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Greg Lansky 120 minutes
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Reviewed by   05/02/19
Lana has moved from Chicago to LA with one thing in mind, to ace her last year at university. With an unpaid internship and her finals getting close, she has no time to herself and she has no extra cash. When she rents out her spare room, she finds her roommate always coming home with beautiful things, even though she knows her parents do not have a lot of money. She finds out the reason for this is that she is a high class escort. This intrigues Lana and she gets the opportunity to try it out for herself. Little does she know that this conversation is going to change her life forever. She is about to meet a rich hot guy who knows exactly what he wants.

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Reviewed by   03/27/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - March 27, 2017

Starring :

Lana Rhoades
Adriana Chechik
Penny Pax
Mick Blue
Manuel Ferrara
John Johnson
Jean Val Jean

(Runtime - 3 hr. 30 mins.) [Disc 1: 1 hr. 35 mins. / Disc 2: 1 hr. 55 mins]

In the film, LANA, Lana Rhoades is a student who moved to Los Angeles to do one thing. To graduate from the University of Los Angeles law school. She is coming up on one year until graduation, and so in the meantime, she has taken an internship at the law firm, Wakefield and Meyer. However, although she is so close to achieving her goal in graduating, she has run into a little problem - the job at the firm, just isn't cutting it. Lana is struggling financially, and having difficulty keeping up with her bills. In comparison, her life isn't that much different that her roommate, "Kate's"(Penny Pax). which is why Lana can't quite understand how Kate can get by so easily. But as it turns out, there is good reason, and soon Kate gives her all of the details. Kate says that on the side, she deals in what she calls "transactional relationships" with wealthy clients. This means that with them, she does things such as go out to dinner, see a show, go away for a weekend, and of course have sex. Kate assures Lana that it is no big deal, and plus it pays well. Lana soon thinks things over, and soon dives in, as Kate connects her with her first client from her existing pool - a man known as "Mr. Pierre"(Jean Val Jean). Lana meets Pierre for some champagne, and then later, sex. Good sex. In fact, Lana is surprised with how well it went, seeing as she made $3,000 in just a couple of hours of service. A total that would take her mere months to achieve at her other job. Pleased with the outcome, Lana continues on, later joining Kate for a three-way with a client named "Ramon(Manuel Ferrara), before setting up shop online to go it alone. As Lana continues this essential double life, she slips into a comfort that she's her catering to the wealthy, seemingly one after another. She believes that she is in the clear, and that no one from her real life will come to know about the secret one, which she leads on the side. However, she was wrong. Because exactly one your to the day that she begin participating in transactional relationships, her two very different worlds collide, when she is contacted again by Mr. Pierre, her first client. He wants to meet with her, only he has also invited a friend. To Lana it's just another transaction, and besides a three-way with 2 guys as long been a fantasy for her. Unfortunately she never could have guessed, just who the friend might be, and when she shows up at Pierre's place, Lana gets the shock of a lifetime. It is revealed that Pierre's best friend is none other than Lana's boss at Wakefield and Meyer, "Mark Kaiser"(Mick Blue). Although, now playing with proverbial fire, Lana and Mark stay silent about their acquaintance, as Lana does the deed. Thus putting possibly putting everything that she's worked hard for over the last year, including an impending job at the law firm on the line.

With LANA, award winning Writer/Director Greg Lansky forms a narrative story around the beauty and performance talents of hugely popular starlet, Lana Rhoades. In comparison, these stories that Lansky writes for his showcases, are very similar to the old "Deep Inside" series in which golden age pornstars were fictitiously profiled and placed into stories as "themselves".

Here, Lana Rhoades portrays a college student that despite being one year away from graduating law school, has fallen on hard times. She's struggling with bills, and needs a way to make money fast. That is where her roommate, "Kate"(Penny Pax) comes in. Lana sees that Kate is living far more comfortably, despite the two of them having just about the same responsibilities. It leads to Lana questioning Kate about where her money comes from, and soon Kate sets her on the right path. The path of so called, "transactional relationships". So to sum things up, Lana basically becomes a "paid girlfriend" to the rich and famous. The story presents a naive girl that falls into a lifestyle that at first, she is skeptical about, however, as she sees that money comes easy, she begins to get comfortable. A little too comfortable, in fact, because in the end, she sort of loses sight of the fact that she is essentially living 2 lives. She carelessly believes that the two lives will never cross, so when they do unexpectedly, the choices that she makes can ultimately turn her entire world on its head. So how does it all end? You'll just have to see the movie!

