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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
  Elegant Angel
147 minutes
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Reviewed by   02/01/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
147 min.

Production Date:
6 / 22 / 2016

Dreadneck (aka Derek Dozer)

Ashley Fires, Brittany Shae, Mandy Muse, and Ryan Conner
Bill Bailey, Markus Dupree, and Mick Blue

Audio /Video Quality:
As usual with Elegant Angel, the technical aspects are top notch. The audio is clear and well balanced and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks great. It's well lit and clear with a solid hand on the camera.

The Movie:
The Big Wet Asses series sticks with a tried and true formula for the series. Each scene starts with a music only tease with the girl showing off and getting her big ass oiled up before moving on with plenty of passionate sex along with some hot anal action.

Scene 1

Ashley Fires


Bill Bailey

Smoking hot dirty blonde Ashley (who's one of the few ladies to make multiple appearances in this series - her first was in Big Wet Asses 23) shows off in a multicolored bikini and lets her big beautiful ass get treated with oil and water before she swarms it up with her fingers and her bikini disappears. The scene cuts to her eagerly working Bill's bone over orally and letting him fuck her face and work it into her throat. Bill oils up her ass and plays with it as she sucks him, and they even share some of the oil in a kiss as he continues to make her nice and shiny. He plays with her pussy as she sucks him and then lets Ashley get up to ride him cowgirl style as he oils her ass up. Ashley moves up to ride Bill's face as he gives himself a hand and then slides back down to ride him cowgirl style. Bill takes Ashley from behind, fucking her pussy and eating her ass before rolling back with her to work her over reverse cowgirl style. Ashley lays on her side and lets Bill oil her ass up as he fucks her pussy before letting him move on and fuck her ass. She continues to show off her great ass and let it get oiled up as she impales it on Bill's boner cowgirl style as well as pulling off so she can show some nice gapes. Ashley happily sucks him clean before sliding her ass back onto his shaft in sidesaddle. She gets on all fours and continues to gape as Bill spits in her asshole, pours some oil in, and then fucks it from behind while she urges him on. Ashley pulls off letting Bill know she squirted, which the camera angle unfortunately hides, and has him pull out a few times so make her ass gape repeatedly. Ashley finishes Bill off letting him fuck her ass missionary style, and then rolls over for him to give her a solid load over her nice round rump before she plays with his seed and tastes it from her fingers.

Scene 2

Brittany Shae


Mick Blue

Hot brunette Brittany starts her scene wearing a pair of tight grey booty shorts over a black and lime green sling bikini before getting oiled up. The action cuts to Mick fucking Brittany's willing face until he rolls her back and fucks her missionary style. She sucks him clean and gets on all fours for Mick to finger her holes wearing rubber gloves and to fuck her doggie style. They break out a buttplug and vibe to work on her with as Brittany lays back on the couch and make sure to keep the plug in as Mick fucks her missionary style. Naturally when the plug pops out Mick replaces it with his cock as Brittany holds the vibe on her pussy. She lets Mick clean off his cock in her mouth before he taps her ass reverse cowgirl style with a bit more ass to mouth action worked in. Mick bones Brittany's butthole from behind, lets her bounce her big booty on his boner cowgirl style, and spoons her ass with more ass to mouth action mixed in. Brittany drops down to finish things out with a very well received facial finish that she takes with wide open eyes before sucking the last bit out of Mick's cock while giving him plenty of great eye contact.

Scene 3

Mandy Muse


Markus Dupree

Brunette Mandy starts out showing off her big beautiful booty in a pair of sexy yellow panties along with a black top before getting oiled up and playing with her ass. The scene cuts to Mandy bent over on a which couch and pulling her panties down so Markus can move in to eat and play with her holes with Mandy shaking her amazing ass around. Markus oils her up before fucking her pussy from behind, and it isn't long before he's tapping her tushy and working his way between her holes while also pulling Mandy's hair and slapping her ass. She eagerly sucks him clean and kisses him Markus fingers her to a squirt after having her ride him in the cowgirls, and continues to play with her holes to make her squirt fucking her holes missionary style. Mandy rides Markus in the cowgirls and lets him take her holes from behind as he oils her up. He holes her close as he fucks her holes cowgirl style and then lets Mandy lay back for him to sodomize her while pinning her down with one of his legs. Mandy moves in to eagerly eat Markus' ass before he takes her holes from behind one last time. Mandy drops down for a fantastic eyes wide open facial finish and makes sure to suck every last bit out as she plays with it and swallows it down.

Scene 4

Ryan Conner


Mick Blue

Heavily inked bootylicious dirty blonde MILF Ryan shows off in a fluorescent green sling bikini and makes sure to break out her big titties before oiling up her nice round rump and fingering her ass. The scene cuts to Mick laying Ryan back on a couch so he can worship her big titties and then having her get on all fours to eat her ass from behind while he plays with her pussy. He has Ryan sit on his face and plays with her pussy a little more before fucking it from behind. Mick eats Ryan's ass and oils it up before working on it with a string of pink anal beads, and leaves the toy in her ass as he fucks her pussy from behind and has her ride him cowgirl style. Of course the toy comes out soon after so Ryan's ass can swallow Mick's meat cowgirl style. Mick works between Ryan's holes in cowgirl with a little ass to mouth fun mixed in before laying her on her side to fuck her holes while he oils her up. She lays on her stomach and lets Mick fuck her ass crack before he goes back at her holes, and then gets on top for a reverse cowgirl ride with Mick bringing the anal beads back out for a little more fun. Mick takes Ryan from behind again, and finally pulls out to give her a solid pop over her killer ass that she plays with and tastes from her finger.

After trying a few different things in the last couple installments of the Big Wet Asses series, it gets back to form with fantastic results with its twenty fifth installment. Simply put, this one is smoking hot from start to finish and probably should come with a warning label. Each and every tease is very well done, and the sex is every bit as solid. I'll admit to being a little worried with how long it took Ashley Fires to get to the anal, but once Bill broke the seal on her booty there was no turning back! Cover babe Brittany Shae has rarely disappointed me, and turns out what might be the best scene I've watched her in here. Mandy Muse has also been more than reliable, and her scene with Markus here leaves me wondering why we aren't seeing and hearing much more from her. Finally there's Ryan Conner, who continues her comeback with yet another great anal scene that caps off the movie with great style. If you're a fan of big butts and anal sex, Big Wet Asses 25 is a must buy release that can't be missed.

The Extras:
Trailers are included for four other Elegant Angel releases. The photo gallery lasts nearly ten minutes. There's also a behind the scenes featurette, cumshot recaps, and commercials.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts just over fifteen minutes. Mandy starts out talking about how amazing her scene was before Ryan tries to clean up a little. Ashley has a high school flashback with some of the crew as well as showing off and sharing some technical information. Brittany also chats with the makeup girl and camera dude (I'm not sure if it's Dreadneck or not) about anal and picking chicks up. This is a very nice behind the scenes featurette. Mandy and Ryan are a little lost in it, but Ashley and Brittany definitely make up for it and make this a fun and worthwhile featurette. This is a very nice addition to the overall release.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's a must buy release for fans of big butts and anal sex.

Note to Elegant Angel:
Thank you for making each and every installment of this series well worth waiting for!

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