Evil Couple Prowls Anal Teens 02 (Disc 1)

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LeWood Evil Angel
123 minutes
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Reviewed by   02/20/17
Terrible. A complete and total waste of time. Francesca's voice when interviewing girls in other videos is annoying enough, but to sit through even one scene in which she participates is the worst. And Wood, your face is so red, it's obvious you're popping a few too many blue pills for "help". Wood trouble, heh? LeWood crap is getting worse as time goes on and this is a great example of a very sloppy "let's blow out a video to make a few more bucks" feature. Don't waste your time, and Francesca, please retire from acting and interviewing. You've been finished for quite some time now.

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Reviewed by   01/30/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - January 30, 2017

Starring :

Francesca Le
JoJo Kiss
Chloe Couture
Alyssa Cole
Joseline Kelly
Mark Wood

(Runtime - 4 hr. 5 mins.)

**Note - This film was viewed via streaming on the Evil Angel website.

EVIL COUPLE PROWLS ANAL TEENS 2 from EVIL ANGEL and LEWOOD, presents another round of scenes which sees porn power couple, Francesca Le and Mark Wood have their fun with another group of 4 tight young sluts. Featuring Jojo Kiss, Chloe Couture, Joseline Kelly, and Alyssa Cole, these scenes not only display the girls getting their pussies fucked by the couple. Things turn to anal, as the majority focuses on Mark Wood in particular, who gapes their respective asses wide, with his capable big cock.

Each of the sex scenes are preceded by the usual tease segment, which are this time, followed by a very simple plotted scenario. These scenarios play out, as they lead into, of course, the sex. Below is a breakdown of each of these components, scene by scene.

Scene 1: Joseline Kelly and Francesca Le and Mark Wood
The camera pans up to reveal the body of Joseline Kelly. who is wearing a blue fishnet top, and yellow fishnet shorts. She moves slowly, as she feels herself up, as she tease the camera with her ass. This including shaking, and twerking. She then moves her top aside to reveal to us her perky tits. which she caresses and squeezes. Next, she begins to feel up her pussy, reaching into her shorts to give it a feel. This, before Joseline pulls her shorts down midway, as her ass overrides, as she bounce it. Eventually, she drops the shorts down lower, which reveals her young pussy to us. This, of course before we then see Joseline bottomless, as she stand over the camera to touch herself. She then follows this up, by spreading her ass for the camera. soon after that, before things move inside.
Once inside, we find Joseline getting ready to leave, when see is approached by Francesca Le, who has something else for her to do before leaving. Francesca thinks that Joseline has a hosting job at a restaurant, but is shocked to learn that she's actually a stripper at a local gentleman's club. This prompts Francesca to open up to Joseline about her own past as a stripper. The risqu? talk soon leads to more as Joseline and Francesca begin to make out. Francesca's EVIL ANGEL jacket soon comes off, as she proceeds to suck on Joseline's tits, as they continue to kiss. This, before Francesca makes her way down to tongue, and suck on Joseline's pussy. This then is followed also with Francesca going from Joseline's ass and pussy with her tongue, before going on to focus on the tonguing and sucking of the ass exclusively for a brief time. Francesca, then continues to work the ass, by fingering it, while simultaneously sucking on the pussy. Soon, they are then joined by Mark Wood, who cannot resist joining in. Joseline is quick to go to work on Mark's cock with her mouth, as she suck and throat it. Following this, Mark goes on to fuck Joseline's pussy in doggy as Francesca assumes camera duty. The action from here is steady, until Mark increases his pace, to drill the pussy hard. This is followed by Joseline cleaning the cock with her mouth, as she sucks, and as Mark fucks her face. Joseline the shakes and twerks, a Mark spanks her ass. This is when Francesca then has Joseline insert fingers into her ass - she gets up to 4 in. Mark the proceeds to insert his cock into Joseline's tight ass next. From here, Mark keeps a steady pace as he moves in and out. He goes balls deep, until things go ass to mouth, with Joseline throating the cock. Francesca then rejoins the action at hand, as Joseline is placed on the arm of the couch. The camera is stationary, as we see Francesca making out with Joseline, as Mark resumes the anal plowing of Joseline's butthole. This goes on to include a steady fucking from Mark, as Francesca simultaneously rubs Joseline's clit. This prior to Francesca briefly shoving Joseline's face between her tits to restraint her screams of pleasure, Francesca eventually doing so with her hand. Francesca then sucks Mark's cock, which is freshly plucked from Joseline's ass, while she simultaneously finger Joseline. This is followed by Francesca once again taking the camera as things go one on one again. Things resume, as Joseline rides from cowgirl, as the cock, once again plows into her ass. Joseline leans forward, as she pop her ass, as the cock plunges into her hole. Mark then lies back, as Joseline goes on to tongue his ass, and suck his cock briefly, before anal picking back up in reverse cowgirl. From here, Joseline rocks back and forth on the cock briefly, while positioned on her knees. This is brief, because after a showing of Joseline's gaping ass, the two are repositioned, as Francesca joins then, first tonguing at Mark's ass, before lending a hand to rubbing Joseline's clit. After this, Francesca and Joseline are left alone for a time, as Francesca tongue Joseline's ass, both while she is on all fours, and then on her back. Next, Mark rejoins as he oils up his wife's ass and pussy, prior to fucking the latter. This as Francesca continues to work on Joseline. After a time there Mark is on the verge of cumming, as Francesca jerk him off. However it doesn't happen, as Mark and Francesca again briefly take to doggy, where Mark works himself up to cum. The scene then comes to an end, as Mark shoots his load into Joseline's awaiting mouth. - This was a really good scene, it which Joseline Kelly, who is a cute young thing, has her world rocked by seasoned couple Francesca Le and Mark Wood. A nice tease, as well as subsequent sex scene.