Acting-wise, I felt that everyone did at least decently for their part. This is especially true for Lana Rhoades who leads the way, both on-screen and by narration. Lana does a great job here, making her character and interesting one, and even a little sympathetic. So that, when the ending comes around, the viewer is concerned where it all will lead. Personally, I was into the characters - both the lead and the support, so as a whole this story definitely kept my interest with it'd progressive nature. I liked the fact that, as a viewer, here, we are essentially along for the ride, as Lana embarks on her journey partaking in the whole "girlfriend experience" thing.

As for the sex, this showcase is packed with it. LANA features star Lana Rhoades in a series of 5 individual sex scenes all of them featuring anal sex. This includes Lana's first on-screen anal scene with Jean Val Jean, interracial anal, as well as Lana's first on-screen double penetration scene. I am not lying to you when I say that all 5 of these sex scenes are worth seeing. Lana's energy during each is great, and she just adds more fuel to the sexual fire with her arousing dirty talk. For instance, asking the guys if they are using her holes as their "little jerk off holes", or if they are using her as a "blow up doll", etc. It's all just so hot. All Lana Rhoades fans are going to need to see these scenes. But if I must pick a favorite scene from the showcase, it would definitely have to be the final scene, which is the DP scene featuring Lana with Jean Val Jean and Mick Blue. It's a really hot scene, filled with lots of energy. And speaking of "filled" that is a great way to sum up this double penetration scene, as both guys fill her up good, all the way until an enthusiastic finish, that leaves Lana literally creaming.

Overall, LANA is both a great showcase for the star, as well as a great scripted movie in general. As I said, the film progresses in a way that has the viewer's attention up until the final cue. I left the film very pleased with the outcome of the story, and feel that those who have yet to see the film, will also enjoy it. Not only is it a nicely presented story, it's also backed with solid sex scenes, as well.

Sex scene breakdown

Scene 1: Lana Rhoades and Jean Val Jean
"Kate"(Penny Pax) connects Lana with one of her clients, a wealthy European business man(Jean Val Jean), who enjoys convenient company. Lana meets with him and they have some Champagne. After, Lana retreats to use the bathroom. Jean tells Lana that there is also something waiting for her there. In the bathroom, Lana finds 2 things; a suit of black lingerie, which she is to wear, along with an envelope stuffed with cash. Lana slips into the lingerie, and rejoins Jean in a bedroom, where things soon get underway.
Things begin with some passionate kissing between the two, as they feel one another up. Jean also sucks on Lana's tits, as he removes her bra. It's next that they each feel up each others nether region. Jean's pants soon come off, as Lana stroke, and squeeze on his cock, just prior to Jean Lying back, as Lana suck and tongue his cock and balls, and also lick his ass. The sucking continues for a time as Jean go to his knees. Aside from Lana continuing to suck, Jean toys with her mouth, bringing his cock in and out of it, this, as well as also lightly fucking her face. All of this, as spit builds on the cock. Jean, then peels Lana's panties off, in order to tongue her ass. This, as he spread it. Next Lana is on her back, as Jean proceeds to slowly fuck her pussy in missionary, as Lana's legs her held high and wide. The pacing from here becoming harder, and faster as Jean fucks, resulting in steady pounding. Jean then follows this up by pulling Lana to the edge of the bed, as he insert his hard cock into Lana's tight ass for anal. From here, we see Jean slowly move in and out of the tight space. Here, as things continue, Jean ends up drilling the ass harder, before things next carry over into a side position, as Lana's legs are held tight, as Jean continues to fuck the asshole. It's from here, that we hear Lana beg for the cock, as Jean increases the pace. It's ass to mouth next, as Lana goes on to throat the cock, just before sitting on it, as we see reverse cowgirl next. From this position, Jean plunges his cock deep into Lana's ass at an increasing pace that becomes hard and fast, as Lana is spread out, with her feet planted on Jean's knees. Lana's legs are then open more, as Jean continuously plows the ass hard/ This, as he occasionally spread Lana's ass open.. More sucking/face-fucking follows after, prior to anal next continuing in doggy. From here, Jean straddles Lana's ass, in order to drive his cock deeply into it, and he does so steadily. During this, the camera alternates between long and closeup shots, as we are kept in the action at hand. From this position, the said action continues until Jean works himself up to cum. As a result, the scene closes with Jean jerking off to cum onto Lana's tits. - For the record, this was Lana Rhoades' first on-screen anal scene, and it's pretty great. Although it is her first anal, there are no signs here of Lana being an "anal rookie", as she takes the cock with ease, and seems to enjoy it. Some sexy action between she and Jean Val Jean is seen here.

