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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Greg Lansky
170 minutes
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Reviewed by   12/29/18
Well, there is no doubt in my mind that Greg Lansky has no interest in providing the women with good foreplay and pussy stimulation but absolutely make sure the men get mucho minutes of blowjobs....I guess that's how they operate in France where apparently he is from...I thought the French were supposed to be great lovers..not. Naomi Woods deserves better, well, all the women in Lansky videos deserve better...also way to many stupid edits of closeups...when are these porn experts ever going to get it through their thick heads that no one is turned on watching 6 inch close ups.

Industry Reviews (1)

Reviewed by   03/01/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - March 1, 2017

Starring :

Naomi Woods
Jillian Janson
Kimberly Moss
Kirsten Lee
Seth Gamble
Xander Corvus
Flash Brown
Christian Clay

(Runtime - 2 hr. 48 mins.)

VIXEN.COM, a site which showcases natural young beauty, here focuses on the sexual fantasies of the young and the beautiful, as they present to us, the first volume of YOUNG FANTASIES.

YOUNG FANTASIES brings together 4 scenes. The scenes featuring; Naomi Woods, Jillian Janson, Kirsten Lee and Kimberly Moss, all feature storylines in which sexual fantasies with older men are the subject. Each scene beginning with the storied setup, which soon leads to sex. Below is a breakdown of each.

Scene 1: Naomi Woods and Seth Gamble
Naomi's mother remarried years ago into a wealthy family. Naomi has grown up with Stepbrother Seth Gamble - a spoiled rich kid. The step siblings get along, but are very competitive. We meet them just as they are completing their latest bet - who can bring home the highest GPA. The stipulations? If Naomi comes out on top, she gets Seth's car keys. But should Seth win, he gets what he has always wanted since the marriage. To bed his hot Stepsister. Well, as it turns out, Seth is successful, and so Naomi must hold up her end of the deal. This, as things soon get underway between them.
Things begin with passionate kissing and disrobing by the pool. This leads Seth to reach around, and into her panties to finger, before they both take to the pool for some jerking and sucking from Naomi, which also sees her cater to Seth's balls. Their passionate kisses then lead them to the bedroom to fuck. They continue to kiss passionately as Naomi tugs at Seth before resuming her sucking and stroking, this while making luscious eye contact with Seth. During this, Seth briefly toys with Naomi's mouth, before she returns to working over his balls as well - both while he stands, and as he lies back to enjoy. After further fellatio, during which Naomi works the head, and the shaft of the cock, things go to reverse cowgirl as Naomi straddles the hard cock, as Seth proceeds to fuck her pussy at a steady quick pace. Seth's pace from here, over time, becomes harder and faster as he pounds away. Following this, it's pussy to mouth, as Naomi sucks her juices from the cock, before the reverse cowgirl resumes, with the same pace as before. Seth fucking hard and fast, as his balls slap against Naomi's clit. This is followed by more sucking and passionate kissing that soon leads to cowgirl. It's her that Naomi bounces steady as the hard cock plunges in and out of her. This eventually shows Seth taking over to fuck hard, prior to Naomi once again tasking cock in between hopping back on to ride for a hard fucking. This then sees Naomi on all fours for doggy, as Seth steadily fucks. In between she again sucks cock, before it's back to work for Seth, who smacks Naomi's ass as he slams it in. As things progress, Seth holds back Naomi's legs, as he drill it in deep. After this, Seth lightly fucks Naomi's face, before going down on her, to briefly eat her pussy, before is cock goes in. Naomi's legs are then high and tight, as Seth plunges deep at her request. Seth continues steadily, before going on to pound faster and harder, as he hold apart Naomi's legs. Naomi then tells Seth that she wants him to cum inside of her. This, as he soon does just that, as things end with a cream pie. - This was a solid scene all around. I liked the storyline setup, and the sex that it leads to is passionate. The action is nice, and the fact that it ends in a cream pie is a bonus. Nice work here from Naomi Woods and Seth Gamble!

