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  UK Porn Kings 70 minutes
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Reviewed by   11/13/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
66 min. (cover loudly proclaims 70 Minutes)

Production Date:
None given

None credited

Holly Kiss (aka Holly XX), Katie Kaliana (listed here as Katie Weale), Michelle Moist, Shay Hendrix, and Stacey Lacey
Marc Rose and some uncredited guys

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are very average. The audio is decently balanced and clear without anything to really make it stand out in any way. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and is much the same. There's a couple times when it tries to get a little artistic with mixed results, but normally it's decently lit, clear, and steady without anything to make it really impressive or hold things back.

The Movie:
Soaped Up 3 works around the thought of babes getting soaped up and having sex. Each British babe shows off in the bathtub, playing around a bubble bath or lathering themselves up, and then pleasures a dude when he arrives.

Scene 1

Holly Kiss


A Guy

Brunette Holly starts out in a bubble bath with her tits pulled out of her black bikini running her hands around herself and playing with her bald pussy as she talks to the camera. A guy walks in with a hard cock and they talk dirty to each other a little as she starts stroking him. She continues to stroke him as he plays with her tits and pussy from behind and then lets him fuck her from behind. Soon after the guy lets Holly have a rather disappointing load on her face.

Scene 2

Katie Kaliana


A Guy

Big titty blonde cover babe Katie uses the shower head to help show off her big titties in a white dress as she kneels in the bubble bath. She gets her titties nice and soapy after getting them good and wet and then slides into the tub to play with her smoothly shaven slit as she gives the camera a little dirty talk. Katie turns her attention to the hard cock that appears to eagerly suck and stroke it while giving the camera some good eye contact, and even lets the guy fuck her funbags. He soaps them up a bit more as she goes back to stroking and sucking him, and finally nuts on her face and tits.

Scene 3

Michelle Moist


Marc Rose

Dirty blonde Michelle shows off in the shower wearing a multicolored bikini and lathers herself up before washing it off. Marc arrives and helps to soap her up as she strokes his cock before she mixes in a little stroking for him with plenty of dirty talk. Michelle lays back in the tub to play with her cunt before going back to sucking and stroking Marc with some good attention mixed in for his balls. Michelle takes his creamy load over her doubly pierced tongue, and shows it off a bit before possibly swallowing it down as she gives Marc a few last sucks.

Scene 4

Shay Hendrix


A Guy

Dirty blonde Shay starts the penultimate scene in a black and white striped bikini in the shower lathered up and running her hands around herself. She shows off with the help of the shower head and pleasures herself a little until a guy joins her and lathers her back up while she gropes him through his shorts. Shay turns around and drops down to hungrily eat his meat while working in some decent stroking and plenty of nice eye contact. She turns back around to let him fuck her from behind and also rides him reverse cowgirl style before laying back in her bubble bath and diddling herself. The guy strokes his cock while watching her and after a bit Shay moves up to give him a little more head and let him stroke himself into and around her more than willing mouth.

Scene 5

Stacey Lacey


A Guy

Brunette Stacey runs the showerhead over herself wearing a white and green striped bikini with yellow accents. When a guy with a hard cock joins her she goes right to stroking him as he runs his hands around her and starts to play with her pussy. She gets back up and turns around for him to fuck her from behind, and soon after is back down sucking and stroking him a bit more. The dude gives himself a hand as Stacey talks dirty to him, and finally sprays his spunk over her waiting face.

Soaped Up 3 is a rather disappointing release. I really like the idea behind it, as hot babes getting lathered up and showing off can be sexy as heck. The problem here is that none of the scenes seem to deliver that well. Holly starts out looking a bit trashy, and goes over the top mugging the camera to the point that her scene did very little for me. Katie and Michelle both show plenty of potential, but unfortunately are limited to blowjob only scenes and then neither takes a really impressive facial to help it out. Their scenes are also drawn out a bit much making it all the more disappointing with both of them looking as hot as they do and then only getting limited cocksucking in their scenes. Shay and Stacey actually turn out full scenes, but once again the scenes are overly short and the hottest part of either of their scenes was Shay laying back in the tub masturbating while the guy watched and gave himself a hand. Through it all the camerawork is very basic with limited angles that often leave a bit to be desired and every scene ends up as a disappointment due to its extremely short running time and lack of positions. Soaped Up 3 has a decent cast with some girls showing a lot of potential, but does next to nothing with it. Pass this one by.

The Extras:
Absolutely nothing! Not even a photo gallery or trailers!!!

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
Skip it.

Note to UK Porn Kings:
Giving credit where it's due is always a good thing. I hope you give the guys the respect they deserve by crediting them in your upcoming releases as well as the ladies.

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