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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Peter North North Star Associates
120 minutes
Date Added:
Production Year:

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Reviewed by   09/13/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
94 min.

Production Date:
10 / 21 / 2014

Craven Moorehead

Ana Foxxx, Chanell Heart, Jezabel Vessir, and Teanna Trump
Chris Cock, Clover, D. Snoop, Jack Blaque, Jessy Jones, Nat Turnher, and Xander Corvus

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects don't quite make it to the average mark. The audio is clear and nicely balanced, and I didn't notice any background noises. The big problem is in the video, which is presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. It's nicely lit with a good hand on the camera, but the non-anamorphic widescreen form is such a substandard form compared to the standard anamorphic widescreen that it just looks weak and holds back the entire release.

The Movie:
Hot Black Chicks Love Huge White Dicks features four scenes of black chicks wanting more than their normal black studs can give them. They want big cocks like only a white boy can provide, and each scene has a little story to set things up.

Scene 1

Jezabel Vessir


Clover and Jack Blaque

When black babe Jezabel and her man Jack come into the bar and order a couple shots of vodka for her birthday, Clover joins them. As Clover starts to close up Jack lets Clover know that Jezabel wants a white guy for her birthday so he kicks everyone out quick and heads home with them. Jack helps her show off her nice ass and big black titties before she drops down to start sucking his cock as Clover watches from the nearby couch. They call Clover over to join them and Jezabel marvels at his size compared to the little black cock she's used to as she sucks and strokes her way between them. They finish stripping down so Clover can take her from behind as Jack watches and gives himself a hand. Jezabel kicks Jack out of his spot on the couch to ride Clover there reverse cowgirl style and eagerly throats his cock to suck him clean of her juices before getting back on top for a traditional cowgirl ride and mixing in a little more oral action for Clover. He licks her pussy and sticks it missionary style before rolling her to the side to show off her nice round ass as he fucks her. Jezabel gets down to take a eye blasting facial from Clover and moves over to help suck her man Jack's cock until he can explode in her mouth as well with her face still stuccoed with Clover's seed.

Scene 2

Chanell Heart


Nat Turnher and Xander Corvus

Chanell happily kisses her man Nat and drops down to suck his cock while giving him plenty of great eye contact and throat action. She strips down for him as she sucks him and as she sucks them the doorbell rings and Nat invites Xander in letting them know that he knows she's been being a ho with Xander. He has Chanell suck his cock as Xander watches before having Xander pull out his cock to have her suck it too as Chanell denies hoing around with Xander. Nat has Xander fuck her as he watches as she continues to deny knowing Xander, so Xander takes her in doggie after Chanell sucks him a little longer. She swallows Xander's big white cock a few more times before riding it cowgirl style, and lets him fuck her face as she works him over orally as they move into reverse cowgirl. She lets Nat know that she's sorry and doesn't like fucking this white boy as he continues to watch Xander fuck his woman missionary style. Nat moves in to nut on Chanell's face as Xander plows her, and Xander gives her a very impressive second load on her face after fucking her a little longer.

Scene 3

Teanna Trump


Chris Cock, D. Snoop, and Clover

As Chris, Snoop, and Clover sit around the brothers decide they need to do something to get Clover laid and call up Teanna. She's more than happy when she arrives and Chris gives her ass a few slaps before leading her in with Snoop being more than excited and moving in to check her out as Clover sits and watches dumbfounded. Teanna gives Snoop a little lap dance before moving into Chris' lap and letting the guys check her out and worship her titties. They lay her back so Chris and Snoop can eat her box and suck her tits before they break out their cocks for her to stroke and suck with some nice throat action mixed in. Clover finally gets up and whips out his cock and as soon as Teanna sees it she pushes Chris and Snoop away so she can get some big white cock instead. She lets the guys come back in for a little more sucking and stroking, and gets good and sloppy sucking them. Chris busts a nut on Teanna's tit before Snoop unloads over both of them, and then they both run off leaving Clover to foot the bill as Teanna lets him know she's been waiting for him and will be back in a moment after she cleans up. She eagerly sucks and strokes his cock before letting Clover take her from behind and riding him cowgirl style. Teanna slides her bald pussy onto his cock reverse cowgirl style and lets him pile drive her. Clover finally pulls out and shoots a disappointing load over Teanna that gets a little on her chest and a little on her hair and leaves Teanna trying to cover for him putting out a little foamy spit to make it look like he could deliver more than three or four drops of cum.

Scene 4

Ana Foxxx


Chris Cock and Jessy Jones

Smoking hot black babe Ana chills on the couch with Chris to watch some TV after going out to dinner, and when his homey Jessy from Canada comes by and heads upstairs to study Chris quickly notices Ana taking an interest in ?Jessy from Canada?. Jessy's having the same idea, thinking she's mighty hot and that someday he's going to have to pull out his big fat white cock and shove it in her face. Meanwhile Chris checks out Ana in a sexy little outfit downstairs and moves it out of the way to suck her tits and admire her ass. She crawls over to teases him through his ripped jeans and soon after is working him over orally with plenty of throat action as he plays with her pussy. Ana throats Chris's little white cock repeatedly until Jessy moves in with his big white cock to offer her a meatier option to suck that Ana's more than happy to try out. Chris leaves Jessy to pleasure his woman, and Jessy moves in to eat her bald pussy and spoon it as Ana gives him some nice vocal encouragement. Ana takes him deep in her throat before riding him in both of the cowgirls, and Jessy tongues her a little from behind before taking her doggie style. Ana shows off her ass laying on her side and letting Jessy fuck her as they face each other and then drops down to play with her pussy as Jessy strokes himself off on her face, in her mouth, and all over in front of her. One load isn't enough for her, so Chris moves in and gives her a very impressive second load all over her face.

Hot Black Chicks Love Huge White Dicks is a hot and very fun little fuck flick. The setups to the scenes are simple but nicely done, and have some great humor to them as the hot black chicks push their regular black guys aside so they can finally get some big white cock. It's plaid for laughs very well, and is very successful in each of the scenes. I love how Teanna's eyes light up when she sees Clover's cock, and Ana also works it very well. Sexually the scenes work just as well, and I really like the variety in them going from taking turns to joining in, The sex is nicely consistent from scene to scene and the chemistry in the sex combined with the humor in the scenes makes this a great interracial release for couples as well as strokers. It's also consistent enough that I really can't even pick a favorite scene. Hot Black Chicks Love Huge White Dicks is a hot and fun little fuck flick that's well worth the rental as well as having me hope that North Pole finds some more hot black chicks loving big white dicks so they can put out a second volume.

The Extras:
The extras are more than limited and only include trailers and a photo gallery lasting about seven and three quarter minutes.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's a hot and fun release, but due to the lack of care into the overall release including things like a substandard video presentation I can't recommend it for more than a rental.

Note to Peter North Presents:
I know this is an older release, but it's great to see you finally moving away from the non-anamorphic widescreen you used here to use the standard anamorphic widescreen presentations in your current releases.

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