Neighbor Affair 34

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Reviewed by   01/24/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - January 24, 2017

Starring :

Casey Calvert
Kendra Lust
Marie McCray
Violet Monroe
Molly Jane
Derrick Pierce
Bill Bailey
Ike Diezel
Jovan Jordan
Dane Cross

(Runtime - 2 hr. 42 mins.)

With this release, NEIGHBOR AFFAIR 34, NAUGHTY AMERICA continues its "Neighbor Affair" series, with this, it's thirty fourth volume.

This compilation release, compiles another round of scenes from NAUGHTY AMERICA's website of the same name. There are 5 scenes in total, which each sharing the theme of neighbors banging neighbors. Their reason for doing so may differ per story, however one thing is for sure, and that is that each of these scenes end in a sexual encounter.

Below, included is a breakdown of each of the vignette scenarios, as well as the sex scenes which they lead us to.

Scene 1: Molly Jane and Dane Cross
In this scene, Molly Jane is a struggling Actress, who has just gotten a part in a movie. Happy about this development, Molly is quick to invite over her neighbor, Dane Cross, in order to share the news. Molly and Dane discuss the part, and it is then revealed by Molly, that the "part" is actually employment as a nude body double. Molly is terrified about being naked in front of everyone. Dane, being the friend that he is, attempts to relax her, and they eventually come to the conclusion that Molly should bare her body in front of him, as "practice". However, once Molly unleashes her natural DDDs, it doesn't take long for this to lead to more than just a "show and tell".
They kiss, before Dane's pants come down, as Molly goes down on his cock. From here, Molly sucks the cock slow, and also sucks his balls briefly. Dane then stands, as he briefly fucks Molly's face, in between she working over the cock with her mouth. It's after this, that Molly's pants, and her panties come off, as Dane proceeds to eat pussy. He tongues and sucks on Molly's pussy from here, while also fingering at a quick pace. This then leads to cowgirl, where we see both bouncing and fucking, prior to things switching to reverse cowgirl. It's here, that Dane fucks the pussy at a quick pace, and additionally, rubs her clit. After this, the action goes to spoon for a short time, where Dane maintains an even pace. This before things go to Dane fucking Molly from behind; both in doggy and upright behind. Next is missionary, as Dane continues to fuck the pussy at a steady pace, before taking things deeper, as Molly's legs are held together. This is then followed up by Molly's legs being spread wide again, as Dane fucks until he cums. The scene finishes as he jerk off to cum, popping his load onto Molly's stomach. - This was an ok scene. The best thing to come from it, honestly, is my discovery of Molly Jane, who I hadn't seen before. She's an all natural beauty with a nice set of 32 DDD tits. As for the action, it's pretty basic. I felt that Dane Cross needed a little more enthusiasm, as any enthusiasm that the scene has, comes solely from Molly Jane.

Scene 2: Kendra Lust and Derrick Pierce
In this scene, Derrick Pierce, and his wife are new to the neighborhood. Derrick's wife has him hand deliver a plate of fresh cookies to neighbor Kendra Lust's door. The other day when they arrived, Derrick hadn't met Kendra, however it's immediately apparent that Derrick is mesmerized too. Come to find out, Kendra herself is also turned on by Derrick, as she mentions that she had overheard he and his wife having sex. She thought that it was hot, she says. Kendra from there becomes extra flirty, as she soon go on to welcome Derrick to the neighborhood, in a rather unusual way.
Once in the bedroom, Derrick lies back, as things begin with Kendra sucking Derrick's cock. She works the shaft with her mouth, before also tonguing and sucking Derrick's balls. As the blowjob continues, Kendra takes the cock deep into her mouth, while also slurping it, just prior to once again sucking the balls. Next, we see 69. Here, Derrick licks and sucks on Kendra's pussy, while she continues to throat the cock. This is then followed by Derrick going down on Kendra to tongue and suck, prior to things going to missionary. Here, Derrick fucks fast, but steady, as he hammer his cock into Kendra's pussy, all while the motion causes he big tits to bounce. As things continue, Kendra's legs are pinned back high for a brief time, before the fucking returns to standard. The next position is spoon, as Derrick keeps his steady pace, while he fucks the pussy deep. After a time there, Kendra is back to sucking cock, prior to she climbing on for cowgirl. From here, it's an extended stay for the action. as we see both hard grinding, and hard pounding from Derrick, during which Kendra's trademark ass looks amazing as it jiggle. Kendra then also plants her feet, as Derrick continues to fuck hard. Next, is doggy, and it's here, that Derrick maintains his steady pounding until he must cum. He does so when pulling out to unload onto Kendra's left ass cheek. - I felt that this scene was pretty solid. Nice deep pounding from Derrick Pierce, which is consistent throughout. As for Kendra Lust, it's no wonder as to why she has so many fans. She is one stacked MILF, with an incredible ass in particular.