Scene 2: Alyssa Cole and Francesca Le and Mark Wood
Next, we have Alyssa Cole, whom is dressed in all pink. A pink fringed top, and panties, complete with high, pink knee socks. She slithers about seductively as she tease. The camera then goes on to focus on Alyssa's lower extremities, including her, ass, prior to Alyssa lifting up her shirt to reveal her tits. The focus is then her ass, as Alyssa pulls her panties down below her juicy ass, as she bounce it, toying with it with the panties. Alyssa then follows this up by spreading her ass, and playing with her pussy, as she spreads it, while standing over the camera. We then, next see Alyssa on her knees, as she rock her ass back in forth. This before her front becomes the focus once again, prior to things going indoors.
We see Alyssa using her phone as she take selfies. She then sends them to a friend, whom she then calls up to invite over, as her parents aren't home. However, before the friend can arrive, Alyssa's neighbors Mark Wood and Francesca Le come to check in on her. They don't exactly approve on what Alyssa is wearing, or of the pictures on her phone. Francesca and Mark threaten to tell her patents of her misbehavior, however, they do propose a compromise, as the horny couple want to play with Alyssa. Francesca and Alyssa exchange kisses, as Francesca goes on to suck on Alyssa's tits, and also rub her pussy, as she reach into Alyssa's panties. After this Alyssa is on all fours, as Francesca spanks her ass several times, before she plunges fingers deep into Alyssa's tight young asshole, This is soon accompanied by tonguing, of the ass, and simultaneous fingering of the pussy and ass. Following this, Alyssa returns the favor, by going on to tongue both Francesca's pussy and ass, as she buries her face in. After this, it'd from POV, that both ladies share Mark's hard cock, as he hold the camera. The view from her is above, as both Alyssa and Francesca make eye contact. Alyssa continues to slurp, as Francesca briefly sucks on Mark's balls. Next up, things go to doggy, as Mark fucks Alyssa from behind, at a pace that increasingly quickens. After some steady pounding, Mark fucks Alyssa's face prior to he then fucking her ass from doggy. Mark fucks the ass steadily, eventually, which produces a gaping hole. Francesca goes in to rub Alyssa's pussy, prior to she having her ass eaten by Alyssa. Francesca then turns over and spreads, giving access also to her pussy, After this Francesca takes to the camera, as Mark takes the action to reverse cowgirl. Initially, the cock rams the ass, as Alyssa bounces. Mark, however soon takes over, as Alyssa leans back as he steadily pounds. It continues as Francesca joins in to offer her tongue on the pussy, as well as the Hitachi once again. Following this, Alyssa goes down on Mark to first tongue his ass, before she suck his cock. Mark then stands, as he proceeds to fuck Alyssa's face, shortly before he cum. Things end with Mark jerking off to blast Alyssa's cute face with his load. After this, both Alyssa's and Francesca share the cum among themselves. - Another solid scene, and another attractive youngster pleased by the veteran pro couple. Good stuff.

