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Reviewed by   02/07/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - February 7, 2017

Starring :

Lily Cade
Ana Foxxx
Lyra Law
Heidi Jenner

(Runtime - 2 hr. 46 mins.)

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In the FILLY FILMS release, LILY CADE'S DIRTY PICTURE, Lily Cade is a Photographer, who is in a lesbian marriage with Lyra Law. They are seemingly happy together, as Lyra is supportive of Lily's career. However, their relationship is shaken, when Lily schedules a one one on shoot with Heidi Jenner, a popular model that she spots on Instagram. It begins as an innocent, and ordinary shoot. However, when Lily knowingly oversteps boundaries when she asks Heidi about posing nude for her, the sexual tension is just too much to restrain. Soon, it's clear that the exotic Heidi is in Lily's every thought, as she books her for more work, just to see her. A short time later, Lily tells Lyra that she has booked a shoot involving cats, and cat furniture. However, in reality, what it truly is, is a nude shoot involving 2 ladies, nude, except for wearing silver cat masks - one of the ladies, of course being Heidi. Following this shoot, Lily happens to enjoy the company of both Heidi and Ana Foxxx, her models - and it is sometime in between that Lily takes suggestive nude photos of Heidi with her phone. It is these photos that Lyra soon discovers, and she's not too happy about them. However, she doesn't break things off with Lily immediately. Instead, she sets up her own date with the model, just to make sure, all while collecting some photographic evidence of her own. After this is done, the couple does have a breakup - but it doesn't last, as both come to realize, that they are made for each other, no matter how much one does to piss the other off. This, as Lily and Lyra make amends, with a fiery round of hot passionate sex!

LILY CADE'S DIRTY PICTURE, a film, which of course, stars lesbian starlet, Lily Crade, as she also directs this scripted story about a lesbian couple, who is led astray by one's cheating. It's a scenario which sees both women cheat, as the one cheated on, involves herself with the same girl to fire back at her unfaithful lover. As far as overall story is concerned, DIRTY PICTURE presents a story that is very thin, as it weaves itself, before, and in between a series of girl/girl sex scenes. As far as details go, this one was obviously shot on a low budget, so any story here, is to the bare minimum. There are no surprises, or twists within that take the story to an unexpected place, or anything of the sort. It's pretty straightforward. A "point A to point B:", sort of thing. But with that, although it's a simple setup, I will give it credit when I say that the story progression isn't as boring as it probably should be. I'm not entirely sure as to why, but it isn't.

The acting is where I hate to be critical but, I must. To put it simply, the acting here isn't always great, especially from Cade, and her real life lover Heidi Jenner. But that's just because of maybe inexperience with the acting aspect. So, it's hard to fault them for that. But as a real critic, who doesn't wear a false smile, I just have to put it out there. Lyra Law on the acting front fares better - but again - experience. I have seen her in scripted films before.

Where DIRTY PICTURE truly does shine though, is when it comes to the sex scenes. Pleasure is something that you can't fake. This is regardless of budget. So when real reactions are captured, they come across authentically on screen. The film features a total of 6 all girl scenes, with one being a three-way. All of them being fairly good. As you will read in my breakdown below, my favorite of these scenes, was the film's final one on one pairing of Lily Cade and Lyra Law. In this scene you sense no kind of restraint going on, they just go at it, in a scene that is meant to be climatic(pun intended), and is.

Overall, LILLY CADE'S DIRTY PICTURE is an ok release. The plot is simple, yet decent and the acting is passable. However this film's strongest attribute is its featured sex, With that said, I do like everyone involved here, and felt that Heidi Jenner, the newcomer, was a particularly nice discovery. She has a unique look that fortunately, isn't so cookie cutter. I like that. I will look out for seeing more from Cade, as well as Jenner, as I did like the film's laid back vibe. It reminded me of the low budget mainstream indie films that I sometimes review.

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1: Lily Cade and Heidi Jenner
After a photography session, Photographer Lily Cade tells model Heidi Jenner that she should get a little more edgy, and try out nude modeling. This soon, of course leads Heidi to strip down, as Lily snaps some pics of the tall beauty. But it doesn't end there, as the girls begin to kiss on the couch, Lily then touches and rubs Heidi's pussy, while in-character saying that she shouldn't. Lily then goes down on her to tongue, at her clit continuously. This then graduates to vigorous fingering by Lily that only increases in speed, before she plunges fingers in, as well. This leading to more kisses exchanged, as the scene soon ends

Scene 2: Lily Cade and Lyra Law
Happening immediately after the previous scene, Lyra notices Heidi's perfume scent on Lily, and so to cause a diversion, Lily comes onto her. They kiss passionately, as Lily, who's already topless, mounts Lyra. This while some thrusting is seen from Lily, and as Lyra is soon stripped down. Lily eventually removes her red jeans too, as the girls continue to kiss. Lily then goes on to attack Lyra's pussy like a pro, as she pins Lyra's legs back as she tongue. This is then followed by some hard fingering from Lily, as she massage Lyra's clit, prior to Lyra returning the favor. Lyra tongues Lily's nipple while briefly, rubbing Lily's pussy. This, before Lyra takes her tongue and fingers to Lily's pussy. Lyra laps her tongue on the clit, until Lily achieves climax. Lyra, next, mounts Lyra's leg and and rides it hard, while continuing to massage Lily's clit. This is followed up, with Lyra again on her back, as Lilly is back to rubbing Lyra until the scene ends. - This was a brief scene between these ladies, but you could definitely pick up the apparent passion.

