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Reviewed by   05/21/16
The title really doesn't do this vid justice. The video does in fact make an argument that "girls next door like it dirty", but the title makes it sound as if this is a basic commodity gonzo film while it manages to be quite a bit more than that.

Five well-produced performances by five actresses at the top of their game. Quite a bit of POV perspectives and the women were clearly instructed to make regular eye contact, to great effect. Artful cock sucking. None of the pro forma tip-in-the-mouth or throat fucking, head should be performance art and it certainly is that here. The women get licked and for more than 15 seconds. In Dillon Harper's case she straddles and then rides her partner's face until she comes. Very well done.

Watch this video if you like the women involved or because you'd like to see a good sample of someone you don't know yet. Don't bother if you're really expecting "girl next door" role playing. Not so much here.

Fetish alerts: Holly wears glasses. All of the scenes except for Kennedy's end with facials and Dillon's is pretty awesome.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by   04/04/15
Enjoyable 5 scenes..really like Alexis Adams and Sara Luvv..I could do without the 6 inch closeups and there are a lot...imagination guys...I know what's happening, so do I really need to see it uo close?...No...

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Reviewed by   09/10/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
126 min.

Production Date:
2 / 20 / 2013, 5 / 14 / 2013, 9 / 21, 26 / 2013, 10 / 23 / 2013

None credited

Alexis Adams, Dillion Harper, Holly Michaels, Kennedy Leigh, and Sara Luvv
Christian XXX, Johnny Castle, and Ryan McLane

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are a bit hit or miss. The audio through most of the movie is nicely balanced and clear without any background noises, but the final scene has quite a few noticeable background noises throughout the entire scene that really are a distraction. The video is much the same. It's normally clear, smooth, and nicely lit, but Holly's scene has some very rough camera work including some focus and motion problems that really stand out and hold it back.

The Movie:
Girl Next Door Likes It Dirty feature five scenes with barely legal talent and a couples friendly feel that gets straight to the action.

Scene 1

Alexis Adams


Ryan McLane

Ryan kisses cute curvy brunette Alexis, who's wearing only a pair of simple white panties, as they make their way to the edge of a couch for her to slide off his jeans so she can start sucking his cock. Alexis gives him a fair amount of stroking and some nice eyes as she works him over orally and then lets Ryan strip off her panties and let her back on the couch so he can eat her in return. He stands up and starts fucking her before letting her roll over so he can take her from behind. Alexis gives him a quick suck as they move around to the other side and rides him in both cowgirls. Finally Alexis drops down for a solid facial finish.

Scene 2

Dillion Harper


Ryan McLane

Brunette cutie Dillion kisses Ryan while running her hands under his wifebeater and giving him plenty of great eyes. She strips it off him as he grabs her great ass and lets her make her way down to pull down his jeans. Dillion worships his cock with her mouth and hands before they move to a bed where she gives Ryan a little striptease and then moves up to ride his face wearing only her knee high socks. She slides down to happily bounce on his bone cowgirl style and sucks him clean before taking him back in her little pussy reverse cowgirl style. Ryan gives Dillion a kiss before fucking her doggie style and taking her from behind on her knees, and continues to go at it with her missionary style as Dillion puts out plenty of great vocals. Finally Dillion sucks and strokes Ryan to a solid pop all over her face that she takes with glee and wipes into her mouth.

Scene 3

Holly Michaels


Christian XXX

Busty brunette Holly works on her laptop before going outside to call Christian in to yell at him for trying to write things off for his business that are clearly personal. She sees he's just staring at her tits so she pulls her top down and pulls his face into them with Christian happily starting to suck and lick her great nipples. Holly lays Christian back and slides off his shorts so she can eagerly suck his cock while giving him a bit of eye contact and stroking along with plenty of throat action and attention for his balls. Christian has Holly strip down and lay back so he can eat her holes in return before he fucks her pussy missionary style. Holly gets on top and teases him with her pussy before letting him slide it in for a cowgirl ride. Christian dominantly takes her from behind, lets her ride him reverse cowgirl style, and spoons her. Holly drops down to let Christian nut over her tongue and around her mouth, and happily makes sure she gets every last drop stroking and sucking him until the camera fades out.

Scene 4

Kennedy Leigh


Johnny Castle

Dirty blonde Kennedy plays with her pussy in her pink panties wearing sexy sandals and a white top without a bra that she quickly pulls up to play with her great tits. Johnny moves in to kiss her and cop a feel before letting Kennedy free his cock to suck and stroke. He lays her back to suck her great tits and works his way down to slide off her panties and eat her box. Kennedy rolls over to let him tongue her ass and play with her pussy before she eagerly sucks his cock again. She gets back on top to ride Johnny reverse cowgirl style and lets him spoon her. Kennedy lays back for Johnny to pile drive her, and he finishes her off with a solid load around her bald pussy.

Scene 5

Sara Luvv


Johnny Castle

Smoking hot and barely legal Sara leads Johnny to a bed by the pool and lays back for him to kiss his way around her great natural body. He runs an ice cube around her as he kisses her and strips her down to worship her all the more. Johnny devours Sara orally and then helps her up so she can drop down and suck his schlong with Johnny giving her a little help to take it all the way down. He lays her back and fucks her missionary style as they kiss and look into each other's eyes. Sara moves around to have Johnny take her from behind and gives his cock a couple licks before riding it reverse cowgirl style. She spins around on his cock to bounce on his bone in the traditional cowgirl and even lets Johnny pick her up to fuck her in midair before they return to fucking missionary style. Finally Johnny pulls out and gives Sara a nice load over her pretty face.

Girl Next Door Likes It Dirty is a decent little fuck flick. I really like how the movie takes a direct all sex approach with a couples friendly feel, which is more than rare in today's porn world. There's a nice sense of style to most of the scenes, but it's also just a touch rough and seems like it needs to be worked out a little more. It's definitely far from bad, but feels like it's on the cusp of being far, far better than what it is now. Sexually the scenes are very nice, with nice chemistry and a good pace through all the scenes. Alexis looks gorgeous starting things out and Dillion is every bit as hot. Holly works things very well with Christian, but the camera work seems really rough in their scene and surprisingly makes it one of the weakest in the movie. Kennedy's scene is also a little rough in the camera department, but a solid improvement over Holly's scene, and Sara finishes things out on a high note. Although Girl Next Door Likes It Dirty is a bit inconsistent and rough at times, the cuteness of the girls and the overall style go a long way to saving it, and help it to still end up as a good rental.

The Extras:
The photo gallery lasts just over five minutes. There's also trailers and cumshot recaps.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's a good rental.

Note to Porn Pros:
I know this is an older release and it's nice to see that you've become more consistent in your technical aspects. I hope you start to put a little effort towards your extras in your current releases as well.

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