Scene 2: Lana Rhoades and Penny Pax and Manuel Ferrara
"Kate"(Penny Pax) sets up a date between she, Lana and a client named "Roman"(Manuel Ferrara), and despite her nervousness, as she has never been with another girl in a sexual situation, she agrees. Lana soon shows up at Manuel's house, where things quickly begin.
First, Lana sits beside Manuel on the couch, as he proceeds to finger her under her tight black dress. Manuel then has the ladies exchange kisses, as he joins in. This is followed by Manuel reaching into Lana's black lace panties to finger her, just prior to they all heading to the bedroom to continue. It's here that Manuel first instructs Lana to go down on Penny. This, as Penny is on all fours. Lana from her first buries her face into Penny's ass, before going on to focus on tonguing the asshole, as well as finger it. Next, Penny returns the favor, as it is Lana, who is next on all fours. Penny pulls Lana's panties down midway, as she to proceeds to tongue ass, as the camera keeps a watchful eye. Next, we see Lana and Penny trade off on sucking Manuel's cock. This as Manuel fucks their faces, as well a s ram his cock deep into their throats. This is soon followed up with the girls double teaming the cock and balls. Lana sucks on Manuel's balls, as Penny suck the cock. However, soon Lana removes her bra, as we next see some brief titty-fucking, that is then followed by even more sucking from Lana. Following this, we see Lana on the cock, as she rides it in cowgirl. First, she sits upright as she bounces hard on the dick, but it's soon that she leans up to allow Manuel to fuck fast. Lana's position alternates from upright and forward, as the fucking becomes increasingly harder and faster. After this, the girls share the cock, as they clean the cock of Lana's juices. Next up, is the start of anal, though, as Manuel takes Lana's ass in spoon. From here, Manuel fucks the ass at a quick, hard pace, while also rubbing Lana's clit. From here, the deep pounding also continue, as Lana close her legs tightly. There's a brief pauses in between, as Penny sucks the cock, fresh from Lana's ass. Things then transition to reverse cowgirl, as Manuel continues the same pace, as he move in and out of Lana's ass. Lana then says that she wants to watch Manuel fuck her ass. This as she lie back, as Manuel plows her ass. During this, Lana's position changes between lying back, and sitting upright. This continues on for some time, before the girls briefly, and again share the cock, prior to Penny finally getting some dick in her ass. Manuel pounds Penny's asshole from spoon, as she keeps her legs tightly held. During this, Lana stays busy sucking on Manuel's balls for a time. Next, as with Lana before, the action transitions to reverse cowgirl, as Manuel there fucks the ass at a quick, but even pace. After this, Lana assumes the position, as Manuel fucks her ass from behind as Penny helps spread it wide for the fucking. During this, the action breaks as Manuel pulls out to reveal Lana's gape, and while Penny tongues the cock. This happens a couple of times in between Manuel's steady fucking of Lana's ass. After a time with Lana, Manuel then switches out the girls, as he next fucks Penny's ass from the same position. And like before, there are the breaks in between. But it is in this position, that Manuel fuck until he must cum. The scene ends with Manuel pulling out to spray Lana's face with a load, which also ricochets off of Penny's ripe ass. - This was a very good three-way scene. Personally, I felt that it was one that got better as it progressed, and as a result finished rather strongly. Here we see some solid fucking of the ass by Manuel Ferrara, as well as 2 ladies in Lana Rhoades and Penny Pax, who are eager to take it. Good stuff!

