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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
  Team Skeet
120 minutes
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Reviewed by   02/09/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - February 9, 2017

Starring :

Riley Reid
Melissa Moore
Joseline Kelly
Raylin Ann
Gigi Flamez
April Brookes
Katalina Mills
Serenity Haze
Tommy Gunn
Eric John
Filthy Rich
Jack Vegas
Tony D.
Jimmy Dix
Juan Largo

( Runtime - 2 hr. 8 mins)

**Note - This film was viewed via streaming from, and is exclusive to Hot Movies.com

Florida based porn company, TEAM SKEET, here presents their latest compilation, a release titled DAUGHTER SWAP. As the title suggests, this compilation consists of scenes that deal with fathers who swap out their daughters between them, for one reason or another.

DAUGHTER SWAP presents a series of 4 similar themed vignettes, all of them unique in their own way. But of course all of them ending with situations in which a father fucks another's daughter, and the other, theirs. Below, is a breakdown of both the scripted setups of each scene, as well as the sex which they lead to.

Scene 1: Katalina and Gigi Flamez and Juan Largo and Tony D.
Juan Largo and Tony work office jobs in Sales. This scene comes about when their daughters - Juan's daughter Katlina Mills and Tony's daughter, Gigi Flamez, come in for office training. After the girls are setup at neighboring cubicles in front of their respective computers, the girls begin to talk about how each of them think that the other's dad is attractive, as well as how they can make this office experience worthwhile. That's when they agree to an idea. They want to swap dads for the day, so that they can receive training from someone other their their own fathers. The closeness, and hands-on approach that each have, have the men soon surrendering the full-time secretary spots to them. But of course, as things progress, things go well beyond your average office duties, as the 2 pairs soon engage in sex during office hours.
Things begin with both girls sucking cock. Katalina on Tony. Gigi on Juan. The focus is first on Katalina as she works Tony's cock with her mouth. This before we see Gigi doing the same for Juan. The camera then takes a diagonal view, displaying the action from each side, as the girls do their work. Juan then stands, as Tony moves to a chair in the back. This position soon sees Katalina climb on for cowgirl. Katlina rides the cock at a quick pace, meanwhile, Juan strips Gigi of her panties, and positions her on her knees in an office chair, as he proceeds the fuck her from behind. Soon the camera takes a close look at Tony and Katalina as Katalina sits upright as she slam down on the cock. Things then switch to reverse cowgirl for them, as we get a view of the doggy from Gigi and Juan. The couples after a time switch sides, as Juan and Gigi go into cowgirl as Juan is then seated, and Katalina is positioned on a desk, as things go to missionary for she and Tony. Gigi rides Juan at a fast pace, as she pops her ass up and down on the cock hard. Tony fucks Katalina steady, before pounding seep and hard. Gigi strips down, before cowgirl resumes, but it's only for a short while, because soon they come close to Katalina and Tony, as the couples each move on to doggy, next. From here, the guys pound their girls hard, as they are initially face to face while in ecstasy, and as they near climax. The action then continues as the couples are side by side. From here, the action is steady, until Juan and Tony must cum. Katalina and Gigi are then on their knees as the guys hover over them, as they jerk off, which leads them to cum. Juan is first as he glazes Gigi's young mouth, while Tony's load, next blasts across Katlina's face, with the load in contrast to Katalina's darker complexion, as is lay on her face. - In my opinion this was a pretty fun scene. It's pretty solid. The scripted setup, while simple, is kept fun, due to what appears to be improvisation that feels natural(at least to me). Juan Largo seemed most comfortable with this, as his personality comes across in his simple character. Tony D. is also good alongside, as the friend and business partner. As for the girls, and the action. The girls are hot. I don't see much about them online, in terms of recent updates, so I'm not sure if they are currently still appearing in scenes, but I did like what I saw of them here. Good work from the guys. I knew of Tony D, previously, and he's a really great guy. But from the looks of it here, Juan appears to be as well. Good work from all. A nice scene!

