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Mason Hard X
120 minutes
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Reviewed by   02/01/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - February 1, 2017

Starring :

Lena Paul
Natasha Nice
Jezabel Vessir
Violet Starr
Mick Blue
Ramon Nomar
Danny Mountain

( Runtime - 1 hr. 59 mins)

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HARD X and Director, Mason return with this, the sixth installment of the series, featuring naturally well-endowed women. STACKED 6, features another group of naturally stacked females, all whom go on to tease and please, as they each participate in sex scenes, which are ripe with passion.

Each of the 4 scenes featured, begin with a showcase segment, that sees the ladies tease with, and otherwise show off their bodies, for a well-observing camera. All of these segments differing in some way. Below, is of course, a breakdown of these moments, as well the accompanying sex scenes that follow

Scene 1: Natasha Nice and Mick Blue
Natasha Nice, stands outdoors, as she is wearing a black one piece bikini. The top half, stretched tightly, and vertically across the petite stunner's bountiful chest. Natasha proceeds to tease us, as she pop her tits out of her suit, and begin to squeeze them together. This, as the camera zoom in on the breasts. This is followed up by Natasha stepping into the pool, as she caress herself down with water Next, we see the camera taking focus on Natsha's equally appealing backside, as sprinklers spray her ass, as she pop and twerk. The camera then follows this up with close shots of Natasha's mist-drenched tits, as she bounce, and play with them for our pleasure. This prior to things transitioning seamlessly to the scene involving Mick Blue.
Natasha's boobs are still covered in water droplets, as things head indoors. Mick Blue cannot resist going after those tits immediately, as he squeeze them together, and suck on them one by one, before planting his face in between the mammaries. From there it isn't long before Natasha is on her back, as Mick straddles her, and his dick is between her tits, Mick fucks them, and Natasha smothers the cock for a time with them. This before Mick briefly go down to tend to Natasha's pussy with his mouth. The action then sees Mick seated as Natasha once again smothers the cock, with her big tits, applying spit, to lube them. Mick follows up by putting her on her back to briefly suck on them, before he go on to tongue at her ass, to prep it for anal. Mick's cock is then in the ass. Natasha's legs, held tight, as Mick fucks at an increasing pace, as Natasha begs for more, in addition to rubbing her clit. The action from behind then takes to standing, as Natasha props a leg up, as Mick pound her ass. This is followed up by some more quick titty-fucking, before Mick takes charge, as he first tongue Natasha's pussy, prior to anal continuing, as he pound away in missionary. Mick then straddles Natasha's face, as he ram his cock into her mouth, shortly before Mick's face is planted between her tits, as Natasha slaps, and smothers him with them. And speaking of smacking, Mick spanks the tits, just prior to anal resuming in reverse cowgirl. It begins standard, until Mick hoists Natasha's legs up, in order to drive his cock deep into the ass. Following this, spoon is next, as Mick pounds the ass fast and hard. Action which causes Natasha to cum. She would also, next do so again, as Mick tongues and sucks on her pussy. This leads to the anal steadily continuing in missionary, prior to brief titty-fucking. with cocksucking in between. This, before we end up in cowgirl as Natasha rides the cock rough initially, as she sit upright. This then settling into steady bouncing that leads both the climax, first Natasha of course, and then Mick, as he jerks off to release a nice load into Natasha's mouth. After which, she swallows it in full. - This was a great scene. If you know me, then you know that Natasha Nice is one of my very favorite performers. As I have told her (many) times, I adore her. She is just so sexy, and, in my opinion completely underrated, and most of the time under-appreciated by those who book. This scene is a great example as to why it is that I like her so much. The action seen here, between Natasha and Mick, is full of energy and enthusiasm as things remain consistent throughout. Again, it's a good scene, that is basically exclusively anal.

