Asian Anal Addiction (Disc 1)

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Description: All anal and POV!

Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Christina Evil Angel
189 minutes
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Reviewed by   01/16/18 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Asian Anal Addiction (2012)
THEMES: Anal, Asian, Ass Obsession, POV
The Cast: London Keyes, Katsumi, Sharon Lee, Asa Akira, Ana Violet, Dana Vespoli & Mike Adriano
Directed by: Mike Adriano

Now when I saw the boxcover for this, it struck a nerve. You don't have a lot of Asian flicks cranking out from Evil Angel (the best porn company in the world). Even during Evil Angels' golden era (1998-2010), you only had maybe 5-7 all-Asian flicks ever and most of those didn't come out until Jules Jordan or Jonni Darkko started directing at Evil Angel. So when I saw this, I was all in. In my personal life, I like all women. But of all the women I slept with, I find that Asian women (as well as biracial black and latin women) are the absolute best, as it pertains to beauty and sexual reciprocation, etc. Asian women also have the tightest asses, too. Growing up, I've always been a big fan of Mika Tan, Jade Marcela, Annie Cruz and Leanni Lei, but they are out the same last I checked. I bullshit you not, this is the video that has me back watching porn for a limited time. So now, I'm anxious to review this one.

London Keyes is very curvy for an Asian chick, but to me, her facial aesthetics is very above average (IMO). Chick do got a booty on her, though. She walks, switches, opens her ass up and spits on herself a lot. I honestly never seen oral sex last this fucking long. London gets her salad tossed for 10 minutes (including facesitting) and she sucks dick for 10 minutes, which includes bringing a martini glass into the mix (I felt like I'm watching Pretty Sloppy again)! There's way too much oral sex in this scene for me, but the ass sex is pretty good (though it doesn't last as long as the oral aspect). Nothing too remarkable, but it's unavoidable. 12

KATSUMI Katsumi has definitely matured but looks great. From her scene in Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4 to this point, it was a 6 year period. While there are full body shots and shots of her ass, we unfortunately don't get a lengthy tease sequence. The two fuck and such for a long period of time and the sex starts out slow, then works up to being slightly energetic. She takes D in the ass in several positions. It's good stuff, but I expected a bit more out of it. 15

I have no clue what exact nationality she is, but she has a heavy accent. A cutie, though. The tease is straight to the point and there's more ass-obsession in this scene than the last two. She walks, switches, shows her asshole and gets her salad tossed. The two make out a lot and it takes a very long time before sex starts. Some type of dipper pops up to open up this chick's butthole, since it's super tight. Then Mike tries to put fingers in there and does so carefully, since she's super tight. Whether it's her first ass-fuck or not, I'm unsure. For a minute, I thought there wasn't gonna be any sex, but it took a long time for it to happen. Lots of booty shots here and some bad gaping (you know how I feel about that). 15

Asa Akira is an East Asian woman while Ana Violet looks Southeast Asian. While Ana Violet isn't bad looking at all, it would have been cool is Asa Akira was solo (I saw her years ago in Raw 3, which was pure fire). But this is good shit. There's a lot of oral and salad tossing, plus a little ass-obsession before Asa Akira takes the dick. Both ladies get it in the ass, but at times it seems Ana has more energy. This scene had potential, but there should have been more ass obsession. This turns out to be the shortest scene in this flick lasting at about 40 minutes, while the other scenes lasted for an hour or more. It should have been much longer with more tease. 13

Whew. Wasn't she married to Manuel Ferrara at one point? Or still is?! She has the kinda ass -- ASIAN ass - that's similar to that of Mika Tan and Jade Marcella; Light brown cheeks while the crack, the inner crack and anus is darker than the rest of her ass. Words can't describe my animalistic lust for that. Flawless bitch! Looks like she's wearing some assless vinyl dress and she walks, switches, jiggles, gets it squeezed hard, spread open and -- WTF - she sits her big ass in some clear transparent glass chair and the camera captures it all before she sits on Mike's face. Unlike the other scenes in this flick, the first 25 minutes is nothing but pure ass obsession, anal play with some cunnilingus addes to the mix. Then she sucks his dick for nearly 20 minutes, chokes and gags on it. Did I mention she's wearing a BDSM collar? This scene turns out to be the greatest in the flick, lasting for 75 minutes; the sex is very nasty and messy, plus energetic without it being disgusting. Yes, she gapes, but there's no intestinal shots. 15

The extras include 3 trailers (including one for Anal Lessons, which doesn't look so bad), photo gallery and a very flawed filmography (which left out the fact that the females starred in many other Evil Angel flicks) and a 62 minute scene with Kayme Kai and Mia Lelani (from Buttsex Nymphos).

BOTTOM LINE: Honestly, I did expect a lot more out of this, but it is very good and worthy of owning. Particularly if you love Asian freaks and if you think it's rare to find an exquisite, yet great "All Asian" or "Asian Anal" video. While it's steps ahead of Elegant Angel's Asian Booty Worship, it's not as flawless as a movie like MILFs Anal Addiction, American Anal Sluts or Anal Overdose. Only because there should have been much more tease and ass obsession for the first four scenes in this video. Especially the scenes with Katsumi and Asa Akira with Ana Violet. I'm sure Mike shot some other scenes with Asa Akira that had lengthy ass obsession/tease. Why he didn't do that here I'll never understand. And don't assume Katsumi couldn't take dick, because she took an evil fucking from Mike Champan in the legendary Who Fucked Rocco? While I enjoyed it, Dana Vespoli had the best scene here while Kastumi came in second place. MILFs Anal Addiction had more sexual energy. This video has more intimacy, but was lacking in the tease department (except the scene with Dana Vespoli). It was seriously on the verge of crossing the thin line between "flawless" (5-star rating) and "very good (4.5-star rating).