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Greg Lansky
140 minutes
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Reviewed by   11/27/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
136 min.

Production Date:
None given

Greg Lansky

Adria Rae, Cyrstal Rae, Dakota James, and Taylor Sands
Jason Brown, Michael Williams, and Rob Piper
Steve Holmes in a non-sex role

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are nicely done, which is nothing unusual for Greg Lansky. The audio is clear and well balanced and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks good. It's very nicely lit and clear, but there is a little minor camera motion that I don't normally expect from Lansky that made me wonder if he had somebody a little more green behind the camera than he normally does.

The Movie:
Cum Inside Me 3 keeps Greg Lansky's usual style from with an added twist. Each scene has a little story to set things up along with a nicely artistic style, and has a white babe taking on a black stud with the guy cumming inside her pussy for a creampie finish.

Scene 1

Adria Rae


Rob Piper

Cute brunette Adria knows it was a bad idea, but went to a party and drove home drunk. The cop who pulled her over gave her a DUI right on the spot, and although she wasn't sure what to do at first she later remembered that she met hot lawyer Rob at a party a little while ago and pulls out his card to see if he wants to meet for drinks. Rob pours them some bubbly and they talk about her situation with Rob thinking he can talk the judge down with a good discount. Adria lets her know she's short on cash due to student loans and would rather work something out on the side as she runs a hand over his chest and down to his crotch. Soon after they're kissing and Adria's stripping out of her dress and worshiping Rob's big black cock with her hands and mouth. He fucks her face with Adria nicely taking him deep into her throat when they move into the bedroom. Rob eats her bald pussy in return before fucking it missionary style. Adria sucks and strokes him again before riding Rob cowgirl style as he spanks her nice round ass. She lets him pick her up for a midair cowgirl ride and gets on all fours for him to eat her ass and fuck her pussy doggie style. Adria rides Rob cowgirl style and he gives her a nice dose of dick droppings in her pussy that rubs out onto his stomach and she licks up.

Scene 2

Cyrstal Rae


Rob Piper

Brunette Cyrstal loves plenty about her sugar daddy Steve Holmes, but the sex leaves plenty to be desired so she's been flirting with her trainer Rob and cant' wait to take it a few steps further. She has Rob come over when Steve's gone for the day and they quickly start to kiss with her only in her bra and panties. Cyrstal strokes Rob in his shorts before dropping down and going right to sucking him with plenty of solid eye contact mixed in. She continues to suck and stroke him as he lays back on a mattress on the floor and then lays back for him to eat her bald pussy and fuck it missionary style. Cyrstal gets on top and takes Rob balls deep reverse cowgirl style and sucks him clean before getting back on top for the traditional cowgirl ride. He eats her from behind before fucking her doggie style, and shoves his cock down her throat before picking her up for a midair cowgirl fuck. Cyrstal drops down ready for Rob to cum on her face, but he lays back and impales her little white pussy on his big black rod cowgirl style once again so they can fill her cunt with his chocolate cum. Rob's baby batter flows out of Cyrstal's pussy and she quickly licks it up and swallows it down to clean him up.

Scene 3

Dakota James


Michael Williams

Blonde Dakota's brother is away for a few days, so she decides to fuck his friend Michael. She surprises him moving in on him in the shower and lets him know she wants to see how big she can make his cock as she strokes it with the water running over them. Dakota gives him a little dirty talk as she strokes him before dropping down to mouth his massive meat, and continues doing so after they move to the bedroom while putting out no shortage of spit. She rides Michael cowgirl style and has him take her in doggie to show off her nice round ass while giving him plenty of vocal encouragement. They also fuck missionary style, and Michael leaves about half of the head of his cock in when he pops to cum barely inside Dakota's pussy before she shows it off and sucks him clean.

Scene 4

Taylor Sands


Jason Brown

Brunette Taylor's modeling career has been taking off nicely due to her new agent Karla who meets her for drinks to give her a few tips for working with her next client and lets her know she might have to fuck his brains out to really get ahead with him. Karla gives her a passionate kiss when Taylor tells her she can do it, and when Jason gives her a standard business sendoff she sits in front of him on the table with her legs spread letting him know she's willing to go the extra mile. Jason's happy with where she's going and kisses her as they strip him down and he moves in to eat her pussy. Taylor eagerly eats his meat in return while kneeling on the table and then lays back for him to fuck her missionary style. They move to the bedroom where Taylor rides Jason cowgirl style, sucks him clean, and has him take her from behind. Taylor rolls over for a bit of missionary work and lets Jason cum in her pussy with him pumping out a couple last drops on top of her pussy and then letting her suck his cock as his cum flows out of her pussy.

Cum Inside Me 3 is a good, but not great, interracial creampie release, which I have to say is a bit of a disappointment with Greg Lansky involved. It has all the style one has come to expect from Lansky, and in fact might have a little extra due to mixing up the locations very nicely. The creampies also appear to be authentic with a nice volume and no editing cuts around it. The problem pretty much comes down to one scene, and that's the scene between Cyrstal and Rob. Rob delivers some solid black dick, but the chemistry between Cyrstal and him didn't do anything for me. I don't know if his size was really pushing her but she didn't seem to be that comfortable and kept her eyes closed through most of the scene. It was a longer scene and I was literally checking my watch several times to try to have some idea of when it might be done. Thankfully the rest of the movie is much better. Adria starts things out very nicely with Rob and although Dakota's scene was a bit slow to get going it picked up very nicely as it went. Unfortunately it seemed like Michael or Dakota might be afraid of the creampie with him appearing to shoot it more on her pussy than in it. Finally there's Taylor, who helps end things on a high note with Jason. I love the opening location and really wish they would have skipped the bedroom, but there's great chemistry between Taylor and Jason and he looks to deliver a solid creampie. Cum Inside Me 3 has some nice things going for it, but unfortunately also has one really weak scene to hold it back to being a strong rental instead of the strong purchase I normally expect when Greg Lansky's involved.

The Extras:
The photo gallery lasts just under three minutes. There's also cumshot recaps and weblinks in the extras, and a trailer for the movie before the main feature starts.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
Surprisingly, it's a solid rental.

Note to
It was great to see you mixing up the locations a little to give the scenes a little more style rather than just keeping them in the sterile white bedroom. I hope you continue this in the future!

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