Interracial Icon 04

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Greg Lansky
180 minutes
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Reviewed by   03/20/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - March 20, 2017

Starring :

Keisha Grey
Abella Danger
Karlee Grey
Angela White
Lena Paul
Kimberly Moss
Sophia Leone
Jason Brown
Ricky Johnson
Joss Lescaf

(Runtime - 3 hr. 0 mins.)

With INTERRACIAL ICON VOL. 4, Director Greg Lansky and BLACKED.COM release the fourth scene compilation under the INTERRACIAL ICON title.

This collection of 4 scenes taken from the popular website, present 4 different vignettes in which beautiful women recall a great sexual experience with a black man(or men).

Below is a breakdown of all of the details, regarding both vignette as well as sex scene.

Scene 1. Keisha Grey and Abella Danger and Karlee Grey and Jason Brown and Ricky Johnson
It's nearing the end of Summer, and Abella is bummed. A few weeks ago, she broke up with her boyfriend. To make matters worse, when school begins soon, she has some classes lined up with said boyfriend. In an effort to cheer her up, Karlee's friends, Keisha Grey and Abella Danger invite Karlee for a "girls day out", by an abandoned pool. But as they lounge and talk, they are also greeted by Jason Brown and Ricky Johnson, 2 muscular skateboarders, who occupy the pool to thrash. After their skate session, the guys chat it up with the girls, and soon Abella suggests that they go back to her place to continue the fun. Keisha, Abella, and the 2 skaters waste no time in kissing, and otherwise getting down to business, as Karlee watch on, and become horny herself, with each passing moment. However, soon she joins in. This, as things go from riding the "black tide" to riding black cock.
First, Abella is paired with Jason, and Keisha with Ricky. Pants come down, as the girls stroke the guys off. Abella is the first to suck, before Keisha also goes on to suck Ricky. Abella taunts Abella from here, as she continues to work on Jason. It's from there, that Karlee soon joins in and gets down to sucking, while Jason sucks Abella's tits, and reaches into her shorts to finger her. There's a time where we see Karlee and Abella share the cock prior to Abella stripping out of her shorts, before straddling Jason's face for him to suck and tongue. After this, Jason sucks and tongues at Abella's pussy and ass, before we see him fuck her in doggy. Likewise, Ricky fucks Keisha from behind. Ricky also has the added bonus of Karlee, who sucks him off during breaks. Karlee thing offers her tongue to Abella's ass briefly, before she is then fucked in doggy by Jason. Following a time here, we see the girls lined up, facing the camera. Initially, Jason fucks Karlee, and Ricky Abella, from here. It's here that the two guts alternate between girls, fucking them hard from behind. Following this, Keisha and Abella ride cowgirl. Keisha on Jason and Abella on Ricky. It's during, that we see them both bounce, and be fucked hard. Next, Karlee gets a chance to ride Jason in cowgirl for a moment. After this, a brief moment of cocksucking leads to Jason and Ricky to take Abella and Keisha into missionary respectively to fuck them steadily Jason then soon switches to Karlee. Things continue on from here, as the guys pin the girls' legs back, pounding them deep and hard before cumming. The scene ends with both Jason and Ricky jerking off the cum onto the faces of the three ladies. - Wow, this was an amazing scene! Presentation-wise, it is one of the best scenes that I have seen since starting my tenure as a porn reviewer. I love the whole 80s skateboard culture vibe, which Lansky absolutely nails. The sex that follows, a five-way, involving 3 girls and 2 guys, is also incredible. The sex in question, featuring Keisha Grey, Abella Danger, and Karlee Grey serves as an excellent display of all natural bodies. Both in tits and in ass. I was in heaven, and you will be too!

Scene 2: Angela White and Lena Paul and Jason Brown
After a long and bitter divorce with her now ex-husband, Lena is still feeling the effects, despite the fact that her husband is a loser. Lena's best friend Angela White, hopes to however cheer her up, when she arranges a sexual encounter between herself, Lena, and the black man that she has been dating - Jason Brown
Things begin with the three exchange kisses, prior to Jason's cock coming out. It doesn't take Lena long to begin sucking Jason's big cock, stroking it with both hands, and glazing it with spit. Angela, who was encouraging the action, soon joins in for a time, as things soon pick up, with Jason lying on his back. Following this, we see Lena slip the cock between his big tits, as it fucks them. After this, Lena removes her panties, with which Angela then wraps around Jason's cock as she toy with it, and suck it. This is followed by some sharing, before more titty-fucking is seen as Angela bounces her big, beautiful tits, while the cock in in between them. Next up, Lena gives the titty-fucking another go, before Angela hops on to ride the cock in cowgirl. Here, Angela bounces on the cock, at a steady pace, as it fills up her pussy, only stopping to allow Lena to suck Angie's juices from the cock. Next, It's Lena who gets dick, as she is fucked from behind. During this, there is a brief moment, in which Angie lies back, and spreads, while Lena tongues at her pussy. This, before Angela goes back to help spreading Lena's ass. However, next, it's Angie that gets some doggy of her own, as Jason proceeds to fuck from behind. Here, Jason fucks at a steady pace until they break, only to soon resume. It's then that doggy resumes, with Jason fucking Angela's pussy deeper, and harder. The pace would stay consistent next in missionary. Here, Angela is spread with her legs pinned back. Jason continuous rams Angie's pink hole with his cock, as she becomes even more wet. This is followed by Lena getting the same, as she is next on her back to be fucked. It's here that we see Jason fuck at a steady pace, while Angela plays with Lena's big, bouncing tits. This action lasting until Jason works himself up to cum, jerking off, to shower the ladies' faces with his load. - This was a solid, solid scene. Prior to me seeing the scene, Angela White herself, warned me of potential much loved "boobage", from both she and Lena Paul. She was right. This scene was like a meeting of the King Kong, and Godzilla of boobs - and it's a clash for the century! This was a great scene of hardening action. I loved the way that Angela was essentially in command here, directing, and taking cock with enthusiasm. She and Lena are also a lovable pair. Jason Brown also rises to occasion here, fucking the ladies good, exactly how they want it. Excellent showing for all here, but it is true especially Angela White.

