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Reviewed by   01/02/09
This DVD has awful picture quality. Everything is very dark, it is almost like the copy VCX acquired had to have deteriorated and the colors faded. A young Desiree Cousteau is the only thing worth viewing. The entire movie is held around a lake setting and in a wooded area. I expected at least a decent picture after looking at the box covers, which are very vivid but instead got nothing but dark shadows during the hardcore action. They need to restore these classics before putting it out for the public to view.

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Reviewed by   09/03/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

**Note ? This review is based upon the web version of the film streaming on the service. As such, any bonuses haven?t been given a rating, and there could be some discrepancies between this version and other releases.**

A fireside conversation between two lovers, Jamie Gillis and Delania Raffino, and the suggestion of a trip to Lake Shasta prompts the latter of the pair to recount a story from times past, when she last visited the lake with her ex-husband and Senator, Jack Wrangler. Of course, the boat trip was anything but typical, as it involved all manner of horny high-jinks, two of the participants--including Raffino herself--getting seriously lost, an assortment of awkward moments and interactions, and...finally...a trio of "protestors" intent on taking hostages and raping members of the party. This outlandish, fictitious trip is the primary focus of the film "Summer in Heat", an overall-good, 1979 release from VCX and director Alex DeRenzy. A strange, little fuck-flick that gets more and more bizarre as its running time elapses, this film features the lovely Delania Raffino, along with the impeccably stunning Desiree Cousteau and the legendary Juliet "Aunt Peg" Anderson, all fielding dick from the likes of Jamie Gillis, Jesse Adams, and John Leslie. The sex is strong throughout--difficult to imagine otherwise with this cast--as is the acting. The plot is decent enough, though it clearly "jumps the shark" toward the end, with some of the unbelievable antics of the protestors and a final, borderline-ludicrous, Benny Hill-esque boat chase. Production values-wise, everything's fine for its era, as well--good camerawork, decent settings, etc. Ultimately, Desiree Cousteau makes it worth the price of admission--just her bubbly persona alone is irresistible--and her fans are likely going to want to take a look. While it's not the best flick from the Golden Age that's out there, this one is more than worthy of a quick look...particularly as a part of an unlimited streaming service.

In terms of the sex, Scene One (in the "present") opens up with Jamie Gillis briefly sticking it to Delania Raffino fireside (vaginal). In Scene Two (in the past), Jesse Adams, Jack Wrangler's onscreen brother and a former love interest of Delania's, takes his then-current girl, the undeniably cute brunette, Desiree Cousteau, out on the lake. She plays with herself and blows him as they motorboat around, eventually finding a secluded spot by a waterfall to fuck...which is exactly what they do (oral, vaginal ; hefty pop on her tits). Scene Three (in the past) pairs up Jack Wrangler, a Senator, and his then-wife, Delania Raffino, in a belabored, nighttime coupling at Jack's insistence. This one suffers a few setbacks along the way, with Raffino's continued disinterest and insistence upon birth control (oral, vaginal ; cum-shot on her tummy). In Scene Four (in the past), Desiree Cousteau strips down and bathes her beautiful body in a stream as part of a bathroom break. Of course, she takes the time to rub one out using a large leaf that she plucks from the foliage there. Scene Five (in the past) brings together Jack's friends, John Leslie and Juliet Anderson, below deck on the boat after a few drinks. They get frisky and then get down to business (oral, vaginal ; facial). In Scene Six (in the past), they go at it again, this time in the water next to the boat. There are a couple of unique, underwater shots in this one, including the pop-shot. Scene Seven (in the past) has Delania Raffino and Jesse Adams making love after getting lost at the lake, despite the fact that each is otherwise committed. A shoreline romp behind a handful of trees ensues (oral, vaginal ; she jerks him to completion out of reverse-cowgirl), as a sequence mirroring this one plays concurrently in the "present" between Jamie Gillis and Delania by the fire (Scene Eight ; oral, vaginal). The manner in which these two sequences blend and fade between one another is relatively cleverly done, though also somewhat distracting at times. In Scene Nine (in the past), Ron Myers takes Desiree Cousteau against her will aboard the boat at night, while Scene Ten (in the past) has Clair Dia and Kathy Kaufman concomitantly taking advantage of a captive Jack Wrangler. In this latter sequence, the ladies both pleasure themselves with him, taking turns licking, sucking, and riding Wrangler's cock. (Both of these segments continue into the next morning, with Desiree and Jack having been taken hostage. There's further, tied-up oral action, and Jack appears to take a corn cob up the butt...though certainly not by his own choosing.)