Anal Violation 03

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120 minutes
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Reviewed by   03/30/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Anal Violation 3
Aura Productions
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Date of Production
Running Time: 2:00:31

London Keyes
Missy Nicole
Leya Falcon
David Perry
Nigel McKenna
Nacho Vidal
Toni Ribas
Jason Brown

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Missy and David
We are introduced to Missy, who is on all fours on the couch, tempting and teasing a little, before she stands up and showcases the booty for the camera. A little teasing of her pussy, before David joins in the fun, getting her fired up with some nice foreplay. She returns the favor with some cock work, with some nice spit and a little face dominating. Off comes the dress and her lingerie, as we get a glimpse of the booty as she preps his cock for some pole riding, and we start with some pussy drilling at first. He's working up a sweat, as they continue in some spoon, along with a little pussy strumming from him. A little warm up of her ass, with his fingers, and then she gets on all fours, with the booty out, as he mounts her and the anal begins. A little more face fucking before she's back on his cock for more pole riding in her ass this time. A little glimpse of her gaping ass, followed by some mouth work, and then some huge gapes during the booty show. One last oral session before he jerks off and gives her a few spurts of love custard.

Sheridan and Nigel
Next up is Sheridan, and it seems we are in stalker mode as he follows her, as she heads into the shower. A very brief shower, followed by a naked nap, as the stalker breaks into the room, and gets a little handsy. And we enter some sort of weird dream like state, as she works over the tip of his cock. She throws in a little tongue action, as she twirls her pierced tongue around his cock. They kick things off with some missionary action, and then after a little doggy time in her pussy, he moves onto her ass. There is really a lack of some energy in this one, she seems like she's just going through the motions in this one. At least there is some decent gaping, but that' short lived as he ends up jerking off into her mouth.

London, Nacho and Toni
From the brief opening of this one, this was one of the scenes that stood out for me, so hopefully we can get things going in the right direction. And our cover girl London is quick to action, with a little teasing of her holes, before she is quickly surrounded by the guys, and ends up with one cock shoved deep in her mouth and the other, in some doggy action. And we are just a few minutes in and I am enjoying the energy from everyone in this one, with London at the center of it all. But with Nacho and Toni, you sort of know going in, it's going to be intense and rough at times. Some nice work from London as she gets mounted from behind, and then is face deep in Nacho's ass as well. And hey as the good continues, how about a little DP action to brighten your day. And if you are thirsty, they both get the water works going on London, before they are once again dominating her holes. They take turns drilling her ass in some reverse pile driver, and then the kick turns up, as they cover her face in her stocking and give her a little shoe on her face. There are two scenes left, but I'd say she's got a firm hold on spotlight scene for this one. They get a little adventurous and try for some double anal (Toni really seems to want it to happen), but they are going to stick with the DP action and some face slapping. They douse her in water, and then Nacho continues the dominating, before letting Toni tag in and have some fun. Toni braces her down, as she opens wide and gets a face full of custard, before he shoves his cock deep in her throat. Nacho gets a little too rough with her, as he seems really close to slamming her face into the furniture a few times in some flat doggy. A little spit play between them before he drops some cum inside her pussy.

Anabella and Silvio
After a scene like London had, I feel sorry for whoever is next. We are introduced to the blonde Anabella, who is showing off her boobs and booty to the camera. She's got a toy, and spends some time riding it, as the camera seems more focused on her tits at first. She spins around and begins to shove the toy into her ass, getting her prepped for a cock later on. he comes in and she goes to work on his cock, with her mouth and hands, along with a little tongue twirling. And after awhile I realize why's she's paying attention to the camera, as you can hear the sound of a camera at times, taking stills, boy that's not distracting in any way. As she takes a seat on his cock, although this time he's got a condom wrapped around his cock. She lays back and we get some anal action, and once again she seems locked on the camera, and also not very interested in this scene as a whole. That makes two of us. And as the time runs down, we are getting down to about 20 minutes, which means the next scene might be a short one, which is sad, would have rather seen a much shorter version of this scene. Some oral work and lots of jerking before he gives her face and chest some custard, and this one is finally over.

Leya and Jason
A very cool looking tease/intro, as a very naked Leya is showing off her body in the shadows and light. Jason enters the scene and gets a firm grip on her throat and then moves onto the booty and pussy with his fingers. Some nice, but fuzzy cock work follows, as she has quite the build-up of spit and bubbles on his cock and dripping down her face. And as she bends over and he slides into her pussy, she's getting vocal in her excitement, sprinkled with a little dirty talk too. Thankfully Leya is over-flowing with energy as she hops and rides his cock, making those tits bounce for the camera. We flip through a few positions before the booty show and anal time begin. Some great energy from Leya once again, but it's too bad this scene is going to be a short one. The anal drilling continues in some doggy, as she lets out a few shrieks as he goes deep and then suddenly it's over. Wow, that was disappointing, but that sums this one up pretty well as a whole too.

Overall Thoughts
Well if for some reason you are thinking about checking this one out, the only thing you need to know, it's worth it for the London scene, which is just amazing. And you get some good in the brief scene with Leya at the end of this one. Other than that, you might as well just fast forward through the rest, although perhaps skipping this one as a whole might not be a bad idea either.