Scene 3: Chloe Couture and Francesca Le and Mark Wood
Chole Couture is up next, and she's all smiles, as she wears a little pink tank top, which reads "spoiled", along with short pink shorts, and matching leg warmers. She also has a huge lollipop with her, that she is of course, quick to lick on, as she give the tasty confection a seductive licking. Eventually, the lollipop is put away, as Chloe goes on to reach into her panties to finger herself prior to pulling then to the midway point to bounce her ass. This is soon followed by she being all nude, as Chloe plays with her pussy, in close view of the camera which is positioned low. We then have some ass, and other teasing, prior to the segment ending.
Next, Chloe is inside, where she is to chat with Mark, who is behind the camera. Chloe says she is spoiled, hence her shirt. She wants every one to know that she always gets her wants, as she goes on to lick her lollipop. Mark asks Chloe if her pussy is as sweet as her lollipop. Chloe says that her pussy tastes better. Eventually Mark, soon has her show off her butt, as she shake it for the camera. Chloe is then on her knees on the couch, as Francesca soon comes in to tongue Chloe's asshole, as she moves her shorts aside. This is then followed by passionate kisses shared by the two, before Francesca puts Chloe over her knees to spank her repeatedly. This putting very nice emphasis on Chloe's juicy ass. She follows this up, by then planting fingers deep into Chloe's ass, as she finger bang. After this, they move from the couch, as Francesca fingers Chloe's pussy, as Chloe is on her knees. Next however, they are both on their knees, as they for a time, share Mark's cock and balls, as they suck. Chloe is then given the cock for herself, as Francesca is busy with tonguing at Chloe from behind. As the action continues, as Mark goes on to fuck Chloe's face. This is followed by doggy, as Mark slams Chloe's pussy at a quick pace. In between, Mark feeds Chloe her lollipop, before rubbing it on her pussy, shortly before his fucking continues. This is followed yo my Chloe sucking cock and balls, in an effort to taste herself. Francesca then joins in to kiss, and finger Chloe, as things between Chloe and Mark go to missionary. Francesca helps out a little, before things go anal, as Francesca get behind the camera in order to detail the action as she zoom in, as Mark plows the ass. Some cocksucking after, leads the anal to reverse cowgirl, where Chloe bounces on the cock steady. There is a pause, as Mark rubs her clit to climax, before things resume, with Francesca joining in at several points of the action. The position then switches to standard cowgirl. From here, a round a steady bouncing from Chloe. leads to anal continuing in spoon next. Mark continues at a stedy pace, as Francesca also comes to participate briefly. as the spoon continues, both with Chloe's legs opened and closed, as Mark drives his cock in deep. The legs are then open again, as Francesca, who's behind the camera zooms in. This lasts until Chloe id next on her back from the arm of the couch. Here, More pulls in and out to reveal the gape. prior to continuing on at a steady pace. The scene ends with Mark jerking off to cum onto Chloe's lollipop. After this, Chloe obediently licks the load from her colorful treat. - I thought that this scene was really fun. I liked the whole "bratty" persona played well by Chloe Couture. Chloe is so damn cute. I must admit to really liking her thick little booty! Here, some great action is put down here by Mark Wood.