Scene 3: Ana Foxxx and Heidi Jenner
Taking place at one of Lily's photoshoots, Lily's 2 models, Heidi Jenner and Ana Foxxx go into sex. They kiss, and finger each other, as they stand. This, before Ana gets on her knees to eat Heidi's pussy. Next, Heidi is on her back, as Ana goes on to ride Heidi's face, both while she sit upright, and as she lie back. This leads to more dual fingering between the ladies, who lie next to each other. 69 comes after, with Heidi on top. Ana especially goes after Heidi's pussy with her hand and mouth, from here. prior to doing more as Heidi is next on her back. From here, things last until Heidi cums. - This was a scene that got better as it progressed, ending strongly.

Scene 4: Lily Cade and Ana Foxxx and Heidi Jenner
Prior to this particular scene, Lily receives a phone call from a seemingly suspicious Lyra. Lily tells her that she is still working, however, in reality, Lily is enjoying the company of her 2 models; Ana Foxxx and Heidi Jenner. Anna eats her out, while Lily and Heidi go on to share passionate kisses. Both Ana and Heidi work over Lily's pussy for a time with their fingers. before the tables are turned on Heidi, as Lily and Ana pleasure Heidi. Eventually, Ana takes to kissing Heidi, while Lily fingers Heidi, which Anna would soon join in on. This is followed by Ana and Heidi being seated, side by side, as Lily doubles up, and fingers them both - with one hand to each pussy. Following this, Ana positions herself on all fours, as Heidi goes underneath her to tongue. The camera from here. gives us a nice view of Heidi's pussy, as her legs are spread out, this while Lily comes around to the front of the couch. She climbs onto the back to the couch, where she's been then fingered by Ana. After this, the girls are soon lined up, as they eat pussy - Lily behind Ana and Ana down on Heidi. This formation is brief, as Lily and Ana soon go back to double teaming on Heidi's pussy, as Ana tongue. However, next, Ana goes on to straddle Heidi. This where Lily administers the fingering of both girls, before next taking Heidi one on one, as Heidi remain on her back. From here, Lily's pursuit of Heidi's orgasm becoming stronger. Next, we see Heidi give it back, going at Lily's pussy hard, until she sends her into hard orgasm, which soon ends the scene. - Like the previous scene, this one is another that finishes strong. Really strong, in fact.

Scene 5: Lyra Law and Heidi Jenner
This scene comes about whenever Lyra discovers Lily's cheating ways via some explicit pics on her phone. Upset, Lyra eventually takes it upon herself to contact Heidi via instagram, pretending to want to date the model. They do go out, and then after go back to Heidi's apartment for some conversation. It's a conversation that soon leads to sex, as Lyra reaches down to finger a pantyless Heidi as they kiss. Heidi's black dress is then peeled off, as Lyra proceeds to bend Heidi over. This, as she lick, tongue, and finger Heidi's pussy, as she is then on all fours. Lyra's rubbing on the clit, also adds the tonguing of Heidi's butthole eventually. After this, Lyra strips out of her red dress, and straddles Heidi, as things go to 69 for a time. This, before Lyra switches ends, as she focus on steadily finger-banging Heidi's pussy, prior to she going down to eat her pussy, with concentration, as she tongue and suck. After a time, this also includes some fingering. After this, Heidi returns the favor by going down to please Lyra with a combination of tonguing and fingering of her own. This soon leads her to ride Lyra's face, as Lyra enthusiastically tongue and suck on Heidi's pussy, until it brings Heidi to orgasm. Heidi following this, goes back to work on Lyra's pussy following some kissing between them. Eventually, while this occurs, Lyra, while acting in story, snaps pics of Hwidi between her legs. More pics would also be taking, as Heidi lie on her back and spread out. This is before Lyra go back to tonguing on Heidi yet again. After this, the two of them make out, as Lyra, again in-story appears to shoot a video. This ends the scene. - A decent scene of action that has its moments, moreso toward the end of things.

Scene 6: Lily Cade and Lyra Law
Shortly after their nasty breakup, Lyra is quick to text Lily, and it isn't long before Lily comes running back to her from Heidi's house. When Lily arrives home, she finds Lyra on all fours in a tempting position. After some conversing, the couple goes into kissing, and some fingering by Lily. Lily's jeans and red paisley shirt then come off, as Lyra proceed to finger-bang her hard, as well as tongue her equally. The tides then turn next, as Lyra is on her back. Lily fingers her steadily, while she kiss her Lily would also go on to tongue at her pussy, to go along with the fingering. This would then continue from behind Lyra, as Lily reach around. This would soon lead to Lyra being on all fours again, this time as Lily go at her briefly from behind. After this, Lily rides Lyra's face as she faces the camera, which then naturally transitions to a brief spell of 69, before we see Lyra sit upright with Lily, as Lyra finger her hard. Passionate kissing then brings Lily back between Lyra's legs, where her tonguing soon recommences. After this, it's the reverse of the 69 that we saw previously, as Lyra is now on top, and takes more control as she munches on Lily. This is followed by each girl on the receiving end on tonguing and fingering. First it's Lily, who gets it followed by Lyra, who is worked on until her climax which ends things. - This was a great scene, one having a nice amount of passion, and is one which truly benefits from the build up of the plot. Here is where it all comes to a head, as the girls just let themselves go. I'm never one to discourage people from seeing a whole movie, as I know that the filmmakers work hard, but if you are in this for one scene, this would be the one. It's nice stuff. I have to say that Lyra Law really shines in this scene. She's sexy, and I have to admit it - God I love that bush!

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