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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
  Wyde Syde
120 minutes
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Reviewed by   02/11/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
114 min.

Production Date:
None given

Bill Fox and Damien Cain

Alexis Golden, Francesca Le, Lisa Ann, Sara Jay, Slut Momo, and Vannah Sterling

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are all over the place. The audio is pretty average, with a decent balance and clarity as well as quite a few background noises in some places. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and is where the problems come in. There are some areas which look very nice with well done lighting and a clear, smooth picture, but other areas look extremely dated with the picture looking a little blurry and skewed, almost as if some of it was under water at times

DVD Errors:
The Chapter Menu nicely lists the performers for each scene, but unfortunately gets it wrong in four of the five scenes. Alexis and Francesca's scene are linked to each other, as are Slut Momo and Vannah's. This is a stupid, sloppy error that quite frankly surprises me with how much care Sara Jay puts into making sure people can find her costars online. I'm deducting a half point from the overall score because of this error.

The Movie:
MILFS Munching MILFS collects five scenes from Sara Jay's website featuring the curvacious MILF getting busy with other MILFs.

Scene 1

Sara Jay


Francesca Le

Latina MILF superstar Francesca starts out in a lime green bikini as Sarah struts up wearing aviators and a camouflage bikini letting her know how happy she is to have her there and to let Francesca know that she's there for some training. Sara checks out Francesca's killer ass and oils it up as Francesca shakes it around before showing Francesca her booty shake as Francesca moves into worship her ass and then suck her big titties. Sara tongues Francsca's holes from behind and works on her with a little toy before they suck it clean and Francesca bends Sara over to eat her holes from behind with Sara on all fours. Francesca also lays back so Sara can sit on her face as they play with Francesca's pussy and work on it with the toy a little more. Sara also works on Francesca with a big black dong before playing with her pussy as she kisses her. Finally Sara leaves Francesca to play with the dong as she walks off.

Scene 2

Sara Jay


Alexis Golden

Busty hardbody Alexis chats with Sara on the couch about some of the shopping deals she got that day before they decide to hang out and play some games. Sara decides they should play strip blackjack, and Alexis is more than up for it. Alexis is quickly down to her sexy purple bra and panties with Sara getting down to her dark red bra and panties. They check each other out and discuss their bras before Sara decides they should play a game that doesn't involve cards and moves in to suck Alexis' titties. They suck, pinch, and nibble each other's nipples before kissing and sliding out of their panties to check each other out down below. Sara quickly starts to finger Alexis' pussy while licking her ass before Alexis admires her ass and returns the favor. Sara breaks out a pair of toys that she puts to work on Alexis' bald beaver and sucks one of them clean before bending over so Alexis can return the favor with her tongue, fingers, and the toys. The camera finally fades out with the girls kissing in each other's arms.

Scene 3

Sara Jay


Lisa Ann

Sara Lisa Ann starts out in a little gold outfit on the couch with Sara, who's in a tight dress, talking about how excited they both are to finally work together and Twitter. Their hands start to wander around each other as they kiss softly, and it doesn't take long before Sara's going after Lisa Ann's big titties as she rubs her pussy through her panties and then pulls them aside to eat her. Lisa Ann sucks Sara's big titties in return before helping her out of her dress and admiring her great ass. She reaches into Sara's panties to play with her before stripping them off and sliding below to eat her. Lisa gets on all fours and lets Sara eat her holes from behind. Lisa grabs a small vibrator to put to work on Sara's bald pussy, and naturally after a little more kissing lets Sara work on her pussy with a little toy in return. Finally the ladies bring things to a close with a few last kisses.

