Brother Load 09, The

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Chris Streams Jules Jordan Video
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Reviewed by   01/26/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - January 26, 2017

Starring :

Keisha Grey
AJ Applegate
Tiffany Watson
Summer Day
Lexington Steele
Prince Yahshua
Rico Strong

(Runtime - 2 hr. 52 mins.)

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The release, THE BROTHER LOAD 9 from JULES JORDAN VIDEO, and Director Chris Streams, is the ninth installment of this long running interracial series, in which girls who love cum, get exactly what they want in the end - and then some!

The release features a series of 4 standard scenes, one of which being a double penetration three-way. However, its main attraction occurs after each scene is done. It is then, that this cum-loving girls are surrounded by multiple black guys. All of whom eventually let their cum fly, as it plasters their pretty faces.

Each scene begins with a tease segment featuring the girl of the scene, just prior to the sex unfolding. Below is a breakdown of both the tease segments, as well as the sex.

Scene 1: Keisha Grey and Lexington Steele
First we have Keisha Grey, who is outdoors by the pool. She's wearing a tight, blue stringy bikini, as she moves and teases for the camera. She pops her beautiful natural tits out, to shake and squeeze them for the camera. The next focus is her bottoms, as Keisha peels her bottoms off. She then bends over, and caresses her ass. More shaking of the tits continues, as she move her bottoms aside to finger her pussy. This before Keisha go into more teasing with her nice jiggly ass. More teasing continues after, before we go into the scene.
At the start of the scene, both Keisha Grey and Lexington Steele feel themselves up, shortly before Keisha gets down to sucking cock. After Lexington removes his pants, things however go to missionary briefly, before he has her remove her bathing suit. This is then followed by Keisha straddling for cowgirl. From here, Keisha bounces on the cock quickly, as it plunge deep inside of her pussy. The hard bouncing would also include some slow grinding as well. Keisha is then on the couch, and on her knees after, as the action next take to doggy. Only this time, we see Lexington's big cock stretch Keisha's tight asshole, as things go to anal. Lexington's slow pacing, eventually picks up a little, prior to anal picking up next in reverse cowgirl. It's here, that Keisha's ass is impaled as it go deep into her ass at a quick pace. It's here, that Keisha bounces, and so do her great tits. Following this, Keisha is on her back, as anal goes to missionary. Lexington continues an even pace as he go deep, all while Keisha gives him some sexy dirty talk. After some stroking, and placing Lexington's cock between her ass cheeks, things move back to cowgirl, where Lexington slams the asshole hard with his dick. After a time in this position, Keisha then re-positions herself in side saddle, as the deep butt-slamming from Lexington continues. There's a brief pause in between, as Keisha sucks cock, prior to the side saddle fucking resuming. This time, the cock remains deep, as Keisha pops her ass on it quickly. This, before we see her steadily bounce. We then see some ass to mouth, as well as some sucking of the balls from Keisha next, prior to Lexington jerking off to cum on Keisha's face, However, Keisha the self-proclaimed "cum slut" isn't just satisfied with Lex's load, as she wants more. This is when she calls on more guys, this resulting in 4 other guys spraying in her face. Keisha sucks, and strokes each of them, until they, one by one hit her with their loads. - This was a very nice scene. It begins with some brief fucking of Keisha's pussy, before we see her ass stretched as her asshole swallow every inch of Lexington's big black cock. Not only that, we also see Keisha eagerly take a total of 6 cumshots to the face, including the one in-scene from Lex. At the end of the scene, and the 5 guys cumming one after the other, resulting in Keisha wearing a mask made of cum with pride. Good stuff!

