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  Joy Bear
90 minutes
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Reviewed by   02/03/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
95 min.

Production Date:
None given

Jessie Black

Amber Nevada, Ava Austen, Carly Rae, Ella Hughes, Stella Cox, and Victoria Summers
Billy King, Luke Hardy, Marc Rose, and Tyler Nixon

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are very well done. The audio is clear and well balanced and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very nice. It's clear and has a steady hand on the camera, as well as some really terrific care towards the lighting that sets off the scenes extremely well.

The Movie:
Ella is a workaholic lingerie designer, and knows that the right lingerie will completely change the mood and sometimes it just needs a few simple adjustments. Here Ella sends off lingerie to people she knows to try out different lines after fitting them to each person's situation.

Scene 1

Stella Cox


Tyler Nixon

Before she got caught in the corporate world, brunette Stella was quite the risk taker, so Ella sends her a little lingerie to try out for her birthday that she can wear under her business attire. She can't help but fantasize about Tyler at work and texts him for a hookup after work. He quickly goes from kissing her to sliding her bra out of the way to suck her great tits. He reaches into her panties to play with her pussy as she pulls out his cock and strokes it as they kiss a bit more. Tyler moves Stella's panties out of the way to tongue her smoothly shaven snatch before fucking it missionary style. Tyler eats her from behind as she removes her bra and then stands up to fuck her from behind as Stella bends over the arm of the couch. She strokes and sucks him before riding him cowgirl style, and Tyler slides off her stockings to worship her feet before giving her pussy another lick and then spooning it. Stella finally pulls Tyler out and has him pop on her great ass before they close with a few more kisses.

Scene 2

Amber Nevada


Billy King

Emma sends brunette Amber, now a mother of two, a little liquid courage along with her lingerie to help loosen her up and remind her of what a fox she is and the fun they used to have. Amber strips down and plays with herself a bit on the bed before greeting her man wearing a black corset, bra, panties, stockings, and collar with a leash attached at the top of the stairs when he comes home. Billy takes the leash and kisses her before checking her out and leading her to the bedroom. They kiss a bit more on the bed and Amber strips Billy down to eagerly suck and stroke him. She moves up to ride him cowgirl style before spinning around for the reverse cowgirl. Amber slides back so they can sixty-nine, and they roll to the side for each of them to take a turn on top along with Billy fingerbanging her to a nice orgasm. Billy takes his time kissing his way across her body before fucking her missionary style. They keep going in doggie and Amber finishes Billy off stroking him to a nice pop on her tits.

Scene 3

Ava Austen


Luke Hardy

Ella's inked brunette flatmate Ava has been seeing Luke for a few weeks, but they still hadn't had sex. Ella knows he's a vintage fan, so she gives Ava some of her new Retro line to try out with sexy black panties and a bra. She kisses Luke before backing off to give him a little strip tease as he gropes himself through his pants. She adds a black garter belt, stockings, and heels as he watches before they fool around on a purple bed with a sexy new bra also finding its way into place. Luke strips off Ava's panties and teases her with plenty of kisses and little licks around her thighs before moving in to eat her box. Ava eats his meat in return while giving him some great eyes and then turns around for him to take her from behind. Ava has Luke lay back on the bed so she can suck and stroke him, and then gets on top to ride him reverse cowgirl style. Luke lays Ava back on the bed in return to eat her a bit more before taking her in doggie and missionary. Finally Ava strokes Luke to a solid pop over her stomach.

Scene 4

Victoria Summers


Mark Rose

Ella may be a fetish virgin, but she know there's plenty of interest in the marketplace due to a certain movie. She knows Victoria is more than experienced with the fetish world and sends her a new design with sexy strappy black lace panties, stockings, a garter belt, and a sexy bra that Mark helps her put on along with her black shoes. She gropes her way around his pants and pushes him back when he tries for a kiss before finally granting it for him after a little more teasing. Victoria moves down to worship Mark's cock with her mouth and hand before climbing on top to ride it cowgirl style with Mark trying to suck her big titties. She rolls off and lets Mark eat her bald cunt while he gives himself a hand before he gets on top to fuck it missionary style and then rolls around to spoon it. He also takes Victoria doggie style while pulling her hair a little before they go back to spooning. Victoria pulls Mark out, and he unleashes a great creamy load over her pussy.

Scene 5

Carly Rae


Ella Hughes

When Ella's scheduled model doesn't show up for a shoot, her dishwater blonde assistant Carly suggests that Ella models them herself. Ella knows that Carly has a thing for her and wants to keep things professional, but due to the circumstances she doesn't think she has a choice. Carly checks Ella out as she strips out of her purple bra and panties and helps her through a couple other sexy bra and panty sets and some other lingerie. When things go right, they celebrate with a little bubbly and Ella decides to give Carly what she knows she wants. They kiss passionately before Carly kisses her way around Ella's thighs. She gives Emma a quick kiss on the mouth before they unsnap Ella's sexy red lingerie so Carly can better eat and finger her. Ella strips Carly down to a sexy turquoise bra and panty sex before letting Carly work her over from below. Ella frees Carly's big tits and moves down to give Carly a solid tongue lashing before they kiss and sixty-nine. The ladies finally bring things to a close with a little more passionate kissing.

Tease is a fantastic fuck flick that should work as well for couples as it does for strokers. There's an excellent sense of style to the movie that works well with the sexuality of the scenes rather than fighting it. I love the lighting, costumes, and editing style (for the most part), and the light story also works very well to set up the scenes. To make things all the better, the sex is nicely consistent through the movie with very nice chemistry in every one of the scenes. I will say that the editing did seem a little choppy during Ava's scene as well as Ella and Carly's, but it's not enough to hold back the movie much. Jessie Black does a very nice job of wrapping the movie around lingerie and giving each scene it's own feel due to changing the style of the lingerie and the mood it fits. Although not perfect, it's easy to see how Tease earned a nomination both for Best Foreign Feature and Best Director - Foreign Feature for Jessie Black. It has great style, nice substance, and is well worth the purchase for couples as well as strokers because of it.

The Extras:
The photo gallery lasts just under eight minutes. There's also a behind the scenes featurette lasting about four and a half minutes. There's a few comments from the cast on their characters and the movie that are cut into the movie itself. There's also a bit of the girls posing for stills and some thoughts from the cast on what they like for lingerie. It's a very polished behind the scenes featurette, but there's so much of the movie cut into the featurette that much of it seems to get lost. This is an okay featurette that adds a little to the overall release but seemed to have the potential to be much, much more.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
Buy it!

Note to Joy Bear:
After this one I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!

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