Scene 2: Riley Reid and Melissa Moore and Tommy Gunn and Jack Vegas
Friends Riley Reid, and Melissa Moore are excited. It's the night of prom. The night that they have been waiting for, for it's the night that they both hope to lose their virginity - despite the rules of their fathers(Riley's dad, Jack Vegas, and Melissa's, Tommy Gunn). Their rules being a midnight curfew, and no sex. Little did they know, just how serious about these rules that they are. That's because when their respective prom dates arrive, Tommy and Jack are armed. Tommy with a gun, and Jack with an axe. It is an ominous sight for the prom dates, because after prom, the guys refuse to fool around with the girls, for fear of the wrath of their vengeful fathers. When the girls come home, Riley and Melissa are pissed. They cannot believe that their dads ruined their so called "magical night". That's when the girls prompt the dads to make it up to them. They want their V cards cashed in tonight, and they are going to help them make that happen, is what they say. Riley take to Melissa's dad, as Melissa to Riley's, as things go down.
Each of the girls begin by sucking on cock, Melissa taking Jack deep into her mouth, while Riley works Tommy's shaft and balls. Things pick up, when the couples move to a different location in the living room. Tommy sits back in a chair, as Riley's panties come down, and her dress hiked, as she proceeds to grind on Tommy's crotch with skill. Meanwhile, Jack goes down on Melissa, as she lies back on the couch, to enjoy tonguing and fingering. Riley eventually comes to ride that dick, as Melissa again sucks cock while on all fours. However, next, we see both girls take the dick from behind in doggy. Riley then goes on to plant her feet, as she bounces hard on Tommy's cock. Initially they are the camera focus, until a view from a distance shows the action from both pairs. The camera then alternates between the couples. as the guys pound the pussies fast and hard. Riley then again sucks cock briefly, before the cowgirl resumes. While Melissa and Jack go to missionary, after Jack tongues her pussy a bit. From here, Jack fucks the pussy briefly, before the action goes to spoon where he keeps a steady pace. This, as Tommy continues to drill Riley's pussy deep from the arm of the chair. After some sucking from both girls, we she Tommy take Riley from behind, while Jack and Melissa return to missionary. From here, which of the men fuck steadily. Tommy eventually straddles Riley's ass to go deep, as the camera gives us full view of the ongoing penetration. while Melissa's legs are pinned back, as she endure a deep pounding. Tommy is eventually the first to cum in Riley's mouth, while Jack soon follows, by popping big load onto Melissa's stomach. - Another good scene. The scripted setup for this one is super fun, as Tommy Gunn and Jack Vegas are hilarious as the 2 possibly over-protective dads with weapons in hand. Riley Reid and Melissa Moore are simply a dream combination. I mean, look at them. They're fucking hot! Easily 2 of the hottest girls in porno. Although they don't go at each other here, it's still a treat to see these beauties banged side by side! By the way, Melissa's talk about she creaming during the scene is extra saucy indeed!

Scene 3: Joseline Kelly and Raylin Ann and Jimmy Dix and Tony D.
In this scene, we have 2 dads in cars with their daughters. Jimmy Dix, with his daughter Joseline Kelly, and Tony D., with his daughter Raylin Ann. Jimmy is rushing his spoiled daughter Joseline to the mall, while Tony is teaching Raylin how to drive. These dads and their daughters soon collide literally when Raylin, accidentally rear-ends the car that Jimmy and Joseline are in, ahead of them. Following this, the 2 dads meet up to discuss what to do about the mishap. Tony would rather escape insurance and other monetary payment, and so he has a unique proposal for Jimmy. He offers up his young daughter, Raylin to him. Jimmy is reluctant, however, soon, he agrees on this compromise. Sometime later, Jimmy shows up at Tony and Raylin's house to collect. However, Joseline is unaware of what is to happen. She's disgusted and appalled when he dad whips out his dick, as Raylin goes on to suck. But as much as Joseline hates the situation, she uses the opportunity to get back at her dad, as she looks to fuck, Tony. This, as things get underway.
Things continue between Raylin and Jimmy, as Raylin throats the cock, while having her face fucked. This while Joseline works over Tony's cock with her mouth and hand. Raylin and Jimmy then take to doggy after a time, as Joseline sits on Tony's cock. Jimmy pounds steadily from behind, as we see Joseline steadily bounce., and Tony slowly drive his cock in. This lasts for another brief period of Joseline popping her ass up and down on the cock, before things go to doggy, for she and Tony, while Raylin rides hard in cowgirl, as her tight pussy is seen hugging around Jimmy's cock as she bounces on it. This lasts for a time, before positions switch. Tony next fucks Joseline in missionary, while Raylin's position switches to reverse cowgirl Raylin continues by bouncing steady, as she lift up her shirt to give us a peek of her nice tits. This, while Tony is seen plowing into Joseline's young pussy with his hard cock. From here, Joseline's pleasure is apparent, due to her undeniable facial expressions, and before it's over, Tony drills it in hard. The scene eventually winds down as she see both men jerk off, resulting in they shooting their loads onto the faces of the girls. - A solid scene, again. This, while noting yet another fun setup, that's a little clever. I loved the setup. I also loved the girls featured. Joseline Kelly, is a sexy young thing, that just gets better and better to me, with each and every scene that I see. I absolutely love that she gets so into the scenes. As I said, the pleasure that she is receiving, can be read on her face. What a cutie! And oh yeah, she played the role of the spoiled/bratty teen to perfection. Raylinn Ann on the other hand, is someone who's new to me. However, she too, is a really cute. She really knows how to ride a dick, that's for sure! The guys, Jimmy Dix and Tony D., do a very nice job of laying it down. Another nice showing for Tony D. especially here.