Scene 3: Lana Rhoades and Adriana Chechik
Next, Lana reports for a meeting set up by a wealthy client named Mr. Hoffman. She shows up to his mansion and gets dressed in sexy lingerie. After which, Hoffman gives her an envelope of cash, and informs her that she will be a gift to his wife, as he watch. He says that his wife has an unfulfilled fantasy of having anal sex with another woman. Lana agrees to it, and soon she meets up with said wife in another room.
Lana joins Adriana Chechik on the bed, as she has Lana suck on her thumb. This, before they exchange passionate kisses for an extended period of time. Adriana eventually removes Lana's bra, as does Lana remove Adriana's, this as Lana rides Adriana's leg. Adriana then pushes Lana on the bed, as she begins to kiss, lick and suck on Lana's tits, while also bitting on the nipples. In between, the girls continues to kiss passionately. Adriana finally makes her way down to remove Lana's panties, and get to work, as she tongues and sucks on Lana's pussy, much to Lana's delight. Next, Adriana has Lana turn over, and get on her knees. It's from here that Adriana's focus is Lana's tight ass, as she give it a tongue lashing, before going on to finger the hole deep. After, Adriana briefly lets Lana suck her fingers. which have been in her ass. This, before Adriana herself is on her back, as Lana pulls her to the edge of the bed. It's from here that Lana returns the favor, as she tonue and suck on her pussy, followed by Adriana's asshole, as well. The camera stays with a close view, as we eventually see Lana finger the ass deep with sever fingers. During this, Lana also soon simultaneously tongues and sucks on Adriana's pussy in the process. The camera during this action, nicely alternates between close, and wide shots, to detail. Following this, the girls switch places. Lana is on her back and at the edge of the bed, as Adriana tongue jabs, and licks Lana's ass, prior to stretching and fingering it. Next, Adriana resumes her deep fingering, as Lana rubs her clit. Next up, Adriana comes around the front to continues her deep fingering, as she also rubs Lana's clit at the same time. However soon, Lana takes over rubbing her clit, as Adriana's fingering of the ass becomes more determined as she fingers Lana hard until Lana achieves an orgasm. The scene then soon draws to a close after this, with the ladies once again kissing passionately. - Wow, this was a fucking hot girl/girl scene! First of all, this is a dream pairing to begin with. Both Lana Rhoades and Adriana Chechik are sexy as hell, and just the thought of them together ignites many fires. To see them together here, is a real treat, and fortunately, the action between them is amazing! This scene was captured nicely by Lansky, who gives us exactly what we want to see, virtually at all times.

Scene 4: Lana Rhoades and John Johnson
Next, Lana now more comfortable in her position, meets up with a new client, a high profile celebrity named, "Darnell"(John Johnson). This time, it's a little different, as because of his status, Darnell requires paperwork to be filled out prior to he meeting any girl. Lana does so, and then waits for him to come out to meet her. Darnell eventually joins her on the couch, where conversation soon leads to kissing. This itself, leading them to his bedroom.
We then see Lana out of her tight white dress as before, and into some sexy white lingerie. This, as she and John kiss, as they feel each other up. Lana eventually makes it down to her knees, as she go on to suck and slurp on John's cock. This leading him to momentarily fuck her face. More sucking and stroking follows after at John's request. This is before Lana is on all fours, as she tels John that he can fuck her face however her wants, He does so briefly, but soon Lana's slurping of the cock resumes. John wants to see Lana's ass, and so, she assumes the position on all fours, as John removes her panties. This reveals to us that Lana has inserted a diamond buttplug into her ass. From here, John briefly tongues Lana's pussy. However, Lana is quick to climb on for cowgirl. after stroking his cock, and as the two kiss briefly. Lana then removes the buttplug prior to going on to bounce her ass hard on the dick, prior to John taking over to steadily fuck the pussy. This continues in between Lana bouncing. During this, we also see John slam Lana down hard on his cock. Next up, Lana is on her back, and at the edge of the bed, as the anal continues in missionary, as Lana holds her legs up high, and spread. It's here, that John moves in and out of Lana's ass at a steady, but increasing pace. This then transitions to side fuck, where Lana's legs are closed tight, as John continues to fuck the ass. John continues with the same steady pace, pulling out to eventually reveal the gape, before it's back to the deep and steady fucking. This followed by several more gape reveals. Next, John Lies back as Lana briefly sucks cock, before riding it in reverse cowgirl. From here, Lana's feet are planted, as the cock plunges into her butthole as she bounce. However, next, Lana leans back, as she is hoisted up, and fucked hard by John who fucks her quick and deep. as he holds her legs up. This action continuing until John must cum. Things end as John straddles Lana's chest to jerk off and cum on her tits. - I thought that this was a good scene in which the participants performed well. Lana is obviously the star of the scene, as many of the positions show off her incredible body. In particular, her ass looked great as it bounced on the cock in cowgirl.

