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Greg Lansky
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Reviewed by   04/26/17
Uninspired entry in what is usually a top notch series. Compared to your run of the mill porn, this is 4 star stuff, however Ididnt find it on par with other Tushy outings. IN particular, the over use of Christian Clay, who is in 90% of the scenes. The female talent is lacking on this one as well, then again, I prefer some curves to my Women, so take that with a grain of salt.

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Reviewed by   03/14/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - March 14, 2017

Starring :

Marley Brinx
Ariana Marie
Riley Reyes
Jenna J. Ross
Jande Jantzen

(Runtime - 3 hr. 10 mins.)

With THE ART OF ANAL VOL. 4, TUSHY.COM and Director Greg Lansky present on DVD, this the fourth compilation of scenes pulled from the website, which particularly specializes in beautiful women engaging in anal sex.

Looking to display "The Art of Anal Sex", the series of the same name, presents scenes consisting of high-spirited setups, which conclude with high energy sex - with yes, an emphasis on anal.

Below are of of the details, for both the stories, and the sex.

Scene 1: Ariana Marie and Marley Brinx and Christian Clay
Ariana and "Mary"(Marley Brinx) have been friends since High School. They get into trouble together, and even masturbate together, during sleepovers. But for them that's not enough. They want to experience more together. A three-way. But not just any three-way, a threesome with Ariana's handsome Italian Stepdad, "Mr. Roberto"(Christian Clay). When Mary's mom is out of town, their plan is set into motion. Mary would first seduce him, and then Ariana would soon join in. Initially, Roberto is hesitant, but soon, he gives in.
The two of them exchange kisses, before Christian's cock is out, as Marley stroke it. This of course graduates to her putting her mouth on it to suck. It's during this time, that Ariana Marie joins in. Ariana and Christian kiss, as she unsnaps her one piece suit to rub her pussy. The girls then go on to share the cock from there, as each slobber on the shaft. Ariana takes it deep into her throat, as does Marley, while they alternate. Christian then stands as the sucking continues, and before he goes on to work on Marley's pussy and ass. Marley's legs are held high and tight, as Christian tongues away from here. This, as Marley and Ariana kiss. Christian goes on to both rub, and suck the pussy, before he goes to fuck Marley's pussy in missionary at a quick, steady pace. This continues after a pause, during which Ariana sucks Christian off. After this, Christian follows up by hoisting Marley up for a brief round of standing cowgirl. After this, Ariana gets the dick in missionary. However, this is followed by Marley being the first to receive anal from said position. From here, Marley spreads her ass, as the big cock stretches her tight hole. Christian from her continues at a nice pace, while also pulling at Marley's pussy. Ariana then gets her butthole stretched from the same position as well as Christian eases it in. More anal with Marley Brinx, next continues from doggy. From here, Christian straddles Marley's as the steadily fuck her ass deep for an extended amount of time, before Ariana gets the same treatment. Christian fucks her ass steadily, before pausing, as Marley tongues Ariana's gaping asshole, as well as suck Christian's cock as it's ass to mouth. Next, we see Marley ride the cock in cowgirl, as the cock plunges into her ass, as she quickly bounces. This is before Christian takes over to fuck the ass fast and hard. It's Ariana Marie, who next rides the cock in reverse cowgirl, as it's in her ass. First she's upright as the cock impales her, but then she lies back as Christian pounds it in. Following this, both Marley and Ariana suck and jerk of Christian until he cum, which of course ends the scene. - This was a solid three-way scene. From the curious setup, to the alternating anal sex featuring to hot young ladies, it's pretty entertaining. Both Marley Brinx and Ariana Marie are both hot!

