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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Greg Lansky 120 minutes
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Reviewed by   05/02/19
Lana has moved from Chicago to LA with one thing in mind, to ace her last year at university. With an unpaid internship and her finals getting close, she has no time to herself and she has no extra cash. When she rents out her spare room, she finds her roommate always coming home with beautiful things, even though she knows her parents do not have a lot of money. She finds out the reason for this is that she is a high class escort. This intrigues Lana and she gets the opportunity to try it out for herself. Little does she know that this conversation is going to change her life forever. She is about to meet a rich hot guy who knows exactly what he wants.

Industry Reviews (3)

Reviewed by   03/27/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - March 27, 2017

Starring :

Lana Rhoades
Adriana Chechik
Penny Pax
Mick Blue
Manuel Ferrara
John Johnson
Jean Val Jean

(Runtime - 3 hr. 30 mins.) [Disc 1: 1 hr. 35 mins. / Disc 2: 1 hr. 55 mins]

In the film, LANA, Lana Rhoades is a student who moved to Los Angeles to do one thing. To graduate from the University of Los Angeles law school. She is coming up on one year until graduation, and so in the meantime, she has taken an internship at the law firm, Wakefield and Meyer. However, although she is so...

Reviewed by   03/19/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Lana Rhoades is one of the hottest stars in adult today. That goes both for her looks and how much the fans have taken to her. She gets her own showcase here from as directed by Greg Lansky. Lana has been in the industry for about a year now and she has a great fanbase. There are 5 scenes on this disk and Lana does her first anal, her first IR anal and her first DP. She also has one lesbian scene with Adriana Chechik and one boy/girl/girl with Penny Pax. With Greg directing this, you know the camerawork will be spot on and it will show Lana in the best light possible! This highly anticipated title is expected to be one of the top sellers of 2017 so let?s see what it has to offer!

Lana w/Jean Val Jean

Lana is a new girl in the big city. She is going to school and has an internship at a prestigious law firm. However, that?s no way to make money and afford to live! She notices that her roommate always has the nicest things and asks her about it. Penny tells her that she escorts on the side and encourages Lana to join her. She introduces her to Jean and heads over to his house. He has some black lingerie laid out for her and Lana really stands out in the garment. Damn! Lana takes him into her mouth then almost immediately licks his butthole. She licks up his shaft and pops him in and out of her mouth. She even shakes her ass when she?s tossing his salad! This girl has skills! Lana just works him over and maintains great eye contact. What a sexy woman! Jean bangs her in mish then turns his attention to her butt. Lana gets anally violated in mish, spoon and reverse. Lana does ATM and deep throats his cock, choking on the meat and getting sloppy with it. They finish up in doggie anal and then Jean pops all over her face and tongue. Lana cleans him off and swallows her prize. Very good first anal!

Lana & Penny Pax w/Manuel Ferrara

Lana totally liked her last experience so she opens up her own page to do it more often. Penny texts her that one of her clients wants a threesome so Lana heads over to his place. Manuel wants the girls to start playing with each other. Lana licks Penny?s butthole and she gets her tongue all the way in there. The girls reverse positions and it seems Penny enjoys eating ass as well! Manuel is ready for action and shoves his cock in Lana?s mouth. She takes every inch and has her tongue licking the underside of his shaft. She blows some spit bubbles on his cock then hands it over to her friend. Manu goes back-and-forth in the two girls? moist mouths and they work out some sexy stringers. Lana eats out Manuel?s ass while Penny continues to work him over. Lana rides him in cowgirl then takes him in her ass in spoon and reverse. The latter position is great as we see Lana?s face and whole body facing us as her ass gets pounded. Penny gets into the action and takes him anally in spoon while Lana tosses his salad. Penny also takes him in her ass in reverse and I love the way her eyes roll back in her head! He finishes up in the girls? asses in doggie. Manuel fires his load at Penny?s ass and Lana?s face and then the girls very sexily cum kiss.

Lana & Adriana Chechik

A husband wants to bring Lana over for his wife. Adriana and Lana are both in black lingerie and they look incredible together! They have a hot makeout session with lots of open mouth kissing. Adriana lies on top of her and sucks on her tongue. So hot! Adriana goes down on Lana and fucks her with her tongue. She rubs her face all up in there and it?s like she wants to put her whole head in her pussy! She tongue fucks Lana?s ass and then fingers her butthole. Lana gets her chance and slowly licks up Adriana?s slit. The camera gets some nice close-ups as Lana sucks on her lips and pleasures her clit. She also tongue fucks Adriana?s butthole which should come as no surprise. She then fingers her butthole and spits on her to lubricate her fingers. This is a very good girl/girl scene with plenty of anal play. Hot!

Lana w/John Johnson

Lana is really getting into her new gig and has an appointment with a big-time celebrity. She has to fill out non-disclosure agreements and other paperwork and then she can meet him. Her and John passionately kiss and they head for his bedroom. Lana is in white lingerie and John worships her body. Lana starts out by sucking on his balls and she fucks him with her face. She slurps all over his dick and has strings of drool hanging off her chin. John eats her out from behind and sees that she has a silver butt plug inserted. He gives her a ride in cowgirl then penetrates her ass in mish. She also gets anally plowed in spoon and reverse. John nuts all over her face and Lana cleans him off.

Lana w/Jean Val Jean and Mick Blue

Lana is finding it difficult to juggle her secret life with her job at the law firm. Her next appointment is with two men, one of whom happens to be her boss at the firm. That?s gonna make for awkward water cooler conversation! Lana kisses both of them passionately and the guys are all over her. Lana looks absolutely amazing in her black lingerie and puts her body in some great positions as the Mick and Jean have their way with her. Lana grabs their packages and asks them to take turns in her mouth. They take turns fucking her face and Lana has long stringers hanging off her chin. Mick eats her out then fucks her in doggie while she blows Jean. Jean and Mick reverse positions only Jean fucks her ass. She also gets her ass warmed up in mish before she gets DP?d in cowgirl. The angles are perfect as we don?t miss a stroke. Lana looks so good with both of her holes filled! She also gets DP?d in reverse with her legs high in the air, forming a V. This scene is intense and energetic at the same time and Lana does a great job. Mick and Jean stroke off all over her face and Lana cleans them off.


This is an exceptional title from Greg Lansky for It helps when you have such a gorgeous subject as Lana to build a showcase around. This girl has been quite impressive during her first year in the industry and this is a well-deserved movie. Her fans have been clamoring for a while now for Lana to do anal and her holes really get stuffed in this release. Lana is a flawless beauty and Greg shows her off nicely. Her anal scenes are hot and Penny and Adriana contribute to the winning nature of this release. She gets four top studs to work with and lays it all on the line. Her fans will definitely want to add this one to their collection. Hell, even people that are just discovering her will want to get this disk. Very good release featuring porn?s next superstar, Lana Rhoades!



Reviewed by   03/18/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Welcome fans to the latest showcase title from Greg Lansky and this one falls in the studio. The lucky girl to be featured here is Lana Rhoades and stunning is a word among many that can be chosen to describe this dark haired beauty. Just a fantastic all around body from her pretty eyes to perfectly sized natural breasts and a turn around reveals a real nice ass too. So far Lana has been good in her scenes but this release here will allow Miss Rhoades to really stretch her wings and try out a few things her growing fan base has been clamoring for her to do. This release will feature...