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130 minutes
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Reviewed by   12/04/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
136 min.

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None given

None credited

Holly Hendrix, Keisha Grey, Marley Brinx, and Nickey Huntsman
J-Mac and Mr. Pete

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are slightly on the artistic side and show plenty of care. The audio is very well done, and is clear with a nice balance as well as using music nicely at the start of the scenes. There is a little minor background noise during the third scene, and it's easily the biggest fault with the movie's presentation. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks great. There's a nice touch of softness to give the scenes a slightly artistic style along with great use of lighting. It also helps that the camera work is nice and steady, but the style does change a bit to a more standard gonzo type scene for the last scene and also has the crew stepping into view very obviously at one point in the action.

The Movie:
Anal Perfection features four scenes with artistic style, chemistry, and no shortage of anal action.

Scene 1

Keisha Grey



Curvy brunette Keisha starts out in black lingerie putting a pair of handcuffs on while wearing a sexy black bra and panties and bending over the bed to wait for J-Mac to walk in wearing only a towel to find the key on the bed. He runs a hand around her ass, plays with her pussy, and spanks her ass while holding her cuffs with the other hand and then helps her to her knees where she pulls the towel away to suck and stroke his cock with some solid face fucking worked in. J-Mac lays Keisha back on the bed to fuck her pussy missionary style while holding her down, slapping her tits, and kissing her before eating her pussy, sliding a glass plug out of her ass, and giving her bunghole a quick lick before fucking it missionary style while holding onto Keisha's cuffs. They readjust the cuffs so J-Mac can dominantly hit Keisha's holes doggie style. She sucks his cock clean of her ass juices and lets him worship her tits as he removes the cuffs for a moment, and then puts them back on for Keisha to swallow his cock with her holes cowgirl style. They kiss a bit as he spoons her holes, and J-Mac busts a nut in Keisha's butt that she squeezes out before he goes right back to fucking it while she continues to lay on her side. Finally J-Mac frees Keisha's wrists and give her a few passionate kisses.

Scene 2

Marley Brinx


Mr. Pete

Mr. Pete leads smoking hot brunette Marley down a darkened staircase wearing sexy black lingerie and sits her down by a bank of windows overlooking the Vegas strip before removing her blindfold. He slides off her bra to grope her nicely natural tits and to pinch her perky nipples before laying her back to slide off her panties and run his hands around her. Mr. Pete moves down to eat her holes and play with her ass with Marley taking a few tastes from his finger before he drips candle wax over her tight body and lingerie. The wax disappears before Mr. Pete breaks out his cock with Marley eagerly working it over orally. Pete moves around to fuck Marley's pussy missionary style as well as taking it doggie style while slapping her ass. Marley gets on top to impale her ass on his cock reverse cowgirl style and shows off a couple nice gapes as she bounces on his bone. Pete gives her ass a few last pumps as she lays on her side before unloading in her more than willing mouth with Marley sucking out the last bit, showing it off, and then swallowing it down before going back to sucking it.

Scene 3

Nickey Huntsman



Brunette Nickey starts out in a little outfit that barely covers her nice round ass as she leads J-Mac up a couple steps in what looks like a Polynesian patio settings and kisses him. She jumps into his arms and he carries her over to a mattress where they strip her down and kiss with J-Mac working in a little foot worship before oiling her up and playing with her bald pussy. They play with her pussy a little as he gives her a little more oil, as well as warming her ass up with his fingers. Nickey works J-Mac's pants down to eat his meat as he plays with her ass, and doesn't have much, if any success taking him down her throat. She lets J-Mac go straight to the anal as she lays on her side and then back and they keep the anal going strong in doggie. Nickey gets on top to happily impale her ass on his cock reverse cowgirl style before he rolls them to the side and spoons her shitpussy. Nickey also lets J-Mac pile drive her pooper before taking a solid load over and around her more than willing mouth.

Scene 4

Holly Hendrix



Brunette Holly struts up in fugly gold sneakers along with dark stockings, a short pleated skirt, sexy panties, and a tied off top to show off for the camera. She sits back and runs her fingers around her panties before bending over and pulling them aside to play with her ass. She slides in a white foxtail buttplug and struts around wearing it before pulling it out and sucking on it. Holly makes her way to a table full of buttplugs and toys and works her ass over while stripping down. The scene cuts to J-Mac feeding Holly his cock, and Holly gets nice and sloppy as he face fucks her along with giving plenty of great eye contact. She gets on all fours so J-Mac can fuck her pussy from behind as he thumbs her asshole before moving on to tap her tushy from behind. Holly gets on top for a reverse cowgirl rectal reaming with some eager ass to mouth action mixed in, and J-Mac picks her up to pile drive her ass on her side and in regular pile driver. He lays her back to tap her ass missionary style and even has to take a little break to play with her ass and let her gape before fucking his way between her holes while exploring her filthy little mouth and slapping her face. Holly swallows his cock before letting J-Mac go back to tapping her ass in doggie and working his way between her holes in missionary. They roll around a bit, and Holly even gets a little help from somebody off camera who jumps into the shot to pull her leg around as J-Mac fucks her ass while she lays on her side. Holly gets on top for a traditional anal cowgirl ride and then hops off to let J-Mac stroke his cock to a healthy helping of his nutty goodness in her mouth. Holly sucks out the last bit from his cock and plays with it as she finishes J-Mac off orally.

Anal Perfection is a hot anal release that worked pretty well for me. I love the touch of kink in the opening scene with Keisha leaving herself handcuffed on the bed for J-Mac for when he got out of his shower, and even more liked how they kept the cuffs on throughout the scene with Keisha looking like she was more than into it. Add in the anal cream pie and this one was a very big win for me that gave the movie a great start. Things continue very nicely with Marley and Mr. Pete, and I love the dark lighting along with the candle, blindfold, and lingerie. As always Marley takes the anal and facial like a champ, and I was a little surprised there wasn't more ass to mouth here. That said, the artistic style makes these scenes a little more couples friendly so I'm guessing that was held back on purpose. I'll admit that for some reasons I didn't expect a lot out of Nickey's scene, but I will also admit that I really enjoyed it. It's another fun little anal fuck session, and not only does Nickey take it up the ass great but she takes one heck of a great facial finish. Finally there's Holly, and surprisingly I think her scene might be the weakest in the movie. As always she takes it up the ass great, but the technical side of things held her scene back here. First, it seems really drawn out and overly long. Second, you have things like the crew jumping into the camera's field of view to move her leg around a bit as she's getting sodomized. Adding to it, her scene has a very different feel than the rest of the movie. I can't be sure, but I think Brother Love may have directed at least this scene as it has a lot of the same feeling as some of the stuff her does for PornPros with long teases and bright lights. It's a good scene, but it definitely has a different style and that doesn't let it gel with the rest of the scenes in the movie and ends it with a feeling that's slightly off. Anal Perfection has a lot going for it with four anal sluts that take it up the ass great along with plenty of style. Unfortunately it falters a bit at the end due to a change in style, and that leaves it hovering on the line between being a great rental and a good purchase.

The Extras:
The extras are more than limited. All you get is a "Pick Your Pleasure" option and a photo gallery lasting a little over four minutes.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It' straddles the line between being a very good purchase and a great rental.

Note to Vision Films:
Giving credit where it's due is always a good thing. I hope you credit your director(s) in the future as they definitely deserve some credit with the great job they did here.

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