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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Toni Ribas Evil Angel 178 minutes
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Reviewed by   01/31/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - January 31, 2017

Starring :

Riley Reid
Cadence Lux
Holly Hendrix
Ashley Adams
Toni Ribas
Ramon Nomar
Bill Bailey

(Runtime - 2 hr. 54 mins.)

**Note - This film was viewed via streaming on the Evil Angel website.

From EVIL ANGEL comes EVIL SQUIRTERS 3. the third installment of the series from Director/male talent, Toni Ribas, which features female talent, whom have the distinct ability to squirt their girl juices upon orgasm.

EVIL SQUIRTERS 3, features(in order); Ashley Adams, Cadence Lux, Holly Hendrix, and Riley Reid, as they first introduce themselves, and answer certain questions pertaining to their love and enjoyment of squirting, all while glimpses of the girls stripping down, serve as a tease. It all, of course leads us to a sex scene, between the girls and their scene partner(s), as they hope to best showcase their ability to let their juices fly.

Each scene begins with the girls introducing themselves and telling us where they're from. This is then followed by a series of questions relating to squirting(from the first time they did it, to what gets them off in the right way). While these questions are answered, intertwined, is a tease segment featuring the girl of the moment. This, before we move on to the sex. Below is a breakdown of all of these things.

Scene 1: Ashley Adams and Bill Bailey
Before teasing us, Ashley Adams says she is 20 years old, and originally from Florida. She has since moved to California for work. She says that she has been having a lot of fun fucking, and that she loves California. She says that she loves playing with her clit, as it squeezes and clinches, and she squirts and cums hard. She loves it as squirt drips down her leg, she says. Ashley says the first time that she squirted was at age 16, and that it was a newfound discovery, as it came after a sexual encounter with a boy her age. She had seen it in porn, but didn't exactly know what it was. Nonetheless, Ashley was surprised that she was capable of doing. it. Ashley then says that she squirts best when teased to orgasm. Ashley says that she likes it when a big cock fuck her until she squirts, and then she likes to lick it off of them.
The next segment begins with masturbation, as Ashley uses an Hitachi vibrator on her clit, while fingers her asshole. Ashley eventually works the clit enough to squirt, and then squirt again, much to her pleasure. This is followed by Ashley, deeply fingering her pussy, shortly before she is joined by Bill Bailey. It doesn't take Ashley long, to get to work on his cock however, as she sucks, and throats it deep, which leads Bill to stand on the couch, and fuck her face. This is followed by reverse cowgirl, as Ashley also uses the Hitachi on her clit. This soon causes her to let out a squirt...and then another. Spoon is next, as Bill fucks Ashley quick and steady. Which has Ashley squirt again, as Bill goes on to plunge deep and hard. Things continue in side fuck, as Bill pounds the pussy, prior to pulling out, to spank her clit with his cock. Bill follows this up with some deep, and heavy fingering of the pussy and then Ashley's ass. The next position seen is standing side fuck as Bill continues to go deep, as he pounds the pussy. Things then briefly go to doggy, until things pick up in piledriver. From here, Bill fingers Ashley's ass, while she rubs her pussy. But of course, Bill's cock soon goes into the pussy, as Bill slams it in at a steady pace, before positioning himself sideways, as he goes at it harder. After this, things make a return to reverse cowgirl, as Bill fucks the pussy hard, which sees Ashley squirt again. Ashley follows this up, by sucking the squirt from Bills cock, while also jerking it hard. Following this, it's side fuck again. The steady fucking from here, leads Ashley to eventually finger herself to squirt. The action next takes to spoon, until Bill must cum. The scene ends when Bill unloads into Ashley's mouth. - This was a really good scene. The interview was good, and the action was ever better. Ashley is someone who relishes in her ability to squirt, and here, lets it fly as it will!