Scene 2: Lena Paul and Ramon Nomar
Lena Paul is outdoors by the pool, as she is wearing a leopard print bikini, which barely can contain her generously voluptuous body, as it spills out from both the top and bottom of the suit. However, soon, not to worry, because after caressing her tits, they come out to play, as she pops them out of the top. She then goes on to squeeze and bounce them, as the camera focus on them from close up, and at a distance. We then see Lena shake her tits, as they are covered with droplets of water. Lena's tit show, then continues, as she take to a red chair by the pool. Here, those tits continue to jiggle about, as she shake, while water rains down on them. This before we go into the scene
We then seamlessly go into the scene, as Ramon is seen rubbing, and massaging Lena's big tits, as he is behind her. This, while he also pinches Lena's nipples, which she stresses that they are sensitive. Things soon go to titty-fucking, as Ramon's cock is in between Lena's big tits, as she smother the cock. This is then followed up by Lena taking Ramon into her mouth, to stroke, and suck. Ramon from here, also fucks Lena's face, and during, this, we see Lena's tits bounce gloriously. After this, some brief titty-fucking leads to things going to reverse cowgirl. Here, Lena is laid back and spread, as Ramon quickly fucks Lena's bushed-over pussy. This continues as Lena sits up, with her feet planted on the couch, to bounce on the cock. As she slam down from, here, her big tits also bouncing. Sucking and tit-fucking is seen next, prior to the action going to spoon. Here, Ramon fucks the pussy steadily, while simultaneously rubbing Lena's clit. This then goes to Ramon burying his face into Lena's furry muff to tongue and suck. This being before things take up to missionary for a short time. However, Ramon follows up by fingering Lena deep, and hard, which causes her to squirt. This, as missionary soon resumes, with Ramon maintaining his pace as he fucks. Following this, tit-fucking leads to cowgirl as Lena straddles the cock to bounce on her own, as the camera gives us a front view of the proceedings However, Ramon soon takes over, as Lena leans forward. After repositioning to the opposite end of the couch, the cowgirl continues, bot from bouncing from Lena, as well as the deep, steady fucking from Ramon, which soon cause Lena to cum. After thid, Lena stands up straight and spreads, as Ramon fingers her pussy, prior to she briefly sitting on the cock. Next, we see things in doggy, as Ramon steadily pounds from behind. There's a time, which Ramon allows Lena to rock back, however, Ramon soon regains his control. This is then followed by missionary, in which Ramon keeps a nice pace, prior to a brief round on titty-fucking, causes him to lose his load, as he explodes between Lena's tits to end things. - This was a good scene, featuring fairly solid sex between Lena Paul, and Ramon Nomar. It's also a scenes whose sexual positions put Lena's nice big jugs on good display. Tits, that look more and more desirable, as the scene move along!

Scene 3: Violet Starr and Danny Mountain
Violet Starr is statuesque in a black one piece leathery bikini, next. It's tied at the neck, as it wraps around her body, hugging around her full breasts. Violet squeezes her tits to tease, as the camera keeps close view. They soon come out of her suit, amidst sprinklers, which spray her down with a mist. The camera keeps a zoom on them for another short moment, before we are treated to the forthcoming scene.
The scene begins with Violet Starr, and Danny Mountain exchanging kisses, as Danny fingers Violet, and also sucks on her tits. This prior to she sucking his cock. This go on to include deep throating and face-fucking, and titty-fucking in between. However things go to doggy next, Here, Danny is in control, all he pounds Violet hard from behind, as her tits bounces on impact. The initially run lasts for a brief time, in favor of a slower pace, but soon Danny's hard pounding once again picks up. Next, sucking and face fucking leads to cowgirl, Violet from here, rides hard for a time, before things she the position switching, as straddles the cock for reverse cowgirl. It's here that she same down continuous and hard, as we also witness her boobs do the same. This is followed up by some deep cock sucking from Violet, which leads to her getting her pussy fucked hard by Danny in side fuck, as Violet's legs are held together tightly. After this, Danny stands as Violet is on her knees, From here, Danny fucks her face, prior to a little tit-fucking. This which leads things back to the couch, and to missionary, where Danny maintains his pacing. This is then followed up with he going at Violet's pussy with his mouth for a time, as things then move to spoon, and then again missionary, as things continue, until Danny works himself up to cum, with the action ending, as Danny unloads a huge load, as it splatters Violet's stomach and chest. - This was a very nice scene between Violet Starr and Danny mountain. I had recently seen Violet in another release for review, but this scene clearly surpasses that scene, as the action is much more passionate. Danny Mountain here, gives it to Violet hard, as he delivers a heavy pussy pounding. It's hot, and so is Violet with her nice tits, and nicely trimmed bush.

