hotel Sex (Disc 2)

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  Evil Angel
Duration: 3 hours
Date Added: 12/05/14
Production Year: 2014
Format: DVD

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Reviewed by   06/17/14
This DVD has the long-awaited scene of commedienne/writer Jenn Tisdale, who answered Deen's cattle-call ad and got to shoot a scene with him.

Working under the name "Gwen Derringer," Tisdale turns in a pretty hot performance. Tisdale has blogged about doing this scene and her reasons for doing it, but one has to wonder if a bit of revenge-fucking might have played a role. In the interview leading up to the scene, she mentions that her boyfriend wants an open relationship. This would be the ultimate response ("so you want an open relationship, eh?").

I watched the whole scene, including the lead-up. Quite engrossing, and Tisdale is quite a hot number. Once an only wonder what her boyfriend thought while watching the scene. (She confesses in her blog that "some people got hurt" by her scene with Deen.)

At any rate, an excellent scene, in spite of the shaved twat, implants, and annoying, nasal, whiny, Valley-Girl "nyeah?, nyeah?, nyeah?" vocals that she lapsed into during the scene.