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114 minutes
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Reviewed by   12/02/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
114 min.

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None given

Stills By Alan

Abella Danger, Adriana Sephora, Kat Dior, Luna Star, and Sarah Vandella
Lilly Lane, Tori Avano, Billy Visual, and Woody All-In in non-sex roles

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are very nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and also looks very good. It's a little overly soft, which did hold it back a little for me, but the camera work is steady and there's some really great care put into the lighting.

Watermark Warning:
I don't know of anyone who likes watermarks, but if a studio feels it's what they must do to protect themselves I'm not going to slam them because of it. Here Girlsway uses a very small and tasteful watermark of their logo that rests in the lower right corner and is fairly easy to put out of one's mind. If one needs a watermark, Girlsway does a very good job with it here.

The Movie:
As the war on drugs moved from Columbia to Mexico, relations between the United States and Mexico became more precarious. When the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman's daughter is kidnapped by the Cartel, an elite DEA unit was sent deep into Cartel territory to rescue her. When they storm the facility they don't find their target, but instead find Kat Dior who Sarah Vandella interrogates to try to find where their target really is and what Kat knows about the Cartel and their target.

Scene 1

Adriana Sephora, Kat Dior, and Luna Star

Cute busty Latinas Kat and Adriana are taken to Luna's mountain hideaway, stripped down, and given instructions to speak only when spoken to as they wait for Luna. Luna admires their big tits, has them suck hers, and then has them get down in front of her to play with their tits for her. She has Adriana eat her pussy as she plays with Kat before having Kat join her down below. She has Kat eat her ass as she and Adriana sixty-nine and then gets in the middle to eat and play with Kat's pussy as Adriana eats her from behind. They enjoy each other's big tits a little more before Luna has Adriana and Kat trib while she watches with the three ladies working in a bit more titty worship as they trib. Luna also tribs Kat a bit while letting Adriana play with her tits and then moves down so they can both eat Kat's pussy. Luna lays back and as the girls suck her tits and play with her pussy before having Kat eat Adriana's pussy while she plays with Adriana's tits and urges Kat on. The girls go back to teaming up on Luna's big tits and pussy, and they share a few more kisses and worship each other's tits until business takes Luna away.

Scene 2

Abella Danger


Luna Star

Captive Abella lets Luna know she'll do whatever Luna wants if she'll let her go, and when she learns Luna likes girls she promises to make her cum harder than she ever has before. Luna's amused at this and has Abella untied to see what she's got, and Abella quickly drops to her knees to start eating Luna's pussy. Luna has Abella strip down and moves to the floor for Abella to tongue and finger her before having Abella sit back so she can ride her tongue and squirt all over Abella's face. Luna pushes Abella back to trib her on the floor and suck her tits before having Abella lay back again so she can eat her pussy and finger it until it squirts a few times. Luna moves in to eagerly lick up Abella's squirt juice and then moves up to ride Abella's face for her to eat her holes and so she can squirt in Abella's face again. Luna laughs at Abella when she finishes since Abella thinks she's going free, and then makes plans for where to take her instead.

Scene 3

Kat Dior


Sarah Vandella

Busty Latina Kat notices that DEA Agent Sarah's been calling her things like "Sugar" throughout the interrogation, and fingers she's a a lesbian. She bargains with Sarah to get out promising her the best orgasm of her life, and after Sarah checks out her tits she uncuffs Kat and moves in to kiss her. Sarah kisses Kat hard on the mouth and has Kat help her strip down as they go after each other's tits and run their hands around each other. Sarah runs her hands around Kat before they move to the floor and she has Kat get on all fours to eat her ass. She pulls Kat up and tribs her before laying her back to tongue and finger her and then moves up to ride Kat's face as she plays with Kat's pussy. Sarah works Kat to a solid squirt and gets her face right in there to get as much as possible and then moves back up to Kat's face for another ride as she reaches back to play with Kat's pussy more. Sarah lays back for Kat to ride her face and then has Kat work herself to another squirt that she laps up as much as she can get. She rides Kat's face, kisses her, and than lays below Kat to have her cum all over her face. Sarah eats Kat's pussy a bit more as Kat stands before and sixty-nines her to another squirt. Finally they kiss and Sarah lets her know she'll hold up her end of the deal.

I can't remember the last time I saw a lesbian feature that impressed me as much as Extradition did. This one quite simply has it all. There's a solid story, fantastic acting, solid sex, and a very nice presentation with some nice style to make it even more impressive. Sarah Vandella and Kat Dior really are the leads here, and they really show how deserving they are of the roles. Both of them do a great job of acting, and when they finally hook up there's plenty of anticipation after watching them work up to it through the rest of the movie. Abella Danger also turns out a very solid supporting role, as well as a hot scene with Luna Star, and Luna is just as good in both of her sex scenes. The other thing that really impressed me here is how the movie's presented. There's a great artistic style to the movie visually, but it carries into the overall style with the audio as most of the movie is in Spanish and translated with subtitles and that goes right through the sex. I really love the reality of this with the locations rather than having everyone speaking English no matter where they go. It definitely sets the movie apart from the rest, and I think also shows just how talented Stills By Alan is behind the camera. If there's a complaint here, the only one I can really have is that the video is a bit soft, and it's soft enough to get annoying rather than just giving a touch of a film-like look. That's a very minor complaint with how impressive everything else is about Extradition, and shouldn't hold anyone back from checking it out. Extradition is a very impressive lesbian feature that's more than deserving of the attention it's getting this awards season.

The Extras:
In addition to trailers for Don't Tell Hubby and Village Sluts, a photo gallery is included for each scene. There's also a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts just under fourteen minutes. After quickly flashing around the movie being shot, the girls are nicely identified. They talk about their role in the movie, preparing for their roles, how much of the movie is shot in Spanish, and their favorite quote from the movie. They also talk about what their partners need to know, their childhood dream job, some of their embarrassing moments, and feeling butterflies for somebody. Finally they share some fun facts about themselves and where to find them online. This is a nice behind the scenes featurette. You get plenty of personality from the girls as well as some nice shots of the movie being made. This is a very nice addition to the overall release.

Final Thoughts:
It's a very solid lesbian feature that's definitely worth the purchase.

Note to Girlsway:
The more I'm seeing of your movies, the more impressed I am with you. Keep up the great work!

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