Scene 2: Cadence Lux and Toni Ribas
Next, we have Cadence Lux, who is from New York. We see her tease, as she caresses her body, and pops her tits out of her black, lacy lingerie. Cadence said that she taught herself how to squirt, and that her first time came, as she masturbated, and as a result squirted all over a leather couch, which was in her hotel room. In between a tease that shows Cadence pull aside her lingerie to reveal her furry kitty, Cadence says that the first time she squirted as a result of a cock, same as she was riding a guy. She erupted all over the guy's chest, and face. Cadence says the best way to make her squirt, it to rub her clit, after fucking her deep and hard. Cadence loves to squirt, and likes to be chokes while doing so. This segment ends as Cadence makes a curious inquiry. She wants to know, will we let her suck our cock, after she squirt all over it?(the answer is yes, by the way!)
We then open the next segment, with Cadence touching herself over her lingerie, before peeling it aside. From there, she fingers, as she ready a Popsicle-shaped dildo with her mouth. With it nice and wet, Cadence goes on to consistently, fuck her twat with the dildo, until she gushes big. It would also happen next, as an Hitachi is utilized. Toni Ribas then come into frame, and so does his dick, as It it lodged into Cadence's happy mouth, just prior to Toni penetrating her with it. In mere seconds, the anticipating Cadence lets out some squirtage. This, followed by more brief Hitachi play and more squirt. There's brief throating of the cock, before things next go to missionary, which quickly leads to squirting. Next, Toni pins Cadence's legs back as he prop a foot on the couch, allowing him leverage, to hammer deep into the pussy. This action, which causes Cadence to gush her girl juices. Subsequent action leads to subsequent squirting, before Toni is up on the couch to straddle her. He goes deep, which causes Cadence to again squirt big. Next, Toni fucks her deep, and hard in doggy, before fingering her to squirt. Following this, Toni sits back, as Cadence takes his cock deep into her throat. This prior to reverse cowgirl being seen. Here, Cadence is bounced steady on the cock, resulting in squirt. There is then a brief moment of grinding, before things go to missionary. From here, Toni fucks Cadence to squirt, as she shoves the Popsicle-shaped dildo down her throat. It is this dildo that is next used to penetrate Cadence's pussy. It's crammed full, as both the dildo, as well as Toni's cock is inside for a time. Eventually Toni follows it up by pulling out, to rub the clit, both hard and fast, produces huge squirt from Cadence. She would next come to squirt again, after Toni again fucks her hard, this time, while choking her. Next up, Cadence climbs on for doggy, where we see her bounce on the cock, nice and steady, while also grinding, which brings her to squirting orgasm. As things continue, we see more bouncing, which includes Cadence planting her feet, to slam her ass down on Toni's cock, as skin smacks skin. This of course, the cause of more squirt from Cadence's pussy. Next, things are to the floor, where Toni spins Cadence on said floor, which is drenched in squirt. We then see Toni hit the floor from a side position, before spinning Cadence around, to feed Cadence the cock, as he ram it down her throat. After this, Toni spins her back around, for another round of side fuck, prior to he being on his back with his feet propped against the couch for brief cowgirl. Cadence then uses the Popsicle-shaped dildo again, as Toni attempts to double stuff her again, however, it doesn't happen, as the dildo so is removed, as Toni goes in. Toni then crams his cock into Cadence's mouth before missionary occurs from the arm of the couch for various intervals, in which we see ,ore squirt. Eventually we see hard rubbing of the clit, followed by doggy, as Toni pulls her tight, to fuck hard. Following this, we get missionary, that is steady, and hard. This is brief, as next we see Cadence using the dildo again, as she ram it deep, and then pull it out to squirt. This, as Toni jerks off, to explode with a huge load, which glazes Cadence's her mouth. - This is no joke. This scene was fucking hot. A nice, short interview leads to a session of thorough sex. Sex that sees Cadence Lux squirt a lot. It's so much that I am surprised that she wasn't dehydrated after losing so much bodily fluid! So sexy! And Cadence, please, never shave off your bush completely. I love furry animals!

