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  Desire Films 85 minutes
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Reviewed by   10/12/17
4 scenes..all plain vanilla...enjoyed all the scenes...
nothing exceptional but they fit my personal likes for porn...I'm a very simple guy...the closeups were not very long and the sex acting is pretty good..

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Reviewed by   08/27/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
94 min.

Production Date:
None given

None credited

Alexis Crystal, Lilly Klass (listed here as Zena Little), Tracy Smile, and Victoria Puppy
Damian Dickey (listed here as Thomas J.), Kristof Cale, Scooter, and Thomas Hard

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and decently balanced. There's a lot of slow motion footage in the movie, but there's soft music for much of the audio that works very well for it. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very nice. It's well lit and clear with a solid hand on the camera.

The Movie:
Love Meets Passion 2 focuses on just that. Each scene is slow and romantic with a little something to set up each scene and no shortage of chemistry.

Scene 1

Victoria Puppy


Damian Dickey

As a well dressed Damian eats at the table, Victoria comes through the doorway behind him in a sexy black outfit. She eyes him for a moment before pulling him away from the table and leading him to a couch where she sits on his lap and kisses him softly as their hands glide around each other. They help each other start to strip down with Damian sucking Victoria's tits as he makes his way down to eat her through her pink peek-a-boo panties. He slides her panties off to better eat her bald pussy and then trades places with her so she can help him out of his pants and happily mouth his manhood with a few kisses mixed in. Victoria rides Damian cowgirl style before laying back for a little missionary work. Damian also takes her in doggie before pulling out to pop on her nice round ass and then giving her a few more kisses as the camera fades out.

Scene 2

Tracy Smile



Scooter leads cute brunette Tracy into the apartment covering her eyes before giving her a small package. She pulls out a set of keys and jumps into his arms to kiss him, and Scooter continues to kiss her from behind after setting her down as she looks around. Scooter heads upstairs before bringing down a thick mattress pad to lay on the kitchen floor for them to kiss and caress each other on as they help each other strip down. Scooter rubs Tracy through her sexy yellow panties before sliding them out of the way so he can eat her bald beaver, and lets her play with him through his shorts before she pulls out his cock to suck. They sixty-nine before Tracy turns around to ride Scooter cowgirl style, and keep things going in missionary. Scooter also takes Tracy from behind before pulling out to give her a solid pop over her great ass.

Scene 3

Lilly Klass


Thomas Hard

Brunette Lilly playfully peeks around the door in a sexy pink and black robe as Thomas lays in bed before moving in to let him check her out and slides off her robe to show some sexy matching lingerie underneath. Thomas sucks her tits and plays with her pussy as she rubs his cock through his shorts and then moves in to eat her pussy. He kisses her as they play with each other down below and then lays back so Lilly can happily tease his cock with her tongue and suck it. She slides off her panties to ride Thomas cowgirl style and strokes him before letting him take her from behind and in missionary. Finally Lilly strokes Thomas to a solid pop on her stomach and they share a last kiss.

Scene 4

Alexis Crystal


Kristof Cale

Alexis dusts a little before Kristof pulls her onto the couch to help her relax with a shoulder rub. He has her lay down and pulls up her shirt so he can massage her back with a bit of lotion and then continues on her chest and stomach after having her roll over with Alexis pulling him in to give him a few kisses. His hands wander and their clothes continue to fall away as they kiss until Alexis is naked and then Kristof moves in to eat her bald pussy. She happily teases him through his shorts before freeing his big cock so she can suck and stroke it, and Kristof gives her a few more licks before fucking her missionary style. Kristof picks her up and spins around for Alexis to ride him cowgirl style and then lays her down on her stomach to fuck her ass crack before sliding into her pussy from behind. Of course Kristof pulls out to give Alexis a nice creamy load on her nice round ass before they kiss and cuddle.

Love Meets Passion 2 is a nice little couples release. The scenes have a fair amount of slow motion to them, but with how beautifully the scenes are captured it works much better than normal. It also helps that for the most part the cast is very easy on the eyes and there's very nice care put into the outfits and locations. The sex is nicely consistent from start to finish, and if there's a complaint I think the biggest one I can have is that some of the sex is a bit formulaic by only including three positions in the movie and often keeping them in the same order. This unfortunately made some of the action a little disposable, but if one's only going to watch a scene or two at a time to get in the mood I doubt they'll notice it. Love Meets Passion 2 is a nice little couples release that's easy on the eyes and a decent rental for couples looking for a little something romantic to help them get in the mood.

The Extras:
Trailers are included for four other releases. There's also cumshot recaps.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's a good rental for couples wanting something softer and romantic.

Note to Desire Media:
Soft couples releases always seem hard to pull off. It's nice to see you've figured it out.

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