Anal Beauty 06

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Greg Lansky
180 minutes
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Reviewed by   03/18/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Time to check out a new anal release from Greg Lansky for Tushy and he brings a solid five girl cast to bear here with the finale featuring two girls taking on the current 2X AVN Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue. On to a few highlights.

Adriana Chechik & Christian Clay:

Leading off we have another AVN Award winner in Adriana Chechik who just recently took home the big prize of Female Performer of the Year. A good way to open with the shot of the surf rolling in and then Adriana chimes in telling us about her unsatisfying home life. Yeah she was rich and had a big place but the husband just wasn't there a lot leaving her alone. She started spending more and more time receiving massages from Lorenzo and I think you know where this will lead! Adriana started having fantasies and playing with herself until finally she couldn't take it anymore. Lifting up her white towel exposing her pussy she gives him the green light, Don't be Shy!!! Christian didn't need to be asked twice and he moves up using fingers briefly before letting his tongue take over tasting both holes! His cock is soon pulled out and Adriana was all over it with some good dirty talk here as well. The spit play game is strong with Adriana as you will see here, taking no chances she wanted to be fucked and fucked good. Can't go wrong starting the sex with cowgirl and you see that her ass hole is already prepped to be filled. Turning around to reverse you see a perfect insertion to anal. The change to doggie was fine and led to a couple decent gaping shots. A mish finish gets us to the pop with Adriana taking a good open mouth load with great cum play after.

Jaye Summers & Jean Val Jean:

This next scene opens with Jaye filling us in. Her mother had just got divorced and the two had moved to San Diego where Jaye got into the university but was having trouble finding guys to hook up with. No such troubles for her hot MILF mom who quickly finds a younger stud who actually moves in with them. Jaye wasn't terribly upset, a little jealous perhaps, but then she decides to "use" Jean one day to relieve some of this sexual frustration. Yeah he had to be pushed to fuck her, lol. Some kissing to start as the two make their way to the bedroom where his cock is pulled out and Jaye starts jerking him off as Jean helps her out of the white dress she wore. Leaving only a white pair of lace panties to go. Jean then lies back and relaxes as Jaye moves over his cock taking it into her mouth offering up good eye contact too. Miss Summers spends a few good minutes here making sure that cock was ready to fuck her holes with some spit play too as you'll see. Another fantastic cowgirl starts the sex, spot on close in shot of her teasing ass hole, just begging to be licked! Solid camera work here as we get a beautiful sustained look directly on her wide open ass. After sliding off for P2M Jaye decided to up her game hopping back on but this time in reverse and also allowing Jean access to her backdoor. Pulling out during the run in reverse reveals a super hot gape shot for those who enjoy seeing big open ass holes. Good to see Jean actually lean in to lick that freshly fucked ass briefly before letting his cock back in now from behind. Several more gape shots presented here as well. They finish off with mish anal, more gaping and a few interesting facial reactions from Jaye here too all leading to the pop which comes with a slight turn onto her side. Jean leaving his cock tucked inside leaves his seed just inside her ass and you see some seep out before the scene fades away.

Angel Smalls & Jean Val Jean:

Up next we check in with Angel who has been babysitting for a young single Dad for a few months and naturally she's developed a crush on him. Angel decides to take a chance and snaps several polaroid style pics of herself and leaves them in an envelope that she seals plus adding a lipstick kiss on the outside of it. I think Jean won't stand a chance. The end of the day comes and Jean arrives home and heads upstairs no knowing a sexy treat is waiting. Angel gets anxious and heads upstairs just as Jean is looking at them. Needless to say he was impressed and the two fall onto the bed kissing and losing clothing. Angel assumes the classic kneel down position on the floor taking in Jean's cock and giving some seriously good eye contact while working that cock into her mouth. The view for this slightly elevated and just to the side of Jean was perfect. Offering us a front row seat as Angel works that dick up to fucking her. Moving back onto the bed they spend another good minute plus with Angel giving head and teasing his balls too before it was time to fuck and third scene in a row opens in cowgirl- perfect! Jean gets to kiss her titties while that pussy fits so snug around his cock. Angel does a solid sliding off for P2M then it was time to tap her ass and they go once again with reverse to lead it off. Wide open shot here as Jean holds those legs back giving you the best possible look at her cock filled ass hole. There is also A2M from Angel as well in between changes in position to doggie. The gaping was a bit better here than it was during reverse as you will see. A strong mish finish and it was time to pop with Jean painting Angel's face with jizz plus clean up after. I think he liked the photos!

JoJo Kiss & Joseline Kelly with Mick Blue:

Finale time and we get not one but two girls on hand to take on Mick's dick and presumably both do anal. The story here is JoJo and Joseline aren't doing good in their German class and they need it to graduate. So naturally they decide to try and fuck their way to an A. I wonder if Mick's gonna fall for their plan!!! The girls get to drop off their extra credit assignment at his house and before leaving they use the good old use your bathroom excuse before leaving and Mick allows it. The girls come back in just black lingerie and Mick accepts their generous offer of him having the both of them. The girls are quickly sharing knob polishing duties and hey if you're gonna sell out and give a good grade you might as well have not one but two girls fucking you right! The girls spend a few good minutes here taking good care of Mick's cock before one of them climbs on to fuck him. It was JoJo up first and the wide open cowgirl presented was so good plus you had Joseline right there licking at her girlfriends ass and also doing P2OGM. Loved it when the girls got in a 69 shot with Joseline on top and Mick gets in from behind filling Miss Kelly's pussy putting JoJo in perfect position underneath to lick pussy and also taste his cock fresh from Joseline. Mick then puts forth the proposition if the girls really want to pass his class they should be ready to do anything and JoJo was "reluctant" for about 2 seconds before Mick slides into her ass in mish. Awesome to watch Joseline lean down a couple times for A2OGM. The girls switch positions allowing Joseline to join the anal club with Mick easing into her ass which accepts his cock! Miss Kiss was also kind enough to lean down for multiple A2OGM shots. The girls each get one more anal position with more A2OGM from Joseline before the girls get to share the load and I'm pretty sure get their A!!

Final Thoughts:

Another fantastic piece of anal entertainment from Greg Lansky and crew with a super hot cast of girls who all opened up for some hot anal action here. The stories to open the scenes were quick and got us right into the smoking hot sex starting with Adriana and closing strong with Joseline and JoJo making sure they passed German! The extras aren't many but you can revisit the pops for the four scenes here and there is a photo gallery as well. Easy to recommend picking up if you enjoy good strong anal sex that isn't super hard core but most assuredly gets the job done and fucking these girls but good. Some more variety in the positions might be nice but for so long the cowgirl shot wasn't as prevalent so I'm enjoying seeing these girls riding in cowgirl in every scene but maybe hit pile driver once in a while or perhaps hold the girl in a standing position as she rides your cock. It isn't a big deal at all but something perhaps we can see in future releases.