Scene 3: Holly Hendrix and Toni Ribas and Ramon Nomar
Holly Hendrix says she is working with Ramon, whom she has never worked with before. It then cuts to Holly teasing as she wears a pink and black, bra and panties set. Holly says that she usually squirts anally, and hopes that Ramon can hit her trigger spot today. Holly says that the first time she ever squirted, it felt so good, as the juices ran down her legs. She then talks about liking to taste her squirt, and wants us to tastes it too, as tells us exactly how to get her off. This, as we are treated to more teasing from Holly, from several positions as it comes to focus, on her sweet pussy, as the segment closes out.
We then move to the next portion, as Holly is next seen on the couch as she use an Hitachi vibrator on her pussy., while stuffing her asshole, with a long ridged plug, It's a combination, that soon causes her to squirt. Holly next crawls a little ways over to Ramon Nomar, as the camera makes focus on her ass. She quickly proceeds to suck Ramon's cock from there, sucking fast and hard, as Ramon fingers both of her holes. This is followed by Holly straddling the cock initially, before going on to full-on ride, as her pussy is fucked, as she bounce, and pop her ass, at a quick pace. Holly then plants her feet to slam her ass down on the cock, before it's Ramon's trademark move. Holly stands from there, as Ramon goes on to finger her deep and hard to squirt. Cowgirl then resumes as Holly bounce fast, once again with her feet planted. Following this, Holly sucks cock, and also has her face fucked by Ramon. This, prior to things going to reverse cowgirl. Here Ramon fucks the pussy, while also finger-banging it simultaneously. However, things are soon repositioned, as Holly, next takes the cock in her ass, as she lies back briefly. However, this goes on to include she sitting upright, and side-saddle. Following this, Holly is briefly on her back, as Ramon fingers her deep and hard, as she squirt a little. Next, following some sucking of the cock, things continue in anal from doggy, as Ramon fucks the ass steadily. This is followed by anal taking to missionary, as Ramon sit split-legged for most of it, as he drive his cock into the ass, This lasts until we see a combination of Ramon fucking the ass, while Holly use the Hitachi on her clit. It's a combination that soon causes Holly to squirt as Ramon finger-bangs her deep, to achieve orgasm. Spoon then resumes, which goes to sidefuck, and then back again After a time more of Ramon's fucking, there is a pause, during which Ramon fingers Holly deep until she squirt. The action then picks back up in spoon, and it is also during that Toni Ribas comes into frame, as Holly strokes and sucks his cock. Ramon however, soon reaches climax, as he pops his load into Holly's mouth. Toni is next to go, as Holly sucks and strokes him until he cums as well. The scene would them come to and end, as next, Holly is on her back, as Toni finger-bangs her deep and hard, resulting in she squirting. - This was a very nice scene, and it is just another example as to why Holly Hendrix is the 2017 AVN Best New Starlet. Holly is so sexy for a number of reasons, one being that she knows exactly what she likes. One of the things that she likes is being buttfucked, and here, she demonstrates just how it leads her to squirt. While Holly might not squirt as much as Cadence Lux previously, the build up here, is what is good. The faces that she makes during orgasm are really hot!

