Teenage Cocksuckers 05

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  Team Skeet 85 minutes
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Reviewed by   11/17/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
85 min.

Production Date:
None given

Robin Reid

Alicia Poz, Anikka Albrite, Gala Brown, Keisha Grey, and Samantha Rone
Max Cortes and some uncredited guys

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is clear and decently balanced, but there are a few background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks nice. There are a few shadows that pop up in a few places, mostly in the second scene, but overall the lighting is well done and the picture is clear with a steady camera.

The Movie:
Teenage Cocksuckers 5 keeps things pretty simple. Each scene starts with the girl showing off a little and often chatting with the camera dude before sucking his cock and taking a facial finish.

Scene 1

Samantha Rone


A Guy

Cute blonde Samantha starts out in a red dress showing off her great smile and talking about how she's going to give the guy a top notch blowjob. She shows off her sexy panties and great ass before moving in on the guy to strip off his belt, pull down his jeans, and tease him through his shorts before pulling them down to start sucking his cock. Samantha gives him plenty of smiles and great eyes as she works him over orally before taking a break to strip off her dress. She lets the guy sit back in a chair as she continues to suck and stroke him and puts out some nice spit as well as giving his balls some decent attention. Samantha milks the guy into her mouth when he comes and swallows it down quickly and naturally before being a little shocked when she's told she was to show it off a little before swallowing and then sucking out the last bit.

Scene 2

Alicia Poz


A Guy

Latina Alicia shows off a little on the bed before the action cuts to a guy fucking her face and testing her gag reflex as she kneels on a bed that looks like some wet and sloppy action happened during the editing cut. After sucking it a bit she lays back to work the cock over with her feet and then gets back up to suck and stroke it. She continues to work the guy over as he lays back on the bed and he gives her a little more back of the head help as well as letting her spit all over his cock. Alicia even lays back to submissively let him fuck her face with the guy going balls deep into her face and throat. Finally Alicia vigorously strokes her guy with two hands until he explodes over her face and chest, and then evilly sucks out every last drop before showing off the damage along with giving her nice round ass a slap.

Scene 3

Anikka Albrite


A Guy

Blonde superstar Anikka adjusts her flowery tube top and shows off her amazing smile as she talks about sucking cock. She shows off her killer ass in purple leggings and lets the camera dude admire and grope it and then pulls down her top so he can grope her nicely natural tits. Anikka drops down to tease the dude through his shorts as he pulls them away and gives him plenty of great eye contact as she starts sucking and stroking him. She works him deep into her throat repeatedly and makes sure to take time to worship his balls. Anikka takes a little break to strip out of her leggings and panties, and then goes right back to work sucking his cock and balls. The guy finally explodes with a massive load in Anikka's mouth and over her face for her to show off with a truly spectacular cumshot finish that's one of the best I've seen in a very, very long time.

Scene 4

Gala Brown


Max Cortes

Brunette Gala starts out sucking an ice cream treat while overlooking the beach, and when Max moves in to chat with her he learns she only speaks a little English and normally speaks Spanish. They chat in Spanish and he translates a bit before she works over her frozen treat a little more as he watches. Gala lets him know she likes both hot and cold and stands up to let him check out her great ass. She drops down and enjoys her sweet treat a little more before noticing the bulge in Max's pants and checking it out as he tells her it's warm ice cream. Gala teases him with her tits and runs her treat around it before he pulls out his cock and lets her start sucking it. She works herself up to taking Max into her throat as he lays back for her and then leads him over by a few trees when somebody walks by and they have a few words. Gala goes back to eating Max's meat as he gives her some back of the head help and he talks with the chick who walked in on them. Max gives Gala a solid facial finish and she gets up and puts her arm around her friend who was watching before the camera fades out.

Scene 5

Keisha Grey


A Guy

Curvy brunette Keisha lays back on the bed in a Notorious BIG tank and little jean shorts talking about how she's there to suck dick and about dick sucking in general. She strips off her top to show off her killer sugar tits and lets the guy suck them to see just how sugary they are before her jean shorts find their way to the floor too. Of course the dude checks out her equally impressive ass and virgin asshole before she eagerly drops down to start sucking him. Keisha gives him some great eyes as she sucks and strokes him and even works him balls deep into her mouth and throat several times. She continues working him over as he lays back on the bed, and throats him while they sixty-nine. The action cuts back to Keisha on her knees on the floor where the dude cum coats her tongue. Keisha shows it off, plays with it, and happily swallows it down before they agree that she has to come back so they can do it again.

Teenage Cocksuckers 5 is a pretty solid oral release. There's a nice mix of looks to the girls, as well as a little variety to the style of the scenes. Samantha starts things out every bit as wonderfully as one would expect, with a bubbly personality, a great love of sucking cock, and making swallowing cum seem every bit as natural as drinking water. Alicia's scene is good, but feels a little out of place. The change in lighting and the partially soaked bed make her scene feel like the opening might have been recycled from a different scene and then somebody else jumped in to get a blowjob out of the deal. She does a good job, but it just seems off compared to the rest of the movie. Anikka is every bit as wonderful as expected, and shows a great drive to take a dick down her throat as well as taking a truly fantastic cumshot to close the scene. If you're a fan of big cumshots, you need to see this scene! Gala's scene nicely mixes things up a bit with the outdoor reality porn style of her blowjob, and does a very nice job working Max over. Her friend coming in to watch also adds a nice little kink. Finally there's Keisha, who's every bit as solid as expected. Again there's a little variety mixed in with the sixty-nining that does seem slightly out of place, but seeing how good a time she's having and how fucking amazing she looks here it's hard to come down on the scene for it or anything else. Teenage Cocksuckers 5 is a fun and light little blowjob movie that's well worth picking up if you're a fan of oral sex.

The Extras:
The photo gallery lasts a little under two and a half minutes. There's also cumshot recaps and trailers.

Condom Usage:
None needed

Final Thoughts:
It's a strong rental that's probably worth the purchase if you're a fan of the players involved.

Note to Team Skeet:
Giving credit where it's due is always a good thing. Please give the guys credit as well as the ladies in the future. A little effort towards the extras would also be nice, even if it's something as minor as a bonus scene from one of your many other series.

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