Scene 4: Jojo Kiss and Francesca Le and Mark Wood
Jojo Kiss is wearing a pink and black polka-dot bikini as she tease, and squeeze her tits, as she bounce them for the camera. This, before going them out to play. She pinches her nipples, and also makes them bounce. This, prior to the camera focusing on her ass. Jojo's bottoms come down, as she continues to tease with her movement. Eventually, Jojo plants her feet on the floor to prop herself up, as she spreads her legs. The camera then makes Jojo's pussy the focus. as she tease it and spread it for the camera, as we move on for the scene.
Here, Jojo portrays the role of a star-fucker, who hopes to fuck a celeb, as she pleads to the interwebs. To make her case, Jojo streams herself masturbating with a pink vibrator. She spreads her legs as she drives the dildo deep into her love hole. It's a short time later, that she is approached by Francesca Le and Mark Wood, who happen to see her posts online. Things begin with Francesca and Jojo, as Francesca soon comes to suck and tongue on Jojo's pussy. This followed by she going on to finger-bang Jojo's ass, while also rubbing her clit at a quick pace. After this, Jojo gets a spanking, as she is laid across Francesca's lap. This also gives Francesca access to Jojo's asshole, which she fingers next. Mark then joins as we see both Francesca and Jojo, suck and tongue on Mark's cock, Following this, Mark takes Francesca into doggy, as she tends to Jojo with her mouth. However, Francesca is back behind the camera, as the anal goes to missionary for a time, as Mark fucks nice and steady, before continuing it, positioned on his side. The next position is doggy, where the deep anal penetration by Mark creates a nice big gape from Jojo's tight ass. Francesca then once again joins the action, as Jojo first eats her pussy, while still being fucked in the ass by Mark. Following this, Jojo sucks cock briefly, before riding the cock in cowgirl. From there, most of the bouncing occurs with her feet planted. This leading to Jojo spinning on the cock, as things go to reverse cowgirl Here, again, Mark steadily fucks the ass at an even pace. This happens until Jojo goes on to suck cock alongside Francesca. Following this, things resume until this series of events repeats again. This is followed my Jojo going to work solo on Mark's cock until he has to come. The scene then comes to an end with Mark unloading into Jojo's mouth. After which, she and Francesca share the wealth. - I really like Jojo Kiss. She's a sweet girl, so I always look forward to her scenes. This was a good scene which sees Jojo's ass fucked in a variety of different ways, and she loving it, as she retains a smile on her face throughout the scene.

Yes, this is the second release of this now, series of films. With that said, I will say that the previous installment, which was released sometime last year, was one that I had interest in reviewing, however, for whatever reason, I wasn't able to. Fast forward to now, and while, I may be busier than ever before with reviews, I wasn't going to let this installment pass me by.

Coming away from this one, my initial reactions were that it was a good release. But boy, did it feel long! Which at just a little over 4 hours in length, it certainly is. I will talk about both sides of the coin. This release features 4 full scenes. Scenes, which feature cute anal darlings, which consist of both vaginal and anal sex. With a strong emphasis on the latter, as these butt sluts get exactly what they crave from the experienced Mark Wood. But Mark isn't the only one enjoying the action, as this time around, his wife, and XXX legend Francesca Le, comes out from behind the camera to lend a hand, and occasionally get fucked by Mark. This inclusion of Francesca was reason enough for me to see this one, aside from the overall cuteness of the other featured starlets. That's because, it's not often that we see Francesca in front of the camera, as she is more comfortable behind it these days. But never take anything away from Francesca, as she is a very sexy lady. I personally wish that we would see her perform more often in new scenes. She's included in the scenes yes, and that's great, but please know that for a good majority of this release, her involvement is a little limited. However, still, all of these scenes are still very good for the most part. That then brings me to that other thing. Though the scenes are nice, and enjoyable, in my opinion they do run a little too long. Although, I do review long releases all of the time, when it comes to most of them, the time comes and goes with the breeze. But then there are those, where the time spent in a scene becomes heavily apparent. Here, after the first 2 scenes, for me the tease segments seemed a little repetitive, as did some of the occurrences during the sex scenes. While it is good to give the fans a "bang for their buck", sometimes too much, can truly be too much. I took special note of this, as I am a reviewer who tries to summarize(breakdown) the elements of each scene. Some of what happens in the scenes could have been trimmed, and still have the same effect. Now, I know that porn producers are well aware that a lot of fans fast forward during scenes. But for the fan who wants to finish a release in one sitting, it is a bit much. Honestly, the only reason that I did it here, was because I had to.

When it comes to the sex scenes, and the action within, as I said, there's some good stuff here. Of the 4 scenes however, I have to say that the collection's final 2 scenes were the scenes that I liked best. With the third scene. The scene featuring Chloe Couture definitely being my favorite. When it comes to overall planned scenario, it is the Chloe Couture scene that feels the most realized, as Chloe plays the part of a spoiled brat, whom is ultimately humbled by the hard sexual experience. She plays it well, and looks really cute doing so. Also cute is Jojo Kiss in her scene. But then again, there's hardly ever a moment that Jojo isn't cute. While these are the scenes which stand out to me, the first 2 scenes also feature a pair of really cute girls, in Joseline Kelly and Alyssa Cole. They are scenes have action that is also fairly solid.

Overall, I liked EVIL COUPLE PROWLS ANAL TEENS 2. I thought it was a good release. But as stated above, I had my hangups with it. These hangups are my own. Perhaps they won't be as much a bother to you. So with that said, I'd recommend seeing it. Especially if you're a fan of LEWOOD PRODUCTIONS.

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