Scene 4: April Brookes and Serenity Haze and Eric John and Filthy Rich
In this scene, April Brookes and Serenity Haze get caught sneaking in by their fathers Eric John and Filthy Rich. It's action that deserves punishment, however, the dads, aren't quite sure how to punish them, as their usually method of spanking doesn't seem to be working. Fearing their impeding punishment, April and Serenity have an idea, that they soon propose to their fathers. They think that they should trade dads, and have the other, whom is not their father, spank them. It takes some convincing by the girls, but soon Eric and Rich agree, as the spanking commences. Just as planned, the girls are left unfazed by the respective swats to the backside. They believe that they are off the hook, but as the dad's furthermore pull their panties down to administer bare bottom spankings, Eric forms an idea of his own. That is, that they should have sex with them, as a special sort of punishment. And so it goes.
It starts with Eric and Rich tasting the young pussy, as they tongue and suck on their individual girls. Both men strip out of their pants, and take a seat, as they go on to enjoy blowjobs. Eric eventually stands as April sucks him off, as Rich remains seated, as Serenity goes on to include his nuts into her coverage. However, Rich soon, fucks Serenity in doggy, while things go to cowgirl for Eric and April. April takes every inch of Eric's dick as she comes down on it with her feet planted firm. The guys then decide to go likewise, as Rich takes Serenity also into cowgirl, where he would slam her hard onto his cock, briefly. This is before the guys stay the same, both taking their girls into a brief round of standing cowgirl simultaneously, before, then both couples lading in missionary. Eric and April from the chair, and Rich and Serenity from the couch. Eric eventually moves on to fuck April hard from doggy, while Rich continues to plow away at Serenity's pussy, as she is on her back. Eric and April, next end up in reverse cowgirl, where April first sits upright, before Eric hoists her legs up, as she lean back, This, while Eric steadily moves in and out of April's pussy. Serenity then goes on to sit on Rich's cock and ride in the same position, after first grinding, and having her ass eaten by Rich. For them, reverse cowgirl happens briefly, until they spend time next in both standard cowgirl, and doggy. This as Eric and April finish things out in missionary, the action lasting until each of the men jerk off to cum. Rich's load hits Serenity in her young face, while Eric sprinkles his individual load onto April's tongue, and along her sweet mouth. - This was a particular scene where the story was decent, but fortunately the sex was was better. After a thinly scripted setup about the girls' individual punishments, things go into a good scene of sex, in which the 2 older men dominate their younger scene partners. This scene was good stuff. Nice work seen here from Eric John, and Filthy Rich.

DAUGHTER SWAP, is a particular released that has been recently released at HOT MOVIES.COM as an exclusive offering. Prior to taking note of this release, I had yet to review anything from TEAM SKEET, but I wanted to give it a shot. It looked fun. And fortunately, I'd be correct in my assumption. Because this is a fun collection of scenes. Personally, I felt that each one of these scripted scenarios were well conceived for the most part. Because lets face it, there are those compilation releases, where the lack of effort is easily spotted. Sometimes, someone just comes up with a flimsy, silly scene, just to get to the sex, It's a self-applied "fast forward" method. DAUGHTER SWAP's scenarios are actually fun, and somewhat clever even. Not only that, the acting in said scenarios isn't half bad either.

So, on to the next matter - the sex. Is it good? Each of the 4 sex scenes feature, obviously older guys with younger girls. The performers collectively do their part well here to ensure that the fantasy remains intact. Overall, the action is solid, and well captured by the camera, as the Director(who are you Director, oh Director? You're not credited. Maybe there was more than one involved?) attempts to maintain a good balance of displaying the happenings of each couple per scene. I personally enjoyed what each of the scenes gave us here. The guys perform good, especially with the less experienced girls, while experienced female performers such as Riley Reid. and Melissa Moore, whom is, I suppose is still "new", really add to their scene, by telling us what they feel and letting their emotions show. But with that said, I'll kind of go against what I just stated, when I say that Joseline Kelly should be singled out as someone new who is emerging. I have seen her for reviews a couple of times now, and she just gets better, and better to see. Her performance, as she appears with Tony D. is a good one. Elsewhere, I enjoyed the contributions of the previously mentioned Mr. Tony D., who has a nice showing, appearing in 2 of the collection's 4 scenes. I also liked Juan Largo, whose acting was sort of laid back, and natural in the first scene. This as well as a funny scene involving Tommy Gunn and Jack Vegas, as a pair weapon-toting fathers. These guys did great with this, as the setup is one of the collection's most memorable moments. So with that said, as you can see, I had a few key moments, and particulars that I enjoyed here. If I had to pick a favorite scene, though, it would have to be the mentioned prom-themed scene. It's funny, and the sex featured within, feels the most accomplished on account of the performers. A good second scene to choose, would be the third scene. The scene involving Tony D. and Jimmy Dix, as they are coupled with Joseline Kelly, and Raylin Ann. The action is thorough, and both of the girls are young and hot. There's lots to like with that one. The only real complaint that I have is a minor one, and that's, that maybe there isn't enough focus on each of the individual couples during the sex scenes as the shuffle is ongoing to keep that balance between the couples combined.

With this in mind, there's actually a lot to like in general. For the most part, the scenes are fun, and are to be enjoyed. I know that I certainly enjoyed this release, and would definitely recommend it to you!

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