Scene 2: Jillian Janson and
Jillian Janson is a student whose parents are away on vacation for the week. While away, the parents are relying on their driver, Christian Clay to take her to and from school. However, Jillian has other plans. She plans to take the week off as well, and do things such as lounge comfortable by the pool. When Christian comes to gather Jillian for school, she informs him that she will not being going. The confused Christian, soon finds himself seduced by the younger Jillian as she couches down to do the sexual deed.
Jillian drops Christian's pants and proceeds to suck his big cock. Jillian sucks and strokes the cock, before throating it, as her spit piles on. They kiss a little before Jillian is on her back, as Christian goes down on Jillian, to suck and tongue at her clit, as she spreads her legs wide, Jillian then leads Christian inside where the fucking continues. They continue, by kissing deeply, while Jillian tugs at cock, before dropping down to once again suck, and throat. She also includes sucking Christian's balls in this, before continuing to stroke and suck. This carries on as Christian lies back to enjoy, and before Jillian is on for cowgirl. Initially from here slow, steady bouncing, leads t'o fast and hard fucking from Christian. It goes back to the bouncing from Jillian, before the two of the alternate between duties. Jillian eventually goes on to grind, before leaning up to be pounded by Christian, as he plants a finger into her ass, just as she asks. Following this, its 69, as Jillian sucks her juices from Christian's cock, and he fingers and tongues her pussy. Jillian follows this up by straddling the cock for reverse cowgirl, where she eventually plants her feet to slam down deep. Christian, however soon takes over to fuck hard, which makes Jillian squirt several times in between. After, Jillian is open wide as things continue, while Christian slams it in. This is brief, as Jillian briefly returns to planted feet to get slammed, which is the cause of more squirting. It's after this that even more heavy pounding from Christian follows, as he hoists Jillian's legs up. This is followed up by Jillian sucking, throating, and getting her face fucked, all while Christian fingers her wet pussy. However, next, Jillian's legs are pinned back for missionary, as Christian drives his cock in deep and hard This as will as hard fingering, and tonguing in between have Jillian again squirting her girl juices. Next, Jillian's legs are positioned at the side and held tight, as Christian tongues Jillian's pussy and ass, before going on to fuck the pussy steadily from this position. Following this, Jillian is on all fours. Tonguing, soon leads to doggy, as Christian fucks at a steady pace from behind. This continues as Christian pulls in and out, forcing a queef out as he continues to fuck. Next up, Christian straddles the ass to pound the pussy deep and hard as Jillian keeps her legs close and tight, and in between fingers herself to squirt. After this, it's back to fast and hard doggy, where Christian fucks until he must cum. The scene ends with Christian letting it go into Jillian's eager mouth, as things end. - Oh my God, what a great scene this was! It's a progressive scene that gets nice and hard over time. I really like this kind of action, where the performers seem to truly lose themselves. Jillian Janson is particularly great here. One of my favorites, Jillian never breaks character as she thanks the driver for taking her for a "ride", as she rides his big cock. I love that shit!

Scene 3: Kirsten Lee and Flash Brown
Real Estate agent Kirsten Lee, has worked hard for months to close a deal on a house, with hard negotiator, Flash Brown. But finally, it has happened. Kirsten is relieved and seemingly, so is Flash. However the deal makes way for sexual tension between them to break, as now they can act on such feelings, as they soon do.
Kirsten first gets to work on Flash's cock, as she suck and mouth along the shaft. This is followed by Kirsten being stripped down, as Flash rubs her clit, and Kirsten tugs at his cock. This, before they head to the bedroom for me. Kirsten the resumes her work on the cock, as she sucks and strokes, both as Flash stands, and as he lie back on the bed. It goes in and out of her young mouth, as she also strokes the long cock with both hands. It's following this, however, that things go to doggy, as Flash fucks the pussy from behind. From here, it's steady fucking by Flash, as Kirsten rocks back. The pace from here, eventually becomes increasingly quicker from Flash. Next, brief sucking leads to cowgirl, as Kirsten rides Flash's cock hard and fast. The pace here, eventually becoming faster, as Flash takes over to fuck hard. Following this, Kirsten sucks cock, before the action then goes to missionary. Kirsten is at the edge of the bed, with her legs spread wide, as Flash fucks at a slow steady pace. Flash continues, as he pins her legs back and drives his cock in deep to make her cum. Shortly after this, things go to reverse cowgirl, where we see Kristen slam down and grind hard, before Flash takes charge to fuck steady and deep. It is the hard fucking from here, however, that soon has Flash reaching his moment of climax. The scene ends with Flash jerking odd to explode with his load, as Kirsten receives it. - This was a good scene. It has a rather simple setup, however the sex is fortunately the best part, and with that, it's pretty solid. I especially liked seeing the tight pussy of Kirsten Lee stretch around the big cock of Flash Brown. Nice close up camera work keeps the viewer glued onto this action. It's a nicely executed scene.