Scene 4: Jezabel Vessir and Mick Blue
Things begin here, as the camera trains its focus on Jezabel Vessir's nice set of big tits, which are housed in a fancy black bra, which features lighter accents. We then go up to Jezabel's pretty face, as she greets us with an attractive smile. However, soon, the camera is back to the luscious tits. We then see Jezabel positioned on her side shortly thereafter, as the camera surveys her body, prior to we moving to scene.
Mick Blue is again the participant, as he is quick to bury his face into Jezabel's tits, which leads them to the couch. Mick slips off Jezabel's panties, and it doesn't take him long to go down on her from there, as he proceeds to suck and tongue on her pussy, Mick's cock is soon out, as Jezabel begins to tug him. This, as Mick finally unfastens Jezabel's bra, giving us out first look at her big tits. Soon, Mick slides his cock in between them, as he go on to fuck them at a quick pace. This there leads to spoon, as Mick gives Jezabel's pussy a thorough fucking, before she returns the favor with a deep sucking. Following this, Jezabel climbs on for cowgirl. It's from this position that Mick runs through the pussy, at a quick, and hard pace, this while Mick occasionally sucks on Jezabel's tits, as they hang down. Things go anal next from missionary, as Jezabel's legs are held high and wide. This lasts for a short time, until Mick positions himself on his side, as he continues to drill the asshole deep, while eventually, also fingering Jezabel's pussy. This naturally goes to spoon, as things continue. Following this, Jezabel attempts to fuck Mick's cock with her tits, before Mick stops her, as he suck on them. This being before things are in reverse cowgirl for an extended stay, as Mick keeps fucking the ass, which leads Jezabel to climax a couple of times. After this, the action finally makes a return to standard cowgirl. It's here, that Jezabel initially rides hard, until Mick takes charge as he fucks the ass at a quick and steal pace. Things soon slow for a time, only to pick up once again, as Mick increases the pace, This lasting until he goes on to cum into Jezabel's mouth, as the scene ends, with a final look at Jezabel's tits, as she hug them around Mick's cock. - Before seeing this scene, I had questioned if I should call this an "Interracial" scene(I think it's usually only called such, if the guy is black(which is still fucked)). But then thought, "who gives a fuck?", because I clearly don't. What this was however, was a great scene. Jezabel is a beautiful girl, and one thing that I liked about this scene was that during her tease segment, Jezabel was the only girl who kept us waiting. She did not reveal her tits until the sex scene with Mick, as her bra stayed on. There's nothing wrong with a good tease! Another thing is that the sex between Jezabel and Mick is very passionate. In fact when it comes the the female performer's perspective, this is one of the most passionate scenes that I have seen in recent memory(and I have seen a lot of scenes) I liked how Jezabel kept calling out Mick's name during the sex, not only making a connection with Mick, but also the viewer as well. Not too many female performers do this, as a number scenes that we see are a bit disconnected. Great stuff seen here!

Prior to watching this, my first release from HARD X, I tried to remember if I had seen any of the Director, Mason's previous work that she had done for ELEGANT ANGEL. The only one that I could be certain about having seen, was her Lexi Belle showcase, which was simply titled "Lexi". I do not distinctly remember any other titles that I might have seen, but I am thinking that I have seen more on the past. I mean, Mason is a well known name in the porn community, and has her share of fandom. But moving on, when it came to the Lexi showcase, I really liked it, and being the huge Lexi Belle fan that I am, I actually saw it more than once. So with this in mind, I went into STACKED 6, hoping to enjoy it.

Fortunately, that is exactly what I did. I know that people look at these all sex releases the same, because when it comes down to it, they're all very similar. They all begin with some kind of tease segment with the featured girl of the scene, prior to the sex. This has pretty much become the standard for the all sex offering. So, every time, I go in to review one of these things, I look out for differences, and any other ways that a Director might attempt to be different. When it comes to STACKED 6, though there are the aforementioned "tease" elements. We find that not all of them are exactly the same in setup. For instance, when it comes to Natasha Nice's tease, not only do we see her bouncing breasts, we also get a small glimpse of her ass and pussy as well during the tease. The next scene which follows. featuring cover girl Lena Paul, we only are teased with her tits, and it isn't until during the sex scenes that we see her other "charms". This is similar next as we see Violet indulge in tit play but nothing more. Jezabel Vessir, whose scene is last, is the biggest tease of all, as her tease offers no nudity. Yes, it's like looking into a store window while having no money in your pocket(as you read above, I actually liked this.). While these are just subtle differences, I appreciated them, because it wasn't seeing the same generic process again and again, over the course of the 4 scenes.

When it comes to the sex, STACKED 6, was also kind of refreshing. Mason's Directing is brisk, and coupled with nice editing. Created are sex scenes, that fluidly progress in a manner, that never gives the viewer a chance to get bored with what they are seeing. As far as the scenes moving too fast, I have seen, and reviewed films that did it so hastily, that positions change just as the viewer gets settled into them. However, here, although, yes, things move quickly, it just works in a way that gels, rather than distracts. But that's just the surface of said scenes. I also found these scenes to be full of passion and enthusiasm, especially when the pace quickens during any given position(The final scene featuring Jezabel Vessir and Mick Blue, is the collection's strongest example).

To put it simply, all of the sex scenes are fairly solid, and honestly, choosing a favorite here is difficult, as I liked things about all of them. I especially liked all of the girls. This was very good cast. I do have to give credit to Mick Blue here, as he seems to always be consistent in scenes. Here is no different. He delivers nice pounding to Natasha Nice, and Jezabel Vessir, during the releases first and final scenes respectively. However, with that, Ramon Nomar and Danny Mountain don't do to bad for themselves with their respective scene partners, Lena Paul, and Violet Starr, also respectively. Mountain looking extra impressive during his particular scene.

I really liked this one. Yes, it is an all sex release, but it is one that is well presented in all aspects. The directing, and the camera work, the sexual performances by the cast. It's all well rounded, making STACKED 6, a really enjoyable effort, overall.

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