Scene 5: Lana Rhoades and Mick Blue and Jean Val Jean
It has been one year since Lana's first transactional relationship, and elsewhere in life, things are looking good for her. This is when she receives a text message, coincidentally, from her first hook up, "Mr. Pierre"(Jean Val Jean). He's in town and would like to meet. But he's not alone, he wants the be joined by a friend of his. Lana readily agrees, as it has always been a fantasy for her. However little did she know that she was in for a surprise. Because little did she know that the friend is actually her boss, from the law firm which she interns, "Mark Kaiser"(Mick Blue). When Lana shows up at Mr. Pierre's place, the two are shocked to run into each other, however, both remain tight-lipped as things progress and begin, as a three-way kicks off between they and Pierre.
First, Lana is ravished by both men, as they kiss, and feel her up, during which, Lana exchanges kisses with both. Her top comes down, ans the men also feel up her tits, and as she grinds on Mick briefly. Both Mick and Jean get their cocks out next, as Lana strokes them - one to each hand. She then goes to her knees, as she then proceed to trade off on sucking each One by one, she slurps and sucks the cock deep as the spit piles onto them. This, as the camera alternates between close, and wide shots. They finally take to the bed, as Lana continues to stroke ans tease them about sharing her hole. Lana then sits back, as Mick slips off her panties, and gets to work on her pussy, tonguing, and sucking at her clit. This is brief, as Lana is then bent over on all fours, and spanked by the men. Mick continues to tongue and suck on the pussy, just prior to inserting his cock, and fucking the pussy in doggy, while Lana sucks Jean's cock. Mick proceeds with a steady in and out, as Lana slurps Jean's cock, as he sit back and enjoy. After this, the guys switch places. However, instead of fucking her pussy, Jean opts to plunge deep into her asshole, as he straddle her. During this, the camera gives us a very nice closeup view of the ongoing penetration, which sees Jean periodically increase his pace, as well as pull in and out to toy. Lana is next on her back, as Mick takes her ass in missionary, where he fucks her nice and steady until there is a position change. Next, Lana climbs on for cowgirl with Jean, as he penetrates her pussy. Mick then straddles Lana to penetrate her ass. This as the guys proceed to move in and out of both of Lana's holes. This, as Lana tells the guys to use her as a "blow up doll". After some time there, Mick and Jean switch, as Mick is next in the pussy, while Jean is in the ass. Jean pounds his cock in as Lana tells them to "jerk off their cocks with her holes". Following this, Lana switches to reverse cowgirl. Here, Jean fucks the ass briefly, before Mick joins in to also fuck Lana's pussy. It's action from here that makes Lana visibly cream, as her pussy oozes. The guys here, pound the holes deep and hard, and as the continue, Mick holds her legs tight to drill Lana's pussy at a fast pace. This is then followed by both men jerking off to cum into Lana's open mouth. - This is the scene that every one is talking about as I believe(at least for now) that it is only available on the DVD. Well, fans of Lana Rhoades have every right to be anxious as this scene is pretty damn hot! Especially near the end during the double penetration. Lana is fucked so good that she can't help but to cream all over herself. It's so hot. For Lana fans, this scene is a must see!

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Reviewed by   03/19/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Lana Rhoades is one of the hottest stars in adult today. That goes both for her looks and how much the fans have taken to her. She gets her own showcase here from as directed by Greg Lansky. Lana has been in the industry for about a year now and she has a great fanbase. There are 5 scenes on this disk and Lana does her first anal, her first IR anal and her first DP. She also has one lesbian scene with Adriana Chechik and one boy/girl/girl with Penny Pax. With Greg directing this, you know the camerawork will be spot on and it will show Lana in the best light possible! This ...

Reviewed by   03/18/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Welcome fans to the latest showcase title from Greg Lansky and this one falls in the studio. The lucky girl to be featured here is Lana Rhoades and stunning is a word among many that can be chosen to describe this dark haired beauty. Just a fantastic all around body from her pretty eyes to perfectly sized natural breasts and a turn around reveals a real nice ass too. So far Lana has been good in her scenes but this release here will allow Miss Rhoades to really stretch her wings and try out a few things her growing fan base has been clamoring for her to do. This release will feature...