Scene 2: Jade Jantzen and Cristian Clay
Jade Jantzen and "Kelly" have been friends since their Freshman college, and are now are roommates. Kelly is often away from the house due to class. On one such occasion, Jade was left alone with Kelly's hot, older boyfriend "Luigi"(Christian Clay). In the kitchen, casual conversation builds sexual tension between them, as Jade notices a bulge in Luigi's pants. Soon, the two kiss, which leads to more.
Kissing leads to more, as Christian sucks on Jade's tits, as she places her up on the counter. From there, Christian goes on to tongue. suck and finger on Jade's pussy. This followed by Jade returning the favor by sucking Christian's cock. This would then go on to continue in the bedroom, as Jade takes it deep, and Christian fucks her face. This happens furthermore, as Christian lies back, as Jade, sucks, and mouths along the shaft. This next leads to missionary as Christian fucks Jade's pussy, as he legs are held high and tight. Jade is on the edge of the bed, as Christian slides his cock in slowly to fuck at a steady pace. from here, things see Christian for a time stand on the bed, and straddle Jade as he pound it in deep. This before going back to standard, and the anal, after some convincing in-story. Christian first teases the ass, as he puts his cock in and stays there to warm up the hole. Things slowly progress from there as things eventually go to side fuck and spoon, where Christian fucks the ass harder and faster for a time. This is before the anal next take to reverse cowgirl Initially Jade plants her feet from here, as the cock moves in and out of her butthole nice and steady. However, she soon lies back, as Christian pounds her ass. There's a break in between for some sucking before the reverse cowgirl resumes, and it is at this time that Christian fucks harder. Next up is doggy, as Christian straddles the ass to pound deep. From here it's an increasing pace which gets harder over time, eventually working Christian up to cum. The scene ends with he jerking off to pop a load onto Jade's mouth. - I personally felt that this was a great scene, that just got progressively better over time. I loved the way that the anal sex was also progress in that it started sloe and easy, before eventually graduating to a heavy pounding. Nice work here by Jade Jantzen and Christian Clay.

Scene 3: Jenna J. Ross, and Mick Blue
Jenna is a Ballerina, who is competing for the spot of of Principal dancer of her dance troupe, and she'll do anything to come out on top. She already has eyes for her Instructor, "Lucas"(Mick Blue), and so she plans to lure him into bed, in order to sway her chances. She purposely messes up in front of Lucas in order to require punishment. From there, Lucas goes on to hit her with a barrage of spankings. Making her white butt cheeks red. However, Lucas stresses that he is not done with her just yet.
Thing begin with Mick unzipping, and getting his cock out for Jenna to suck. Mick slowly faces Jenna's face, as she also slurps, and sucks from there as well. Following this, we move from the dance studio to the bedroom, as Jenna and Mick are positioned across from one another. Mick slaps Jenna's tits, as she tug at his cock, while in the meantime they kiss. This leads to Mick lying back, as Jenna is then back to work on his cock, with her mouth, as she suck cock, and tongue and suck the balls. Jenna also continues on as she steadily work the cock with both hands as she slurp. Next, things go to cowgirl where we see Jenna first bounce on the cock, prior to Mick taking over to slam her pussy hard, which soon makes her squirt. This continues on consistently, before Jenna is on her back, as Mick pulls her to the edge of the bed to tongue her asshole before fingering it. He then continuously fingers the ass, while he licks Jenna's pussy. Jenna then sucks Mick's fingers clean, prior to his cock going into her ass to fuck it. From here, Jenna's legs and ass are spread wide, as Mick moves in and out of her ass at a steady pace. This, as Jenna occasionally rubs her clit. Mick's pace eventually becomes faster and harder, as things progress. This then leads to ass to mouth as Jenna briefly and enthusiastically, licks and sucks the cock. This, before doggy is next. From here, Mick straddles Jenna's ass, to pound deep and hard, stopping in between to reveal the gaping asshole. Next, things seamlessly transitions to reverse cowgirl, as Mick continues to fuck the ass deep. From here, the pace is increasingly faster and harder as Mick work up to cum. The scene then comes to an end with Mick exploding onto Jenna's face with a big load. - This was another really good scene. The setup was nice, and even funny! The sex was also nice, and in the end, fairly hard on account of the great Mick Blue. Jenna J. Ross is both cute, and nasty. I can't even describe here, how cute she looks as the quintessential cute Ballerina. I also love her all natural appearance, including that little gap between her teeth. A cutie indeed!