Scene 3: Violet Monroe and Jovan Jordan
In this scene, Jovan Jordan is Violet Monroe's neighbor. Jovan's house is currently under construction, and so, he visits Violet next door. in order for him to take a shower. However, unbeknown to Jovan that, whilst doing so, Violet watches him, and is soon turned on. While Jovan is getting finished up, Violet slips into some sexy lingerie and waits for him to come out, as he comes to her for a towel, although Violet has other ideas.
Things begin with Violet sucking Jovan's cock, nice and slow, a she gag, and slurp, and also briefly tongue at Jovan's balls. The sucking also continues as Violet takes to the bed, on her knees, before Jovan then goes on to return the favor, as he goes down on her to tongue, and suck on her pussy. Violet then briefly fingers herself, prior to Jovan's cock going in for missionary. It's here that Jovan drives his thick cock into the pussy deep, and steady. This continues, as Jovan pins Violet's legs back, and continues to go deep This is until the action next takes to doggy. Here, more of the same continues, as Jovan steadily fucks the puss, which drives Violet crazy. Next up, things go to cowgirl, where a combination on steady bouncing from Violet, as well as fucking from Jovan is seen. After that, more sucking of the cock, leads to reverse cowgirl. From here, Violet bounces initially before Jovan takes over to fuck Violet's pussy fast and hard. This is eventually followed up by Violet leaning forward to rock back and forth on the cock. This, before things next go to spoon. Here, Jovan continues to plunge his cock in deep, as Violet also come to rub her clit. Next would see a return to doggy, as Jovan fucks at the steady pace until he works himself up to cum. Things eventually come to a close, as Jovan blasts Violet's face with a big load. - This was a fairly good scene. I liked the story setup(However, who would take a shower, and then have sex?). Some great work is seen here by Jovan Jordan

Scene 4: Casey Calvert and Bill Bailey
In this scene Casey Calvert does the neighborly thing, by returning some mail to her neighbor, Bill Bailey that was sent to her by mistake. Once there, the two make small talk. Bill says that seeing that he and his girlfriend, Sarah are new to the neighborhood, they have meant to introduce themselves. Bill says that Sarah is at work, and as the conversation continues, Bill finally lets go of a little secret. He actually purposely planted the mail, in an attempt to get Casey to come over. It worked. And before long, conversation leads to sex.
First, Casey's shirt comes off as Bill sucks on her tits. This, before Casey goes on to suck, and stroke Bill's cock. After a time, Bill pulls his balls, in and out of Casey's mouth as she suck on them. Next, the rest of Casey's clothes are off, as Bill eventually goes on to suck, and tongue-lash Casey's pussy, and ass as her legs are high, and spread. Bill's combination of tongue the pussy, and fingering the ass, soon makes Casey cum. Next, it's side fuck, as Casey's legs are held tight. From here, Bill maintains a steady pace, before further tonguing of the pussy leads to spoon, as Bill fucks the pussy, at a quick, but a steady pace. One that eventually sends Casey to orgasm. Next, we see Casey sit on the cock, as Bill move in and out of the pussy, as Casey leans forward. During this, Bill also spanks her ass. He also pauses to rub his cock between Casey's ass cheeks. The fucking from here continues, until things go briefly into standing cowgirl, as Bill spikes Casey onto his cock. This leads to the action going to cowgirl. Bill keeps a steady pace here, until they go into spoon. After spoon, Casey briefly sucks cock, as Bill then goes on to lick pussy. Following this, they go to doggy. While here, Bill goes harder, as he pounds away at Casey.s pussy from behind. This lasting until Bill has to cum. The scene ends with Bill jerking off to shoot his load into Casey's open mouth. - this was a decent scene of action from Casey Calvert and Bill Bailey.

