Corrupted Cuties 04

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
  Porn Pros 120 minutes
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Reviewed by   08/19/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
128 min.

Production Date:
12 / 27 2012, 1 / 4, 11, 29 / 13, 2 / 4 / 2013

None credited

Chloe Foster, Ella Milano, Lacey Channing, Natalia Starr, and Sara Luvv
Billy Hart, Danny Mountain, Jake Jace, and Johnny Castle

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are pretty good, which is nothing new for Porn Pros. The audio is clear, free of background noises, and nicely balanced, but it is a little low at times. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very nice. It's very nicely lit with a solid hand on the camera and a nicely clear picture. Unfortunately the editing is more than a little choppy, which also isn't anything new for Porn Pros.

The Movie:
Corrupted Cuties 4 features five scenes from the websites featuring younger talent getting oh so naughty.

Scene 1

Sara Luvv


Jake Jace

As smoking hot exotic cutie Sara searches through her dresser, Jake arrives and watches from the bed for a moment before moving in to kiss her from behind as his hands wander around her tight young body. He lays her back on the bed where they continue to kiss as Jake helps Sara strip down so he can go after her nicely natural tits before sliding off her short shorts and panties to eat and play with her pussy. Sara eats his meat in return while giving Jake some solid eye contact and then lays back for him to pound her missionary style. Jake also spoons Sara before she rides him in the cowgirls and lets him take her from behind. Sara finally sucks and strokes Jake to a very respectable pop that goes over her face and beyond.

Scene 2

Chloe Foster


Johnny Castle

Barely legal blonde Chloe makes the bed with Johnny wearing only a long sleeve flannel shirt and pink panties. A pillow fight breaks out as they make the bed and soon after they're kissing with Chloe stripping off her shirt and pulling Johnny's pants out of the way. She eagerly mouths his manhood and lets him slide off her panties so they can sixty-nine before riding him cowgirl style. Chloe gets on top to ride Johnny cowgirl style, and spins around into reverse cowgirl without ever taking his cock out of her coochie. They also spoon and fuck doggie and missionary style before finishing things with a nice facial.

Scene 3

Ella Milano


Danny Mountain

As Danny cooks in the kitchen, hot brunette Ella struts in and sets her glass of wine aside to hoist herself up on the counter and immediately distract him from what he's making. He kisses her before carrying her out of the room with the food still cooking on the stove, and lays Ella back on the couch to dive into her pussy. Ella eats his meat in return as she kneels on the couch as well as laying back to work on him from below as he plays with her pussy. They sixty-nine on the couch before Ella rides Danny cowgirl style as well as reverse cowgirl. They also spoon before working in some doggie and missionary action. Danny finally pulls out and gives Ella a nice pop over her tongue and chin.

Scene 4

Lacy Chaning


Billy Hart

A well dressed Billy comes home to find a card on the bed instructing him to lay down on the bed for his Valentine's Day present, and does what he's told. Brunette Lacey arrives from behind and kisses him wearing a sexy red bra and panties with black accents before they share some chocolates on the bed and she frees his pants so she can mouth his manhood. Their clothes magically disappear as they start to spoon with the action soon after cutting to Lacey riding Billy cowgirl style. Billy eats Lacey from behind before taking her doggie style, and she sucks and strokes him in return before getting on top for a reverse cowgirl ride. They also go at it in missionary with a little pussy eating mixed in before the camera cuts to Lacey stroking Billy onto her face.

Scene 5

Natalia Starr


Danny Mountain

Dirty blonde natural knockout Natalia starts the final scene straddling a half dressed Danny as they kiss wearing only a little pair of white panties that she strips off before sitting on his face. Danny lays Natalia back so he can continue to eat her and lets her tease his cock through his pants with her feet before she eagerly starts to suck and stroke him. Natalia moves up to ride Danny cowgirl style and turns around for the reverse cowgirl as well. They spoon and Danny takes Natalia from behind as well as in missionary. Finally he moves up to shoot a more than solid load over Natalia's beautiful breasts and her face.

Corrupted Cu\ties 4 is a pretty standard Porn Pros release, and I don't mean that as a bad thing. The girls are cute and easy on the eyes, and often a bit on the younger side. The sets show a touch of care, and the scenes always have a softer look to them to make things a little more romantic that works all the better with a nice touch of chemistry between the performers. The camera work is fairly basic but solid, and the only thing that really holds the presentation back is the editing, which is quite rough and choppy, and definitely does hold things back quite a bit. As for the scenes themselves, they're all nicely done. Sara starts things out with a scene that's every bit as solid as one has come to expect from here, and Chloe and Ella follow her up with a nice pair of scenes that are just as good. I'm not a fan of Lacy's ink, but she turns out a solid Valentine's Day boink with Billy, and Natalia and Danny close the movie with a scene that just might be the most passionate of the movie. Corrupted Cuties 4 is a solid little fuck flick that's worth the rental.

The Extras:
The photo gallery lasts about five minutes. There's also trailers and cumshot recaps.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's a decent rental.

Note to PornPros:
You do a nice job with your scenes, but it would be nice if you could bring them out a little quicker. Four years seems a little long to wait even if you are trying to direct people to your website content.

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