Scene 4

Sara Jay


Vannah Sterling

As busty brunette Vannah finishes in the shower, Sara asks to wear Vannah's new black and grey zebra striped dress which they both agree looks better on her. Sara already has it on, but Vannah protests because she wants to be the first person to wear her dress out. Vannah insists that she takes it off and they get into a catfight on the bed with Sara throwing the dress at Vannah and Vannah insisting on taking of Sara's panties too after giving her a few good wedgies even though they're Sara's panties. Sara gets on top and smothers Vannah with her tits while tribbing her a little, and continues to pin her down and spank her as they roll around as they continue to fight about the dress. Vannah tries to get an upper hand giving Sara's pussy a lick, and soon finds her head pinned between Sara's legs as she insists she do it right. They kiss and Vannah worships Sara's big titties before Sara lays her back to eat her ass and bald pussy in return. Sara lays back so Vannah can devour her holes orally, and then lets Vannah moves up to ride her face. Vannah turns around so they can sixty-nine and they satisfy each other one more time before Sara lets Vannah know that she's still going out wearing her dress and leaving Vannah behind.

Scene 5

Sara Jay


Slut Momo

Sara starts the final scene laying on a white bed wrapped in a towel upset that she's still waiting after an hour and a half for the massage she called for. Heavily inked Asian MILF Slut Momo arrives at the door soon after she calls the desk to complain and lets her know how stressed out she is before Slut Momo asks her a few questions to give her the best massage possible. Sara quickly notices that Momo doesn't have any panties on, and lets Momo strip down before she starts to massage her great ass. Momo gives Sara a few kisses around her ass before rolling over and letting Momo massage her tits with her hands and mouth. They kiss and Momo continues her kisses across Sara's breasts and stomach as she makes her way down to eat Sara's pussy. Sara eats Momo's shaved mound in return and sucks her nipples as she plays with it. Sara breaks out a black strap on that she has Momo suck before she kisses her and fucks her missionary style. Momo sucks Sara's cock clean before Sara takes her from behind. Sara kisses her from behind and gets on all fours for Momo to eat her holes again before they close things with one last kiss.

MILFS Munching MILFS is a solid all MILF release by big butt beauty Sara Jay. I love the mix of moods that Sara brings to the scenes here from the more sensual massage with Slut Momo to the touch of domination with Francesca to the fetish catfight and wrestling with Vannah. There's also a great sense of playfulness Alexis's scene and with Lisa Ann there's a fantastic feeling all around with the ladies wanting to play with each other as well as a sense of gratefulness to the fans in that they can make them happy as they play. In each and every scene there's a really great sense of chemistry where you always feel like the ladies are having a great time. This is truly one of those titles that seems like adult playtime, and that really saves the movie. Yes, it can be a little toy heavy for my tastes at times, but there aren't too many times where they seem like a crutch. The biggest problem with the movie is that it often does feel dated. A couple of the scenes felt like they were at least five years old from the picture quality and some of the camera work, and that did hold things back a little for me. MILFS Munching MILFS might have a few faults, but it's still a very enjoyable MILF on MILF release that's well worth checking out.

The Extras:
The photo gallery lasts nearly five and a half minutes. There's also a bonu sscene.

Bonus Scene

Sara Jay


Jayla Starr

Sara starts out talking with exotic Jayla about how the Hitachi magic wand is one of the best inventions ever and how it's helped many women squirt. Sara plays with Jayla a little before kissing her as she works the wand over her pussy and fingers her orgasmic results. They take a couple breaks for Jayla to suck Sara's fingers clean, as well as for Sara to dominate Jayla kissing her while holding her down by the neck. Jayla takes over with the toy to work on Sara's bald pussy, and quickly takes her to orgasm while also working in a few tastes of Sara's smoothly shaven snatch. After giving Sara another nice orgasm, Jayla and Sara share a couple kisses and let the camera fade out.

Final Thoughts:
It's not perfect, but if you like all girl MILF action it's a very solid rental and Sara Jay fans will probably find it well worth the purchase.

Note to Sara Jay's Wyde Syde:
It's obvious that some of these scenes are a few years old so we can't quite expect things to look and sound as good as currently shot scenes, but it is great to see you put such nice effort into the overall release by letting fans know where they can find the stars online and by including solid bonus scenes.

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