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Reviewed by   02/05/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Stills by Alan directs this feature for Girlsway in which it takes us behind the scenes of a pron film. April O'Neill is an adult actress who is fucking for work but her girlfriend gets upset. April fucks Jenna Sativa and Kristina Rose and her girlfriennd is Janice Griffith. Marie McCray and Kalina Ryu have a seperate storyline.

April O'Neill & Jenna Sativa

The girls are on the couch locking lips. They do a very sexy tongue dance and Jenna does some titty sucking. April spreads her legs and Jenna licks up and down her slit. They continue to have a hot makeout session while Jenna rubs her pussy. Jenna fingers her and sucks on her clit. April then gets her chance to show her appreciation and worships Jenna's breasts. She lifts one leg into the air enabling April to have full access to her pussy. The girls rub their pussies together and do some tribbing. April rides her face then spits on Jenna's pussy and uses the tongue and finger combo to get her off. Jenna puts her ankles behind her head which makes for a great visual. The director yells cut and the girls talk a bit after the scene.

Marie McCray & Kalina Ryu

Marie is looking for a girlfriend and gets set-up with Kalina. She heads over to her house and they have lunch together. They get to know each other and Kalina grabs her for a kiss. They get naked and Kalina rubs her face in Marie's pussy. She eats her out and licks up and down her slit. She fingerbangs her and taps her tongue off her clit. Marie puts Kalina into a pile driver and buries her face in her muff. Marie sucks on her clit and dirves Kalina wild. Marie sits on Kalina's face then the girls do a reversal. The girls do some tribbing and rub their pussies together. This was a very hot scene and I think I would classify it as a good first date!

April O'Neill & Kristina Rose

April gets Kristina's number and they agree to do a content trade. Her girlfriend isn't too happy about it but what the fuck? It's business! Kristina gets herself ready and still looks great! April comes over with her suitcase of lingerie and you get a great BTS view of how a scene works. April gets naked and Kristina films her up close and personal. Then April grabs the camera and gets Kristina on camera. They play with each other's tits then April goes down on Kristina. Kristina holds the camera so it's shot in POV. April spits on her pussy and licks up and down her pussy lips. She spits on her pussy and tongue fucks her. Kristina then goes down on her and slurps all over her psusy. A majority of this scene is not shot in POV so you get to see everything. The girls trade off in eating each other out. Kristina rides her face and April loses herself in her pussy. The girls reverse positions and greatly satisfy each other.

Marie McCray & Kalina Ryu

The girls wake up next to each other and then do a tongue dance. Kalina goes down on her and rubs her face all up in her pussy. She uses the tongue and finger combo to get Marie off. Marie gets at Kalina from behind and fingers her pussy to get Kalina to giggle and have orgasms. The girls go into the kitchen and Marie puts one foot on the counter and lets Kalina eat her out. Kalina then prsents her ass to her with her leg straight out presenting a great visual and Marie eats her out from behind. The girls passionately kiss and they get into a 69.

April O'Neill & Janice Griffith

April comes home and finds her girlfriend masturbating to one of her scenes. April grabs her for a kiss and they start making out. April dives into her pussy and eats her out. Janice's pussy engulfs her face and April just licks her up and down. Janice has a great body and the light shows it off nicely. She buries her face in there and fingerbangs her. They lock lips and Janice eats her out. The caemra focuses on her nice ass and she works her girlfriend over! The girls rub their pussies together and do some tribbing.


Over 18 minutes of BTS footage, photo galleries and trailers.


This was a good release from Girlsway especially if you wnat to see how a porn movie is made. I've been on a couple of sets and this is true! The girls do a great job and these babes are into girls! Good release!