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Mason Hard X
120 minutes
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Reviewed by   03/22/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
139 min.

Production Date:
5 / 5 / 2016


Ana Foxxx, Megan Rain, Morgan Lee, and Valentina Nappi
Markus Dupree and Mick Blue

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are very nicely done, which is nothing new when Mason or Hard X are involved. The audio is clear and well balanced and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks great. There's a few minor lighting imbalances, but nothing too noticeable with Mason's natural style of camera work. The picture is also clear and there's a nicely smooth hand on the camera.

The Movie:
DP Me 4 keeps things pretty simple. Each girl puts on a little show to start their scene, and sometimes they also have a little chat with Mason. After that they hook up with superstud Mick Blue and Markus Dupree to let the guys team up on their holes.

Scene 1

Ana Foxxx


Markus Dupree and Mick Blue

Black babe Ana starts out dancing around a little and talking with Mason about how she never thought she'd do a DP, what she's looking forward to with her DP, and how this very well might be Mason's first black girl DP. She strips out of a little white swimsuit before the scene cuts to her being surrounded by Markus and Mick as they kiss her and grope their way around each other. Ana drops down to eagerly suck and stroke her way between them, and takes plenty of solid face fucking as well as giving them some great eye contact and smiles. They bend her over on the couch so Mick can eat her holes and fuck her pussy from behind as Ana continues to suck Markus. Of course the guys trade places and moves on to tap her ass from behind with Markus getting the honors of the first poke this time. They roll Ana back into a reverse cowgirl rectal reaming and Mick plays with her pussy a little before joining in on her pussy to DP her. Ana flips over for them to DP her cowgirl style and takes some nice ass to mouth action from Mick as Markus taps her ass from behind again. The guys DP her standing up, give her a cock at each end missionary style, and even make her squirt a little before they go back to DPing Ana cowgirl style. Ana gives the guys a bit more oral action and takes a cock at each end in doggie, lets them take turns fucking her missionary style with more squirting, and double stuffing her in both cowgirls before Ana drops down for a solid double facial finish. Markus picks Ana back up to fuck her ass reverse cowgirl style as soon as they pop and Ana flips over for one last double penetration in cowgirl with her face covered in cum.

Scene 2

Morgan Lee


Markus Dupree and Mick Blue

Smoking hot Asian babe Morgan starts out in a naughty schoolgirl outfit and that she's looking forward to schooling the guys a little now that she's graduated from anal last time with Mason. Morgan also talks about what she's looking forward to, the possibility of her getting a little extra freaky, and how thrilled she is to have the partners she does before putting on a little show. Markus and Mick arrive, with Mick giving Morgan a kiss before having her start to mouth his manhood while Markus eats her from behind and quickly starts to fuck her doggie style. They spin her around so Mick can fuck her bald pussy from behind as Morgan sucks Markus clean and lets him fuck her face. They trade off as they fuck her ass and move on with a reverse cowgirl rectal reaming that soon after turns into a double penetration with Morgan giving the guys no shortage of oral encouragement. She has the guys DP her cowgirl style after Markus pile drives her ass a little, and even lets them double stuff her pussy as well as her ass! Even Morgan seems amazed at how much her holes can stretch as the guys team up on them, and she sucks her ass juices from their cocks before having them team up on her ass again, this time in reverse cowgirl with more ass to mouth action mixed in. Morgan rolls back and forth between the traditional cowgirl and reverse cowgirl for more double penetration, double vag, and double anal action, and mixes in more ass to mouth as well. Morgan drops down to take a great double facial from Mick and Markus, and makes sure to suck out every last drop she can get from them before the camera fades out.

Scene 3

Megan Rain


Markus Dupree and Mick Blue

Brunette coverbabe Megan goes right to the tease wearing pink heart shaped shades, a bikini with hearts on them, white socks, and clear porno pumps sucking on a red lollipop while laying on a pink towel. She dances around and strips down to let her great ass get oiled up before magically moving inside to kiss and stroke Mick and Markus as they play with her. Megan drops down to suck and stroke her way between the guys before getting on all fours so Markus can switch over to eating and fucking her bald pussy from behind. Mick flips her around to play with her ass before fucking it doggie style, and gives Markus a chance to tap her ass from behind as well before they team up to DP her cowgirl style. Megan gives them plenty of oral encouragement as they DP her, and keeps it up after rolling over to take both dicks down below reverse cowgirl style as well as sucking all her juices off both cocks. She gives them a little more head before they pick her up and DP her standing up before setting her down to have their way with her ass and face. Of course the double penetrations don't end there, and the guys continue to DP her in both cowgirls before letting her down to stucco her face with no shortage of their scene. Mick grabs Megan by the hair and gives her a little dirty talk as she brings her pussy to one last orgasm with her fingers.

