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Description: This is not a beautiful story.

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John Stagliano Evil Angel
155 minutes
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A Minute With Director John Stagliano

Hard in Love

An adult movie review by Flash

Distributor: Evil Angel Video
Edition Details: Standard DVD

Movie Specs:

Genres: Feature Film, All Girl, Epic (multi-part)
Run Time: 233 minutes
Rated: XXX
Release Year: 2016
Director: John Stagliano
Written by: Misha Cross, Samantha Bentley
Cast: Misha Cross, Samantha Bentley, Angel Long, Jessie Volt, Proxy Paige, Henessy, Nikita Bellucci, Aiden Starr, Mickey Mod (as Micky Mod), Fraulein Schmit, Timmy Dee, Mimi Erhart, Mad Kate, Ganymede, Mez, Binca Berolina, Chris Sykes

Release Specs:

Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles: none
Video: Widescreen, 1.78:1 (anamorphic)
Video Format: NTSC
Format: DVD
Regional Code (for DVD/Blu-ray): 0 (All)
Number of discs: 2

The Movie

Hard in Love is a feature-style all-girl adult movie that was shot in Germany by adult movie legend John Stagliano, the founder of Evil Angel Video. Despite being sold as a feature-style movie, at first Hard in Love comes across as an all-sex title set in a nightclub. However, as the viewer watches the movie, the viewer finds out that the movie is actually a feature movie, the story just isn't being told in a conventional manner.

Hard in Love is, at its roots, a love story. Not the kind of love story that one's significant other drags them to but instead the kind of love story that ends up being a Lifetime movie of the week style love story. Hard in Love is the story of love gone wrong. Very, very wrong.

The story for Hard in Love is presented by taking a slice out of the life of Misha (Misha Cross), which is why at first it appears to be an all-sex movie. There is no set-up, no getting to know the characters, instead, the viewer is tossed into the life of Misha starting up when she is in a nightclub for a planned tryst with two other ladies (Proxy Paige and Jessie Volt). There stripper Samantha (Samantha Bentley) catches her eye and the two begin a love affair. Dominatrix Angel (Angel Long) shoots for her website Hard in Love from the nightclub. She tells Samantha that unless she breaks it off with Misha, she is done working for her, news that Misha doesn't take well.

The story is good for Hard in Love, it just takes a while to get going. The sex scenes in the movie are long as well. Longer than average for a feature-style adult movie. Their length more resembles a sex scene in an all sex movie than a feature-style movie. There are four sex scenes that take up the majority of the run time, which means far more time is taken up on showing the sex than on letting the story play out.

The sex scenes are nicely shot but then again that is to be expected from Stagliano. Stagliano has been shooting sex scenes for longer than most still in the industry and is very good at what he does. So the sex scenes look good and have great imagery. As one might expect from Stagliano, the sex scenes all have a harder edge. These aren't your standard all-girl sex scenes. The girls in these scenes really go at each other, which fits the mood of the movie. However, the sex in the movie won't be for everyone so viewers should know what they are getting into with the movie. The sex in the movie is rough.

The cast does a good job with their roles; not only the sexual portions but the non-sexual portions as well, which is very important since the story unfolds through the actions of the cast members and isn't directly told to the audience. If the cast did a poor job with the non-sexual portions of the movie it would have absolutely killed the movie.

Stagliano has done a great job with the locations used for shooting as well. Most of the movie takes place in the nightclub which was shot at Insomnia in Berlin, Germany, a self-described ?avantgarde hedonistic nightclub.? Shooting in the actual club is a definite benefit for the movie and helps the feel of the movie. Instead of a cheaply and quickly designed set, the footage was shot in an actual club, that was packed with extras so it actually felt like a nightclub, not an empty set.

Overall, Hard in Love is a unique adult movie and will not be for all viewers. Some will be turned off by the content in the sex scenes, others will be turned off by the unconventional storytelling method the movie utilizes, and yet others will be upset over the movie offering nothing but all-girl sex scenes. However, fans of the genre that have an open mind should give Hard in Love a chance as it has a lot to offer.

Hard in Love is a multi-part epic adult movie, which unfortunately means that you need to pick up more than one volume to get the complete story. This epic series is composed of two films, Hard in Love and the conclusion Hard in Love 2. Hard in Love ends with the words ?Our story continues in Hard in Love II? at the end of the credits and has a 20-second preview of the next movie and the next volume Hard in Love 2 starts off where the first one left off without any preview or mention of Hard in Love. For movies such as this, I wish companies would release the movie as one volume with a higher price so you can get the full movie or at least clearly note on the box for the release all the volumes necessary for the complete movie.

The Edition

Evil Angel Video has done a good job with their two DVD release of Hard in Love. The first DVD contains part of the movie and the second DVD contains the rest of the movie and the extras. Hard in Love appears to have been shot digitally in high definition and is presented in the anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio of 1.78:1 in 480i. Overall, the image looks very nice on this release with a nice clean, crisp, and clear picture with nice detail. Some of the darker lit scenes exhibit grain in the image and aren't as crisp, however, this doesn't ruin the viewing experience. There is an Evil Angel bug in white in the lower right-hand corner of the screen throughout the movie. The bug can be problematic at times when the text overlaps with text purposely in the image.

Hard in Love is presented with an English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo audio track. The dialog in the movie is clear and easy to hear at all times and stays at a balanced level throughout the movie. The music in the movie is set at a level that the dialog can be heard and understood but it also at a level that is appropriate for the scene being presented.

Evil Angel Video has included a few extras on the release. There is a cast list by sex scene, that is duplicated on both DVDs. There is a nicely done 31 minute behind the scenes piece, which adds to the movie. There is footage of deleted sex sequences that runs for eight minutes that was removed from the feature movie for video quality reasons. There are also four photo galleries, one for each of the sex scenes in the movie. There are also partial filmographies for Samantha Bentley, Jessie Volt, Misha Cross, and Proxy Paige.

Final Thoughts

Hard in Love is a unique all-girl feature movie from John Stagliano. Hard in Love doesn't tell its story in a conventional way, however, as you watch the movie you do find that it does tell a story. The sex scenes are long, especially for a feature, and will not be for all viewers. They are definitely on the harder side. Hard in Love is a two part movie, so along with this volume, one must pick up Hard in Love 2 to complete the story. Evil Angel Video has done a good job with this two-disc release with nice image and audio quality and some nice extras.


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