Scene 4: Riley Reyes and Christian Clay
Riley Reyes, is a career woman, whose number one priority is her career. She wishes to achieve a high end lifestyle, but she wants to get it on her own. So, because of this, she is quite disappointed that her European businessman boss, "Mr. Falcone"(Christian Clay) has yet to give her a raise, after she has already worked for him for over a year. It's at this point that Riley looks to use her looks, as well as Falcone's sexual attraction to her to her advantage.
It begins with Riley unzipping Christian and sucking him off where he sits. She sucks on the balls, and tongues the shaft, before sucking and stroking the cock. However, it isn't long before the two of them head to the bedroom, where things continue. They kiss passionately, prior to Riley again sucking, as well as Christian fucking her face, and smacking her ass. The sucking continues next as Christian lie back to endure Riley's oral work. After Riley strokes and sucks for a time, Christian returns the favor, by going down on her, From here, Christian tongues and fucks both Riley's pussy and ass. This is before things go to tight-legged spoon. Here, we see Christian pound Riley's pussy hard and fast. After fucking the pussy good, Christian moves on to Riley's asshole to do the same. From here, the pace in nice and steady, before the pacing becomes quicker and harder, as he pounds the asshole deep and hard, only stopping to show of the gape. Cocksucking leads to anal taking to doggy next, as Christian straddles Riley's ass in order to pound it deep and steady. From here, this occurs in between stops for Riley to suck. Next up, they go on to cowgirl, as things begin with slow bouncing from Riley. However soon, Christian takes over to pound hard and fast. Like the previous, there's ass to mouth, before cowgirl resumes. Here we see bouncing and grinding from Riley, and some more deep, hard fucking from Christian, prior to anal going missionary. Things stay standard for a moment, prior to Christian straddling Riley, as her legs are held high and tight. After this, things revert back to standard, as Christian fucks until he must cum. Things come to an end with Christian losing his load into Riley's eager mouth. - For the record, this was Riley Reyes' first on-screen anal scene. It was first released on the web exclusively for TUSHY.COM, and it's a great one! Although the setup to this scene is a little clich?, the sex is what does the trick here. For this to have been her first on-screen anal encounter, Riley sure does take it like a champ, as Christian Clay pounds her ass hard! And did I mention that Riley Reyes is just super sexy, and cute? No? Well, I just did!

TUSHY.COM is a website that prides itself on it's artistic portrayal of the beauty of anal sex. So much so that "The Art of Anal Sex" has been its tagline, since seemingly the beginning. So with that said, THE ART OF ANAL SEX series of DVDs, is essentially a calling card for the brand. With the series, Greg Lansky presents a collection of scenes, which best represent TUSHY.COM and what it stands for. Lansky is a guy whom is all about the art of pornography. His work continues to show that, and THE ART OF ANAL SEX VOL. 4, is no exception.

As per usual, the scenes presented here, have high production values, and a very cinematic feel to them. Each of these scenes begin with a scripted storyline. This time with the focus seeming to be on well determined ladies. There's the friend, who has eyes for her best friend's Stepfather. She's determined to see what he's got, and gets his Stepdaughter to join in on the fun. There's also the roommate, who cannot resist the Italian charm of her friends new older boyfriend. We also have a determined Ballerina who is dead-set on rising up the ranks, and will do anything to do it. Even if it means fucking her instructor. And Lastly, there's the determined career woman who hopes for a better way of living. She believes that securing a raise from her boss, is the first step at achieving what she wants, and she too will stop at nothing. Each of these stories are nicely shot, and acted out well by the performers making each story enjoyable to watch for the viewer. Personally, really liked the Ballerina storyline the best. One that mixes sexual tension with a pinch of slight humor. Jenn J. Ross, and Mick Blue are both great in it.

As for the sex of the release, collectively, it's all sound. The positions are nicely captured and realized, and the action itself is all pretty solid on all counts. When I go into these releases, what I look for the most, is energy. When it comes to energy, each scene here has it's own level of it. However, when it comes to overall performance, the collection's final scene, featuring Riley Reyes, who is paired with Christian Clay, definitely demonstrates the most energy of all. On a side note - yes, as mentioned above, this was Riley Reyes' first on-screen anal scene, and in my opinion, one truly cannot tell, as Riley takes that cock into her ass with enthusiasm and vigor. Since first releasing this scene online, Riley has went on to do a number of subsequent anal scenes. I have seen some of them, and yes, I do believe that this woman now, just loves being fucked in the ass. And I must say, that she looks great while it's being done!

With all of this said, this release, just like seemingly all of Greg Lansky's releases is packed with beauty. Both in sex, and when it comes to the beautiful ladies featured, We have the beautiful Marley Brinx, who is teamed with the cute Ariana Marie for the collection's only threesome. There's the hot, Jade Jantzen, who has a good scene here with Christian Clay(who's lucky enough to appear 3 times here), as well as Jenna J. Ross, as that previously mentioned cute ballerina. So, as far as sights go, THE ART OF ANAL SEX VOL. 4 offers a wealth of beauty.

I feel as though I am saying this all the time about Greg Lansky's stuff. but this is yet another solid collection of scenes. Every aspect is of quality and I could see a fan who purchases this DVD, viewing these scene many times, whether it be for entertainment or pleasure. Going into this one, I assumed that a major complaint from me, would be that male performer Christian Clay appears in 3 of the 4 scenes. Most of the time, I hate this when it happens. Fortunately, for this release however, it all works out in the end, as Christian performs well enough in each. I enjoyed this release.

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