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Reviewed by   02/18/03 Source: AdultDVDTalk

This Edition of She Squirts is great. The audio/video quality is crystal clear as you would expect from Digital Sin. This is a female masturbation DVD. Each chick play with herself via various dildos, view is generally or all most missionary.

Venus - She is the MAIN reason why this DVD rocks! I believe she was a penthouse chick under the name Angelica Costello. She is very pretty witch with nice body and nice big floppy tits. This scene is very hot. Venus plays with herself for over 30 minutes with many different types of toys.

Michelle Raven - She is a bit ugly looking with huge ...

Reviewed by   09/14/01 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Title: She Squirts #4
Studio: Digital Sin/New Sensations
Feature Length: 108 min.
Production Year: 2000
Cast: Nina, Michelle Raven, Venus, Ryan Conner
Director: Nic Andrews

Its an excellent compilation of masturbation scenes

Scene 1: Venus
Venus is a star if I am not mistaken, she came to porn from Penthouse (her name is Angelica Costello, she was one of Penthouse pets). She appeared in other Digital Sin compilations under the name of Venus, and I was surprised when I saw her there first I guess porn pays better than Penthouse??? Ive always wanted to see Angelica up close and heres another great chance. She is the best!!!!!!
She starts off showing us her great pussy, then some caressing and fingering is followed by dildo and vibrator penetrations. She moans and smiles so nicely that youll cum just from looking at her facial expression. We see her pee in the bathroom she is so cute and a little shy : ) The next part of her performance involves a huge didlo which nicely fits into her pussy. After she takes it out in several minutes, we see her oversized tired pussy exposed for all to see : )

Scene 2: Ryan Conner
Ryan is very friendly and interactive she has a teddy bear next to her and invites us to see what she is going to do with her pussy. I like the way she smiles and talk such a cutie. She sticks in her collection of didlos into her nice pussy and then, once theres nothing else to stick, invites the cameraman to give her a hand : ) He fingers her for several minutes, and then she returns to her previous routine several huge dildos make their way into her pussy. She comes close to squirting, but doesnt actually do it.

Scene 3: Michelle Raven
Michelle does the same thing as Ryan, but she is less beautiful than the rest of the girls on this DVD, but still ok. She doesnt squirt either.

Scene 4: Nina
Nina is extremely cute. It seems like English is not her native, but it doesnt stop her from delivering a marvelous performance. She uses similar toys to those that other girls used. I wish the camera was more often on her face or closer to it shes gorgeous, but all you get to see is a close-up of her pussy and her face is quite far from the camera, so you miss out on a lot of facial expressions. No squirting in this scene.

Overall: Audio/Video quality is outstanding. Almost all the girls are very beautiful. I am only familiar with She Squirts #3, and can say that #4 is much better in terms of girls, although #3 has great girls too.

Extra Matereials:
Standard set of Digital Sin trailers and interviews with some of its top girls on Side 2
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