Interracial Threesomes 04

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Greg Lansky
165 minutes
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Reviewed by   04/10/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Time to check out a recent Blacked release from Greg Lansky where all four scenes feature three performers in them. Of those three have one girl taking on two BBC's while the other lets one lucky stud have two girls worshiping his cock. A few highlights.

Sydney Cole with Jovan Jordan & Isiah Maxwell:

The opening scene features the cover girl for this release and Sydney lets us know right off she's got the house to herself and wants to have a good time if you know what that means! Having met a couple guys at a club she invites them over the next day to chill as she says but her best friend starts sending constant texts to her boy friend and this was dampening the mood for Sydney. No arguments when the friend leaves allowing Sydney to fully enjoy the two guys she's invited over. Pretty soon she's got the both of them in her room and the blow job action commences. A little oral attention paid in return to Miss Cole before the guys start taking turns fucking that pussy while also still giving her mouth plenty to do up top with the free cock. It took a couple positions before we really got a great look at Sydney's ass and it was worth it watching her ride that BBC with a perfect teasing ass hole staring out to us. In fact they stay with cowgirl until Sydney takes the load just inside her pussy and the other load is fired off to her face. Not a bad way to start this one off.

Cadence Lux with Rob Piper & Flash Brown:

Here we have another of the one girl two guy scenes. It opens with the two letting Cadence in and she's there to pay off a debt her boyfriend owes. Turns out he's light on the payment and the guys will not let Cadence leave until she makes up the difference!! Let's just say Cadence didn't take much convincing to go along with this arrangement, lol. Some kissing ensues and light touching around her body. Now they did have to get a little "rough" so she's bent over for a couple spanks! Moving to another room the guys finally unleash their cocks with Cadence first stroking them before dropping down to offer up more payment for her boyfriends debt. The classic shot here with Miss Lux in between the guys taking turns on which cock was thrust deep into her mouth/ throat. Oh nice some ass licking to her ass before the sex got underway. A good series of shots here as the guys take turns tapping her pussy including some fine cowgirl footage directly behind Cadence. Greg does us a solid moving the shot in nice and tight on her riding here. Cadence also does some fine work in reverse before we close out with the guys unloading to her face with clean up after. Now make sure your man doesn't fall in debt again but I wonder if Cadence wouldn't mind doing this again to pay it off, lol.

Alli Rae & Dakota James with Flash Brown:

The next scene opens with the two girls on the couch watching a flick. We learn that Alli's trying to get over her man cheating on her so Dakota comes up with the classic get over him move of fucking another guy and she's got just the one. Dakota pulls up a pic on her cell and needless to say Alli is down. The girls start getting ready and this provides a bit of g/g fun which is never a bad thing. Not to much time passes before the guys have Flash there and we get the ball rolling so to speak. The two girls look very nice dropping down to jointly share the knob polishing duties and we get some serious spit play from Dakota while she's swallowing Flash's sword. Moving to the bed the trio continue with the blow job foreplay and the ladies make sure to tickle the balls too. Good start to the sex with doggie for Alli and Dakota's right there over her ass licking it plus doing P2OGM. Why mess with a good thing so the two switch positions after a time and it was Alli's turn to dig into her friends ass with her tongue. Alli also does some pussy tasting off his cock later on during a run in mish. The scene ends with the two girls lying on each other with Flash blowing his load to Dakota's mouth and she gives clean up before moving in to cum kiss her friend.

Lily Rader with Prince Yahshua & Moe Johnson:

This scene begins with Lily reliving a past sexual encounter which really woke her up to being dominated by a man which she really loved. While telling us this you're treated to some super cute tease shots of Lily rolling around on her bed, the eye contact especially was good here I thought. Turns out this other man she was with thought Lily could use some more "punishment" so he dispatches her to a friends house. Both nervous and excited Lily arrives ringing the door bell. Prince opens the door and lets her in. Going to the living room she sees another man there too. The punishment begins with Lily across Prince's knees and several stinging spanks to her bare ass which gets redder and redder with each smack. Moe just sits there watching and reading the newspaper, lol. Standing up Prince whips out his dick and an eager Lily begins stroking and sucking. After a few more moments Prince brings his friend over and Lily though nervous goes for it. The classic kneel down shot of her in between the guys takes place. Lily still clothed looks real nice here working over both cocks in her mouth. Miss Rader is fully nude by the time the men start fucking her beginning in doggie. More positions follow including cowgirl with a few nice teasing shots of her booty hole. It ends with the loads dropped on Lily's face and I don't think she's done being punished so keep on the look out for more IR love on Blacked for this cute girl.

Final Thoughts:

Some solid stuff here from Greg and the crew with lots of hot girls to enjoy here as we had not just four but one additional in the Alli/ Dakota scene. The set ups were good and short before the heat picked up with the girls giving head and finally being fucked. No anal but plenty of strong pussy fucking here in every scene. In terms of extras you get the pops repeated for your viewing enjoyment plus there's a photo gallery also designed for this so by all means have a look. If you've got a fave cast here and enjoy some IR action this release is an easy one to pick up given Blacked's excellent track record in terms of content captured.