Scene 2: A.J. Applegate and Prince Yahshua
At the start of this scene, AJ Applegate is inside, and she's wearing a pair of really short denim cutoffs, that have difficulty retaining her ample backside. It is that backside, that the camera focuses on, as AJ sways it about to tease. After this, AJ plays with her top, before removing it, to reveal her perky tits - complete with erect nipples. AJ's little short shorts are next to go, as the camera focuses on AJ's ass once again, as she pull them down, and up again, slowly. Eventually, she brings them down midway, as her ass overrides them. It's from here, that she makes her ass bounce, and then later sway, prior to the shorts finally coming down. It's after that, that AJ gives us an ass show, as she bend slowly up and down for the camera. Things then go stylistically in slow motion for a time, as AJ twerk her ass for us. The focus following this, is AJ's front, as the camera zoom in on AJ's bald pussy, as she squeezes it between her fingers. AJ soon, also goes on to bend down from the front and back, as the camera keeps it's focus. She's the on all fours, and then spread out. The camera then takes a nice turn, as it focuses from underneath, as AJ presses her ass and pussy against glass. After this, AJ seductively walks upstairs, and into a room, where she finds Prince Yahshua.
Once in the room, AJ wastes no time, as she quickly, sucks and strokes Prince's cock and balls, as he sits back to enjoy. AJ continues to slurp on the cock, taking it deep into her throat, as Prince also fucks her face. This next leads to cowgirl, as AJ's pussy gets the dick. It's here, that AJ first bounces steadily, before Yahshua takes over to slam the puss hard. Things the slow briefly, before Yahshua resumes, while also planting a finger in AJ's ass. AJ follows thing up with cock sucking as she tastes herself. Following this, AJ is placed on her back, as the action goes to missionary. It's here that Prince fucks Aj's pussy at a deep, hard and steady pace. After a time there, Prince sits back to have his dick sucked, as the camera briefly focuses on AJ's ass. It's that ass that gets it next, as AJ is positioned on her knees, which are pulled tight to her chest. Here, Yahshua's cock penetrates the ass, as he fucks it hard. AJ then tastes herself on the cock, just prior to things going to side fuck. AJ's legs are from here, are held tight, as Yahshua continues the assualt on the ass. More hard pounding also carries over, as Aj's legs are then open wide. AJ then follows up, by sucking the Prince's cock and balls. However, the anal soon continues from cowgirl next. Yahshua from here, fucks the ass at a quick, steady pace, as AJ's ass bounces on the cock The fast action, is enough to make Yahshua cum, as he soon unloads onto Aj's face. But after, AJ wants even more cum, as she call on 5 more back guys, all of whom, she eventually, jerk and suck until they all successfully explode onto her face, essentially "painting" it, just as she had desired. - This was a very good, and enjoyable scene. Here, we see quick, but thorough action between AJ Applegate and Prince Yahshua. The guys do not often get enough credit. However, Yahshua is one of the best(and a great guy too). He always does good work, and this scene with AJ is no different.

Scene 3: Tiffany Watson and Lexington Steele
Next is Tiffany Watson, who is wearing a neon green bikini top, and black fishnet bottoms, which feature a matching green After teasing us with her ass, she pops her tits out to bounce, and squeeze them for the camera. She then unzips and pulls down her bottoms, to bend over, and pop her ass in front of the camera. After this, things go into nice slow motion, as we see Tiffany's natural tits shake and bounce. This is followed by the same occurring, when it comes to Tiffany's ass and pussy next. After this, young Tiffany is sprawled out on the grass, as she makes her ass pop. This followed by she on her knees. After this, Tiffany walks into the house, to find Lexington Steele waiting for her.
Lexington gets his cock out, and Tiffany is then quick to suck it, and slurp it. Tiffany takes the cock deep into her mouth, as she is on the verge of gagging. This followed by she vigorously working the big shaft with her mouth. As they undress, Tiffany then pulls down her bottoms, followed by she squatting onto Lexington's big cock. From here, we see Tiffany's little pussy slammed by the big cock, as she plants her feet. This, also including some hard grinding from Tiffany as well. This is followed by missionary, as Tiffany spreads. Lexington from here, drives his cock in at a steady pace. As thing continue Tiffany holds her legs back high and tight, before going wide again to endure the pounding, Next up, Tiffany straddles the cock, as Lex slams it into her pussy from reverse cowgirl. The pace is quick, as Tiffany simultaneously rubs her clit. Lexington stalls when he's deep, as Tiffany rubs herself to climax. Tiffany is then side-saddled, as she goes on to twerk on the cock for a brief time. Tiffany after this, gives back by sucking cock, as Lexington sit back. This treatment from Tiffany includes also sucking his balls. The action then goes to reverse cowgirl as a POV approach for the camera details as Tiffany squats on the hard cock. It's here, that we see Tiffany lean forward to bounce and pop her ass on the dick. This, prior to Tiffany lying back, as Lexington takes over to fuck at a quick pace, prior to things next going over to doggy. It's here that Tiffany tells Lexington to "tear that pussy up", as he proceeds to steadily pound it deep, and hard. This followed by Tiffany sloppily sucking cock, briefly as it leads to cowgirl. Here, we see a combination of bouncing of the ass by Tiffany, and hard fucking by Lexington. The end result of the action soon causes lex to drop his load onto Tiffany's face to end things between them. Tiffany of course wants more, and 4 guys waiting in the wings, are happy to help. Tiffany then goes on to circle jerk each of them, as she sloppily strokes and sucks. Eventually each guy comes to climax, as they individually unload onto Tiffany's sweet face. Things then soon come to a close as Tiffany is covered in cum, and happy. - This was a great scene overall, from the tease, to the sex, and lastly the cum session. It was enjoyable. The action from Tiffany Watson, and Lexington Steele is solid. However, the real treat is at the end, as Tiffany goes on to excitably catch multiple loads on her face. Tiffany, is awesome. Not only is she one of the most sweetest starlets. She is a lot of fun, as she truly enjoys what she does. She is surely one of the best things out of Idaho, since the potato!