Scene 4: Kimberly Moss and Xander Corvus
Kimberly Moss is a girl whom is in an unconventional relationship with her boyfriend Pete. Kimberly explains that Pete has her do things that bring out her wild side. So, when Pete proposes an idea to Kimberly. She is at first reluctant, but soon jumps right in, Pete's friend from back home, Xander Corvus, is in town, and is staying with them. Pete wants Kimberly to get fully naked, and slip into bed with Xander. Kimberly does so, when she finds Xander nude and asleep. The sight of his cock surprises her, as Pete encourages Kimberly to take it into her mouth. She does so, and soon Xander awakens shocked and surprised, himself. But not to worry. Because Pete, of course gives the ok. This is where things begin.
Xander lies back on the bed as Kimberly sucks his cock, as well as his balls. During this, the two make eye contact, as Kimberly throats the cock, and sucks the balls as the spit piles on the shaft. This mouth service by Kimberly continues as Xander stand. However, next, we see Kimberly ride the cock in cowgirl. From here, things go from steady to a quicker pace, as Xander fucks hard and fast. He employs the same pace next, as things switch to reverse cowgirl as Kimberly takes a pounding as she lean back to endure. There is then a break in between as Kimberly sucks cock prior to reverse cowgirl resuming, and things being hard as Kimberly straddles the cock. The next position after that is doggy, as Xander fucks Kimberly from behind. For a moment, the camera zooms in tight to detail the ongoing penetration as Xander plugs in and out. of the pussy This continues for a time, until next, Kimberly is laid across Xander's lap, as he spanks her ass. The next position sees Kimberly hold her legs high and spread as Xander consistently fucks Kimberly's little pink hole, only stopping briefly to finger her to climax. The fucking from Xander her continues, until he works himself up to cum. The scene closes with Xander jerking off the cum, as his big load splashes across Kimberly's angelic face. - Great scene, along with a great setup. The sex between Kimberly Moss and AVN's 2017 Best Actor winner, Xander Corvus, is also solid, as Xander delivers a nice pounding to Kimberly's pretty pink pussy. I also have to say that I really like her freckles, too!

After the success of both TUSHY.COM, and BLACKED.COM, Director Greg Lansky and crew have since launched a new brand with VIXEN.COM, and it too has been successful. For this release, as I said above, the subject is the sexual fantasies of the young, and via nicely executed storylines, these fantasies spring to vivid life on screen. I mentioned to a friend earlier, that watching Greg Lansky's work is comparable to watching a mainstream movie, as the way that each of his scenes are captured is very cinematic. The production value is high, and the acting by all is especially taken seriously. Myself, as an appreciator of story, I really like that. In talking about the story portion of each scene, although the subject matter is brief, the situations are all well realized, and each are unique to their own scenario. They are fun.

However, what's even more fun, is the sex itself. All of these girls, like the stories themselves, all have their own unique qualities - all of them cute, and sexy in their own way. So, with that said, for the viewer, the anticipation for the sex is intriguing, and sometimes for me, even exciting(especially see Jillian Janson). Here, it all pays off, as not only are each of the scenes nicely executed, they're well performed. There were a number of times here, where I picked up on a seemingly genuine level of passion. In porn, as you know, one doesn't always see passion that feels "real", but when we do, it's nice. So, here, I give extra points to Lansky for successfully capturing this element in the midst of his already great presentation. As far as storylines go, as I said. the subjects are all different, and each having a level of fun to them. Here we have step siblings who make a bet - the car or the pussy. The girl who skips class for a day by the pool, and to fantasize about fucking her parents' Italian Chauffer. A young real estate agent, who after finally closing a tough deal with a client, looks to close another deal that sees her getting him into bed. And lastly, a kinky boyfriend, who dares his young girlfriend to fuck a longtime friend. whom is in town visiting. They are all well presented. My favorite scene story-wise, is probably the first scene, which features the bet between step siblings, covergirl Naomi Woods and Seth Gamble. It's an innocent bet on the surface, but has rather taboo circumstances. It's simple. It's all about GPAs. Whomever gets the highest Grade Point Average, wins the bit. Seth puts up his fancy car, while Naomi puts her body on the line. Unfortunately(or fortunately?) Seth wins the bet, when he brings home a 4.0. And that's how things come to be. It's a story that feels very much like old school scripted porn. However, then again that scene is followed by one that has a decent enough story. It's about a rich girl who skips school, only to enjoy a sexual fling with her family's driver. The sex scene between Jillian Janson and male talent Christian Clay, is really, really hot. One with lots of squirting orgasms, and raw energy. The collection also finishes out with a scene involving young Kimberly Moss and Xander Corvus, that really caught my eye, too, due to its level of enthusiasm. So I would have to say that the second, and fourth scene of this collection are my favorites. Because while they might begin with a story, it's the sex that truly elevates them.

Overall, this is another solid offering. I really do enjoy the attention to quality and detail in all of the scenes, as well as the performances by all. It is more of what you come expect from Greg Lansky.

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