Scene 3: Sophia Leone and Jason Brown
Sophia is a model, who has been modeling for a year now. She recalls when she was hired to model for a high-end wedding magazine. Sophia was paired with handsome black man, Jason Brown. The two hit it off, during the shoot, so much so, that Jason pulled Sophia off into a bedroom, on the second floor of the house in which they are shooting, during a lunch break. And it was there that one thing led to another.
Kissing leads to undressing, as Sophia makes her way down to suck Jason's cock and balls. It's work that continues also as Jason lies back to enjoy. Following this, Jason takes things to missionary, as Sophia lies on her back to take the dick into her pussy, as her legs are held back, This lasts for a brief spell, before the action takes to doggy next, where we see Jason maintain a steady pace. Next, Jason lies back as Sophia rides him in reverse cowgirl. Here. she bounces, and is fucked at a steady pace. This, before the position switches to standard cowgirl, for an extended stay, of again bouncing and fucking. This lasting until Jason has to cum - jerking off to spray Sophia's mouth with his load. - In comparison this scene seemed a whole lot shorter than the previous 2. Nonetheless it is still a solid round of sex, and again puts the performance of Jason Brown on nice display.

Scene 3: Kimberly Moss and Joss Lescaf
Kimberly is a young lady, who explains that she was sexually attracted to her Stepdad, "Pierre"(Joss Lescaf) immediately. This as she goes on to detail a day in which she spied on her parents having sex, saying that it was after her mom rushed off to Yoga, that she seized the opportunity to get what she wanted from her Stepdad, as she lie in bed asleep.
Things begin with Kimberly eagerly stroking Joss' big cock, fast and hard. This is soon followed up by Kimberly sucking the cock, while Joss also fucks her face, slowly. The cock work continues as Joss next lies back on the bed to enjoy, as Kimberly playfully slurps on his cock.. This, being prior Kimberly going on to ride the cock in reverse cowgirl. From here, Kimberly plants her feet firmly, as Joss consistently drives his cock into her pussy at an increasing pace. This then switches to standard cowgirl. Kimberly bounces for a short time, before taking a break to suck cock. This before getting back on, where it's a combination of both bouncing by Kimberly and steady fucking from Joss. This is then followed up by more cock worship by Kimberly. Next up, Kimberly gets the dick from behind in doggy, as Joss maintains a nice pace. Following this, Kimberly lies flat on her stomach. This, as Joss straddles her legs, as she hold the legs tight. From here, Joss proceeds to pounce, as he pounds his cock into Kimberly's pussy hard. This session lasting for an extended period of time. Kimberly is next on her back, where Joss, first tongues and sucks on her pussy, before his cock goes in. It's here that Joss fucks steady. It's a pace that becomes faster and harder as he slam into the pussy, eventually causing him to cum after her jerk off - unloading, aimed at Kimberly's mouth. - This was yet another great scene. The action is good and hard, and Kimberly moss - I have to say cute as fuck! She is so cute. Here, Kimberly takes a nice, deep hard pounding by Joss Lescaf. Very nice work from him, as well.

With this release Director Greg Lansky returns with his INTERRACIAL ICON series for BLACKED, and it's one that I have been waiting for. Why? Because this release features a scene, that I was immediately impressed with when it went up online. It's the skateboard inspired scene that the viewer sees first in this collection. This scene, one that is obviously heavily inspired. Bright color, and 80s overtones follow it. It's very nicely presented, and is evident just by viewing the DVD's cover image, which features all five of the scene's participants; Keisha Grey, bella Danger, Karlee Grey - and the guys; Jason Brown, and Ricky Johnson. It is simply one of the more eye-catching covers that I have seen as of late. Fortunately, the scene itself also lives up to expectations, as it is a five-way scene that is quite arousing, and visually appealing, as the ladies, especially are nicely captured.

But it doesn't in there. No. Yes, while the first scene may be the main attraction for most, the good thing is that, in my opinion, 3 of the 4 scenes, seen in this release, are all pretty damn solid. The first scene is followed by a three-way, grouping the equally big breasted Angela White and Lena Paul, with Jason Brown. These 2 lovely ladies have great big tits, and they are a joy to see - that's no lie. Here, our eyes get plenty a view of them, as we see them bounced, flailed, and fucked. The sex in addition to the boobs, is also great. I have to admit that I was highly impressed with the "take charge" attitude from Angela White, who basically commanded everything with much enthusiasm and sexual gusto. It's the type of command that makes said action before us, that much hotter. Lena Paul is also lovely as well - make no mistake about it. The third scene for me, saw the overall flow of the scenes as a compilation, sort of dip a little. Although the scene, which again involves Jason Brown, whom is this time paired with Sophia Leone, features some decent action, I just didn't feel the same about it, as I did with the other scenes. For me, things did luckily pick right back up with the fourth, and final since. A scene which involves young Kimberly Moss, who works with the older, Joss Lescaf. The scene in question is full of energy, and hard action, as a petite young girl takes a big black cock, and loves it! It's a nice scene.

Overall, INTERRACIAL ICON VOL. 4 offers a very nice collection, that is satisfying with both its visuals and its nicely captured sex. I had fun with this release as a whole, and as mentioned above, the first scene in this collection has to be one of my favorite scenes that I have reviewed thus far.

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