Scene 5: Marie McCray and Ike Diezel
In this scene, Marie McCray has just thrown a housewarming party. Unfortunately after everyone leaves, a big mess is left by the guests. Luckily for Marie, Ike Diezel stays behind to help her clean up. However, just before Ike begins to organize things, Marie convinces Ike to go into another room with her, so that the two of them can chat. Once there, Ike talks about his wife, stating that she works constantly, and that he only sees her 8 hours a week. Marie thinks that, that is ridiculous, as she offers to be there for him, if he ever wants to hang out. Of course Marie doesn't stop there.
Marie is quick to suck Ike's cock. She spits, strokes and sucks the cock, as Ike pull her hair back. He then eventually stands, as things continue, as Marie sucks the cock deep, and strokes it hard and fast. Next, Marie lies back with her legs high, as Ike tongues, and finger-bangs Marie's pussy, as he spread it. Marie then pulls her panties aside, as Ike puts his cock in. Ike fucks slowly, before Marie bounces on the cock from her position. The panties then come off, as Marie once again spreads, as Ike continues to fuck. Next up, Marie removes her skirt, as she go on to suck cock, prior to riding in cowgirl. Initially, Marie bounces, before Ike takes over to slam his cock in hard. After this there is more brief bouncing from Marie, before we next see her pussy drilled hard in reverse cowgirl. After this, things go to doggy briefly, before that goes to side fuck. Following this, the action goes to standing cowgirl, as Ike slams Marie on his cock. This lasts for a time, until things go to missionary, as Marie hangs off of the edge of the couch. From there, Ike fucks slow and deep, until the action returns so spoon, except this time from the other end of the couch. Ike, from here, fucks at a steady pace for a time. Before long however, Marie finds herself off of the side of the couch as the fucking continues. Things from here continue, until Ike must cum. Things come to a close as Ike jerks off to cum, as he lets go of a nice load, onto Marie's face. - This was a good scene overall. I really liked the action between Ike Diezel and Marie McCray. I really liked the use of standing cowgirl. That was hot!

This collection of scenes tells the familiar story of neighbors. You know, the ones that become dear friends, or dinner guests. However, this particular release goes beyond the usual pleasant side of being neighborly. Yes, it showcases those special times when neighbors share with each other, way more than a cup of sugar. They share their bodies with one another, as they go at it behind closed doors. Each of these scenes has their own individual scripted setups prior to the sex. Of the scenes; there is the struggling Actress who has just booked a job as a nude body double, whose nervousness causes more than just a big reveal between she and her neighbor and good friend. A guy, new to the neighborhood, who gets much more than your average welcoming. A new neighbor who purposely mixes his mail in that of a hot neighbor, as he hopes to lure her over to his place. And lastly, a house party cleanup session that turns into something more for a pair of neighbors. As usual for the NAUGHTY AMERICA releases, the scripted elements of these scenes are by no means elaborate, but are just enough to bridge over to the sex. But, with that said, for the most part, they're not bad. In fact, they're somewhat fun, in their high spirit.

Of course beyond the stories, there's the sex. I can tell you that, in the case of this release, when compared to some of NAUGHTY AMERICA'S other scene compilations, there has been better. But in narrowing things down, I found 3 of these 5 scenes to be decent to good. While I hate to single out a scene in a negative light, I feel that the first scene was definitely the collection's weakest. In that scene, the female talent, Molly Jane performed well. But personally I feel that the sex was a little bland, when it came to male talent Dane Cross. Again I hate to single anything, or anyone out negatively. But if you know me, then you know that i'm in the game of honesty. Things pick up in the scene that follows, however, as Kendra Lust and Derrick Pierce create a hot scene together. Following that scene, we have 2 scenes - the first featuring Jovan Jordan and Violet Monroe, and the second, which features cover girl Casey Calvert, as she is paired with Bill Bailey. Both of these scenes are good. The scene that follows, the collection's final scene, involving Marie McCray and Ike Diezel is, in my opinion even better. So, if I were to pick a favorite scene from this release, it would probably be a choice between Kendra Lust/Derrick Pierce, or Marie McCray/Ike Diezel. As those 2 scenes stand out to me.

Over the last few reviews that I have done for NAUGHTY AMERICA, I have made a note of the overall direction. The direction for them seems to be hit or miss. While the direction can be boring on one compilation, it maybe fine on the next one that you see. In the case of this release, everything is fine, as we are right there for the action. No, it's not some kind of spectacular camera work that we get here, but it keeps our interest, and that's important.

Overall, in my opinion(again), this was just a lukewarm release. Not the best compilation, but far from the worst. It's kind of somewhere in between.

As for bonus featured, the disc includes a photo gallery, trailers, as well as an on set interview with Teal Conrad.

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