Scene 4: Riley Reid and Toni Ribas
Next up is Riley Reid, who is as cute as ever as she says shes on set of EVIL SQUIRTERS 3, and says that she's going to squirt all over us. In between teases, Riley says that the first time that she squirted she didn't know what squirting was. Riley says, what makes her squirt most. is being fucked hard and fast, by a big dick. She then says that her best orgasms come after she has squirt. She then goes on to playfully explain that if you can't make her squirt, there is no teaching, as she would just have to do it herself, and squirt all over us. This is followed by Riley saying that she has plenty of squirt saved up for us, as the segment closes out.
We then open the next segment, as Riley reaches into her lacy black panties to finger herself, as the camera keeps a low, close view. The panties are soon moved aside, as Riley go on to rub, and finger herself, good and deep, virtually in our faces, as the camera is close. Her pussy becomes audibly wetter, before she erupts with squirt. She then toys her pussy with her panties, as she wedge them between her lips. Next, Riley verbally teasing us, leads she to suck cock from POV. This, before things continuing as Toni comes into frame. We then see Riley's face fucked, until she takes over. Toni then takes a seat, as we see brief face-fucking, but again, Riley takes charge, to suck and stroke Toni hard. Next, however, Riley and Toni play nice. She tugs his cock, while he fingers her deep, until she squirts. Next, things naturally go to reverse cowgirl. Here, we see Riley bounce on the cock, which causes her to squirt, Toni and Riley then move to another location on the couch, as Riley's feet are planted next, as the reverse cowgirl continues. Riley then briefly sucks Toni's cock, before things go next to standard cowgirl. Here we see grinding, Riley planting he feet to slam down hard, as well as Toni fucking and a quick, hard pace. Missionary is then briefly seen shortly after, as tony fucks hard. This, before we then see spoon. From here, Toni maintains a steady pacing, that makes Riley squirt. After that, things continue as Toni fucks, while squeezing Riley's pussy lips and clit together as he plug deep. This is followed by a short time in doggy, before things make a return to reverse cowgirl. But piledriver follows next, as the petite Riley is folded up along the back of the couch. This is where Toni continues to plug away at the pussy, as the squirt hits Riley in the face, which makes her laugh. Toni follows this up, by rubbing her clit hard and fast, causing Riley to burst with squirt. Riley and Toni next has some fun on the squirt drenched floor, as Toni spins her around. This, prior the action going to spoon, and reverse cowgirl, briefly. Next, it's back to the couch, as cocksucking leads to another session of hard cowgirl for a time, before going to missionary for a couple of variations. After this, Toni sits back to relax, as Riley sucks, and strokes Toni until his cock erupts with cum, signifying the end. - Wow. It's been a little bit since I reviewed Riley Reid, but man, is she a little package of amazing! So hot, in more ways than one! Playful on one hand, but dominant on the other. This was a very nice scene from Riley and Director/scene partner, Toni Ribas.

Toni Ribas, a man known both as a performer and a Director, is back with one of his latest, EVIL SQUIRTERS 3, and it's a really good release. As a Director, Ribas, really has been improving. He just keeps getting better, and better with each release, as it seems that he does listen to both, fans, and critics alike when it comes to the improvement of his output.

Prior to this, I hadn't seen the previous EVIL SQUIRTTERS releases, so going into this one, I had nothing to go on, other than the amazing cast assembled. The first thing that I really liked here, is that something different was done with the tease segments. Yes, they are still present, even if only in small glimpses, but I like that this release gives us a little more than just the generic tease, even if also brief. Yes, while these interview segments are brief they are still enough for the fans to get a sense of each performer's personality, as they tell us what they like. It's a subtle, but personal touch to things. The interviews are fun, but better yet is the fact that they lead to hot sex scenes - all of them, All of these scenes have their reasons for being enjoyable. The Ashley Adams scene is great, because of how Ashley's appetite for cock, has he begging for it. While Cadence's scene is most enjoyable, due to her ability to squirt copious amounts of fluid. The Holly Hendrix scene benefits from the use of anal, while also featuring that kind of sexual heat which builds, which causes the sex to become harder over time. And the Riley Reid scene is fun, due to the laid back and carefree nature of Riley. She just just wants the squirt on everything!

I did enjoy each of the scenes a great deal for these reasons. Though I have a place for all four. I really liked the Cadence Lux scene, which is seen second here. Prior to seeing the scene, I sent Cadence a playful tweet saying that her scene better be good. Well, as fate would have it, It damn sure was! The scene boasting of lots of energy and enthusiasm, also features lots and lots of squirt, as produced by Cadence. It's wet, it's wild, and it's messy. And in this case, that's a good thing. It's the wettest scene here, by far. Hooray for squirt! But with that said, I was really feeling everyone. As hinted at above, this was a well chosen cast of talent. All of them are appealing, and incredibly sexy.

I have to really hand it to Toni Ribas, as the last few releases from him are a definite step up for him, in terms of style and presentation. I've been hard on him about some things in the past, so please understand that what I say here is unbiased. I do have to highly recommend EVIL SQUIRTERS 3, because it really is a lot of fun. It's a nice presentation overall.

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