Scene 4

Valentina Nappi


Markus Dupree and Mick Blue

Curvy Italian beauty Valentina starts the final scene in a skintight black outfit dancing around a little and showing off her killer body before the camera switches to Valentina ,Mick, and Markus kissing as their hands wander around each other. Valentina drops down to suck and stroke her way between the guys before they have her get on all fours so Markus can go directly to fucking her ass doggie style as Mick fucks her face. She moves over to ride Mick cowgirl style as he plays with her ass and Markus fucks her face, and soon after Markus is back behind her to DP her. Valentina urges them on as they pull her hair and spank her ass, and keeps putting out plenty of vocals after rolling over for them to DP her reverse cowgirl style. Valentina sucks and strokes her way between the guys as they continue to dominantly team up on her and her holes through the cowgirls and missionary. Mick and Markus DP Valentina standing up and have her work between them orally a couple times before going back to DPing her in the cowgirls on the couch. Valentina drops down to take their loads in her mouth and swallows it down before they take her back to the couch and make her cum with one last DP cowgirl style.

DP Me 4 is a smoking hot double penetration release that exceeded my expectations even going in with very high expectations. Each and every one of the girls looks hot as can be, and brings a great attitude with them. I love how vocal all the girls are as they take on Mick and Markus, and the guys work great together seeming to know just how hard the girls want to get fucked. I love Ana and her opening DP dance, as well as all the smiles she puts out taking her first double penetration. I've become a huge fan of Morgan Lee lately, and was amazed at how well she took all the double anal and double vag action she did here. So often the first double anal or double vag is just a five or ten second thing for the girl to claim she did it, but here Morgan gets her holes stretched over and over by both cocks and looks like a complete pro doing it. Megan is no stranger to taking on two dicks at once, and turns out yet another more than solid double penetration here that's bound to leave her fans very pleased. Valentina is also no stranger to double penetrations, and turns out a smoking hot DP with plenty of intensity that she looks to be more than into while looking beyond amazing. DP Me 4 is nothing short of a fantastic double penetration release as well as one of the best releases I've seen from Mason and Hard X. This one is well worth the purchase if you're anything close to a fan of the cast or double penetrations.

The Extras:
The photo gallery lasts a little under a minute and a half. There's also a behind the scenes featurette and cumshot recaps.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about seven and a quarter minutes. Mason starts out raving about Ana's scene with Ana seeming every bit as amazed with it and how good it felt. Morgan laughs and jokes around about how much her body can take and her preference between double vag and double anal. Megan shares plenty of laughs as she briefly chats with Mason about the experience, and Valentina talks about how much she enjoyed the experience. This is a very good behind the scenes featurette. I love that Mason includes all the girls, and there's great chemistry and a fun feeling as she chats with each of them. This is a very nice addition to the overall release.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's a must buy for anyone who considers themselves a fan of double penetrations or the ladies involved!

Note to Hard X:
Thank you for putting out such a consistently solid product!

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Reviewed by   07/28/16 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Time to check out a recent release from Mason that features all four girls engaging not just in anal but each scene features these lovely girls taking on two cocks thus some DP lovin' is captured! A few highlights.

Ana Foxxx:

We lead off this DP fest with the sexy Ana Foxxx who will be doing her first ever DP in this scene so she does what Mason calls her happy DP dance! Ana looks nice in the tight white outfit and her skin looks so nice here. Turning around for a quick twirl you enough of that ass that your interest level should be raised. ...

Reviewed by   07/18/16 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Mason is the director behind all the great releases at HardX. To me, DP Me is her best series and always produces some volcanic scenes! She has 4 new scenes here including Morgan Lee doing her first double anal and double vag, Ana Foxx doing her first DP, Megan Rain and Valentina Nappi. This should be a great release and one that is eagerly anticipated!

Ana Foxx

Ana is doing a happy DP dance in a white leotard. This is her first DP and she's looking forward to it! She does her tease and Mason captures some great ground shots. Ana does a striptease and she has a ...