Scene 4: Summer Day and Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong
We find Summer Day outdoors, and she is wearing a matching blue bra, and bottom, which is accented by a pink fishnet top, and stockings. It isn't long before Summer pulls down her bottoms, to reveal her "bottom", which overrides the blue shorts. After this, she removes the blue bra, as she go on to play with her tits, as the camera zooms in, as she shake them. Summer's shorts then come down, as she bends over, which displays her beautiful pussy. Summer follows this up by standing over the camera, as she squeeze, and spread her fat pussy, The camera from here, zooming in close, as Summer gives us an examination of her love hole, There's more tit and nipple play, before, the camera trails her, as she walk into the house. It's there that Summer finds 2 men, Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong as they wait for her.
At the start, the men take time to appreciate. and worship Summer's body. Summer is positioned on her side, as Yahshua kiss her down, while she and Rico exchange kisses. Summer is then on her knees, where the real work begins. She goes on to suck on Rico's cock, as Yahshua takes her from behind in doggy, to fuck at a quick pace. After a re-positioning, things resume briefly, until the guys switch places. Summer is then on Prince's cock, as Rico goes on to steadily fuck from behind, moving in and out of Summer's pussy. This would soon include face-fucking from Yahshua. Following this the guys switch once again briefly, as Summer gives a sloppy blowjob to Rico, as Yahshua does some pounding from doggy. This, before Summer goes on to trade off on sucking, and deep throating both cocks. Yahshua however follows this up with one on one doggy, as he steadily pounds the pussy from behind. Eventually, Rico rejoins, as Summer also sucks his cock, while being fucked. Following this, Summer half-straddles Rico, as his cock impales her tight asshole. This is of course, followed by bouncing from Summer. This is brief, because soon, Yahshua bangs Summer's pussy from cowgirl at a quick, and hard pace. It's during this, that Rico takes Summer's ass, as the men effectively double penetrate her. They fuck her steadily briefly, before we see Summer squat down on Rico's cock, as it fills her ass. This being while Yahshua stands on the couch, to have his dick sucked. In a weird bit of editing, for seconds we see Summer DPed from the reverse cowgirl, before it cuts back to the action seen just prior. After this, the participants re-position, as Summer rides Rico in reverse cowgirl, while he is in her ass. Yahshua joins in to take Summer's pussy, as things lasts for a time here, as they fuck both of Summer's holes. This followed by Summer taking time to suck the guys off, as the positions switch, with Yahshua in Summer's ass, and Rico in her pussy. Things last here until both guys jerk off to cum on Summer's face. Summer then tells the Director that she wants more, as 5 black guys soon show. There's then an extended session as Summer goes on to suck and jerk off each guy. Some of them cum quicker than others, but nonetheless, Summer's face is soon covered. - This was a good scene, with action that included Summer Day's first ever, DP. The action is consistent between both Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong, as they plug Summer's each and ever hole. However, with that said, technically, there are moments in the scene that the scene suffers from shoddy editing work. Whether it be in-position, or at a change of position. It's not awful work, but it definitely messes up the overall flow of the scene.

While this series is now at its ninth installment, as mentioned above, personally, I had never seen, nor heard of these releases prior to this. However, reading the synopsis for this release was all that I needed to convince me to check it out. Not to mention that THE BROTHER LOAD 9 boasts one hell of a female cast. Just look at it. We have(in order); Keisha Grey, AJ Applegate, Tiffany Watson, and Summer Day. What a lineup. Going into this one, I was excited noting this cast, and more importantly, because I knew that, in the end that they would get "the brother load".

So, with this in mind - Was it as good as I had hoped it would be? The short answer is that, yes, I did enjoy it. But honestly, no I felt that the release wasn't as great as I hoped it would be. There is a lot of individualism that occurs in this release. Meaning that, as a collective, the presentation of these scenes doesn't always feel cohesive. The easy way to explain this being that, one scene might have a great tease segment, yet is not as good, when it comes to the sex portion. While with other scenes, it's the opposite - a weak tease segment, but great sex. I also should point out, that there are also moments in scenes that the editing flubs, and feels rather rushed. This is most apparent in the release's final scene which features Summer Day's DP, As a whole, these scenes have select things that I liked about them. The overall feeling is that the release is a mixed assortment, when it comes to its presentation.

As for the sex scenes in general, just as I said above, there were also things about them that I enjoyed. THE BROTHER LOAD 9 kicks off with a fairly solid scene between Keisha Grey and Lexington Steele Following this scene, is the AJ Applegate sex scene, involving she and Prince Yahshua, which really stands out when it comes to in-scene action. Tiffany Watson also had a good scene with Lexington Steele. However, where the scene truly shines, is after the sex, when the guys come in to shoot their cum loads all over her face. This moment of said scene is memorable, due to the fact that Tiffany is really into it. Her eagerness for cum, makes it all the more enjoyable. Lastly, it's like the main event, as the release saves Summer's first DP for last. It is definitely worth the wait, because during this scene, Summer didn't seem to be much of a newbie, as she takes it like a champ, as Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong, cram both of her holes full of their big cocks. So, yes, I did enjoy this scene, despite noting the issue with the editing. As for picking a favorite scene? It's kind of tough, as I like so many different things about each.

THE BROTHER LOAD 9 is a good release, and I enjoyed it for the most part. However, there are things that, I as a critic, look for, and subsequently deduct points for, if I feel that it affects the presentation as a whole. My reasons have been stated here within. I still do recommend it, as it's worth checking out. But yes, it could have been better.

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