Young Pussies and Mature Cocks 01

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Duration: 2 hours
Date Added: 04/10/15
Production Year: 2009
Format: DVD

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Reviewed by   02/24/11
This review is for volumes 1 and 2: I did not find any of these girls to be that cute or much of a turn on. Most of the girls look like they are in their early 20s and a few of the older guys look like the last type of people you would expect to see in an adult film?. old, fat, gray, wrinkly with bellies. The sex is very awkward on both discs and has no erotic feel to it. Volume 1 is slightly better than volume 2 mainly because the girls are better looking. As much as I like the older guys on younger women theme, the sex itself is just lackluster. A couple of scenes on volume 1 are ok, but nothing on volume 2 stood out at all or was worth a second look.