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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
120 minutes
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Reviewed by   01/25/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
150 min.

Production Date:
None given

Ralph Long

Alexa Tomas, Anissa Kate, Apolonia Lapiedra, and Nekane
Joel Tomas, Pablo Ferrari, and Ralph Long

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio level does vary a little through the movie, but I didn't notice any background noises and it's pretty clear. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and is decent and competent. The lighting seems a touch low at times and there's a touch of motion to go with the slightly gonzo feel of the movie as well as a touch of softness. Overall, it's a decent looking and sounding movie with nothing to make it stand out one way or another.

The Movie:
Anal Temptation keeps things fairly simple. Each scene starts with both a tease with the featured lady and an interview with her, that's normally done with subtitles for the translation. It then moves into the sex with each lady giving up the ass during the scene.

Scene 1

Apolonia Lapiedra


Pablo Ferrari

Brunette Apolonia talks about her name, where to find her online, and what she likes sexually, as well as showing off her special talent while wearing a sexy little black outfit. She dances around to show off her nicely natural body and great smile and of course strips out of her outfit as she dances and shows off. The scene cuts again, this time to Pablo arriving at the door. Ralph takes him down to where they're finishing Apolonia's makeup and gives her a few kisses while also checking her out. He pulls up her shirt-dress and drops down to pull her purple panties out of the way so he can tongue her holes from behind. He starts to drop his pants, but instead of letting him fuck her right then and there, Apolonia leads him by the cock to a couch where she mouths his manhood and strokes him. They work in a little sixty-nining before spooning, and also get in a bit of missionary work. Apolonia gets on all fours to let Pablo take each of her holes doggie style while putting out plenty of vocals. She has Pablo sit back so she can bounce her butt on his boner reverse cowgirl style before they roll to the side so he can spoon her ass. Apolonia gets on top for an anal cowgirl ride, and finally sucks and strokes Pablo to a solid pop on her nicely natural tits.

Scene 2



Ralph Long

Brunette Nekane starts out in a blue dress showing off her great tits while talking about loving anal sex, being able to dance, and some of the wild sex she's had before showing off her dancing skills as she strips down to show off her killer body. Ralph arrives and greets her with a kiss when her dress magically reappears, and quickly moves down to suck her tits as they grope their way around each other. Nekane drops down to eagerly sucks his cock before Ralph turns her around to eat her from behind. He quickly moves on to fuck Nekane from behind and then lays her back to eat and fuck her bald pussy. Nekane gives Ralph a bit more oral attention before he spoons her ass and then rolls on top to fuck her ass missionary style. He rolls back to spoon Nekane's pussy before she rolls over so he can fuck her holes as they face each other and kiss. Nekane gets on top for a cowgirl ride before Ralph fucks her pussy more in missionary and spooning. Ralph pulls out and strokes himself a little before letting Nekane finish him off with her hands and mouth so he can give her a fantastic load in and around her mouth that she lets fall down onto her fabulous funbags.

Scene 3

Alexa Tomas


Joel Tomas

Brunette Alexa starts out in a black bra, panties, and wide fishnets talking about what she likes sexually and the importance of love before putting on her show and stripping down. The scene cuts to her man Joel arriving at the door and heading upstairs where they kiss and she helps him strip down to stroke his cock before he slaps her ass and fucks her ace with Alexa taking his big cock deep in her throat. He tongues her ass from behind in return before fucking her pussy doggie style as he plays with her chocolate starfish. Joel rolls Alexa to her back and fingers her to a squirt before fucking her pussy missionary style. He plays with her holes before fucking her ass missionary style, and works back and forth between her holes a little. Joel continues to stretch her sphincter doggie style and lays back to give Alexa a reverse cowgirl rectal reaming. Finally Alexa lays back and gives Joel a little oral assistance as he strokes himself to a good pop on her nicely natural tits.

Scene 4

Anissa Kate


Ralph Long

Smoking hot raven tressed coverbabe Anissa starts her scene showing off in a sexy black bra, panties, and stockings stripping down to show her fantastic tits as well as her killer ass. She talks about what she likes sexually, her body, and her favorite color before the scene cuts to her kissing Ralph as they stand in front of a couch. Ralph quickly moves down to worship her magnificent mammaries before they free him from his shorts so Anissa can go to work on his wedding tackle orally. Anissa lays back and plays with her pussy briefly through her panties before Ralph moves in and pulls them aside to eat her. He strips them off so he can better tongue her twat and then stands up to fuck it missionary style. Ralph fucks his way between Anissas's holes in missionary, and she happily lets him fuck her titties before he spoons her holes. Ralph pleasures Anissa a little more as they fuck missionary style before she rides him reverse cowgirl style. They work back into missionary for more anal action and Ralph takes each of her holes from behind. Ralph continues to bone Anissa spooning her and then letting her roll around to face him, and gives her a monster load in her pussy as well as all over it.

Anal Temptation is a decent anal release that definitely left me wanting more. I like that there's both an interview with the girl and a nice long tease, and the sex is always good but never makes it to being great. Apolonia starts things out nicely, and Nekane only makes things hotter. Alexa keeps things going with what might be the hottest scene in the movie before Anissa finishes it up with a solid creampie and good anal action. The problem for me is that the entire movie was really inconsistent. Every scene but Anissa's goes from interview to tease to sex, with the girl being identified nicely at the start of her scene except for Anissa's, where the tease comes before the interview as well as the introduction. It just makes it seem like really sloppy editing with somebody not paying attention. The same goes for the identifications, as the text for Alexa's scene is a completely different style than it is for everyone else in the movie. Apolonia and Alexa's scene start with the guy being greeted at the door, but Nekane and Anissa just cut to Ralph with the girl in front of the couch. Yes, it all works and it gives a touch of variety to the scenes, but it also gives an inconsistency that really stood out to me. Add in little things like Pablo being invited in and told in the translation subtitle that Apolonia is upstairs before they head downstairs to find her and it turns into more of a sloppy feel than an inconsistent one. Yes, the action is normally well captured with decent chemistry, but there were also quite a few times where I couldn't help but wonder if the cast knew it was going to be an anal movie. Maybe that's why it's called Anal Temptations... they're tempted by it but just not that into it. Anal Temptations makes it past the average mark, but not by much and with the female cast involved is a bit of a disappointment because of it.

The Extras:
The photo gallery lasts five minutes. There's also trailers for four other Airerose releases and a heavily edited down version of Rose Monroe's scene with Ralph Long from Anal Auditions that's cut down from roughly twenty eight minutes to under seventeen.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
Rent it.

Note to Airerose Entertainment:
A little more consistency in your scenes would be nice here. Also, if you're going to include a bonus scene from a gonzo movie, please include the entire scene rather than editing it down.

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