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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
Greg Lansky 120 minutes
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Reviewed by   05/02/19
Lana has moved from Chicago to LA with one thing in mind, to ace her last year at university. With an unpaid internship and her finals getting close, she has no time to herself and she has no extra cash. When she rents out her spare room, she finds her roommate always coming home with beautiful things, even though she knows her parents do not have a lot of money. She finds out the reason for this is that she is a high class escort. This intrigues Lana and she gets the opportunity to try it out for herself. Little does she know that this conversation is going to change her life forever. She is about to meet a rich hot guy who knows exactly what he wants.

Industry Reviews (3)

Reviewed by   03/27/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - March 27, 2017

Starring :

Lana Rhoades
Adriana Chechik
Penny Pax
Mick Blue
Manuel Ferrara
John Johnson
Jean Val Jean

(Runtime - 3 hr. 30 mins.) [Disc 1: 1 hr. 35 mins. / Disc 2: 1 hr. 55 mins]

In the film, LANA, Lana Rhoades is a student who moved to Los Angeles to do one thing. To graduate from the University of Los Angeles law school. She is coming up on one year until graduation, and so in the meantime, she has taken an internship at the law firm, Wakefield and Meyer. However, although she is so...

Reviewed by   03/19/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Lana Rhoades is one of the hottest stars in adult today. That goes both for her looks and how much the fans have taken to her. She gets her own showcase here from as directed by Greg Lansky. Lana has been in the industry for about a year now and she has a great fanbase. There are 5 scenes on this disk and Lana does her first anal, her first IR anal and her first DP. She also has one lesbian scene with Adriana Chechik and one boy/girl/girl with Penny Pax. With Greg directing this, you know the camerawork will be spot on and it will show Lana in the best light possible! This ...

Reviewed by   03/18/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Welcome fans to the latest showcase title from Greg Lansky and this one falls in the studio. The lucky girl to be featured here is Lana Rhoades and stunning is a word among many that can be chosen to describe this dark haired beauty. Just a fantastic all around body from her pretty eyes to perfectly sized natural breasts and a turn around reveals a real nice ass too. So far Lana has been good in her scenes but this release here will allow Miss Rhoades to really stretch her wings and try out a few things her growing fan base has been clamoring for her to do. This release will feature both her first anal and first DP scenes plus some hot g/g and IR action too. So if you're at all curious about this gorgeous girl the release of this show case should more than satisfy your interest. Having already watched the scenes on the Tushy site it's great now to have a chance to watch them again on DVD and offer up a few words to describe what's been captured to a much bigger audience.

Lana Rhoades & Jean Val Jean:

The story opens with Lana laying it out for us. She's got an internship that's been a struggle for her plus it's been very hard balancing finance with school. She has a roommate, Penny Pax, who is in a similar situation but she's coping with it much better than Lana who finally asks Penny how she's doing it. Transactional relationships she says and you can read into it what that really means and Lana is curious and decides to take a chance hooking up with one of Penny's clients, Jean Val Jean. Going in she knows he's got an anal fetish which is great news for the legion of Lana fans who's longed to see that ass filled with a cock. The date arrives and enjoys a glass of bubbly before slipping off to strip down to her black lingerie. Rejoining Jean the date really heats up with kissing and some attention to both her breasts and pussy. Lana gets to jerk him off briefly before moving down to take Jean into her mouth. Lying back we get a perfect view of her working over not only his cock but also teasing the balls as well and a hint at licking his ass too! The shot swings around to really show Miss Rhoades digging that tongue into Jean's ass, a nasty girl!! It was good to see Jean returning the ass licking favor that Lana had just done for him and I think we can all agree watching her ass being licked was well worth the close in shots devoted to it. There is one vag position shot for the scene, mish, and this also turned out to be the first anal captured as well. Reverse was a definite winning shot as Lana was opened up beautifully to us showing off those breasts which rock nicely to Jean pumping up hard into her ass. After A2M from Lana we switch it up to doggie where you start to see good gaping from that ass. From there it was time to pop and Jean drops a load to Lana's waiting mouth. A very successful first date I'd say.

Lana & Penny Pax with Manuel Ferrara:

This first date really left an impression on Lana who loved the desire she felt and wanted more of this. Lana felt more confident at work and the desire for more experiences great stronger. Penny suggested she make a page which allows us some great nude shots of Lana's amazing body. Then comes a big chance as Penny offers her a shot at a two girl party she was going on that day. Turns out this would be Lana's "first" time with another girl and one that she knew so she was anxious but also very excited. Penny escorts Lana in and Manuel is hands on right off bringing Lana down to him on the couch and unzipping her black dress showing off a black see through bra. His hands keep working dipping down between Lana's legs. The girls then come together for their first kiss. Shortly afterwards the trio adjourn to his bedroom where more clothes come off. Hell yeah!! We get some girl time as Manuel sits back allowing the ladies to play. Lana goes behind to taste both of Penny's holes and I do love me some g/g ass licking so thank you very much for that. The close in shots for this were greatly appreciated. Not long after the two switch positions and it was Penny's turn to taste some ass!! Yes, yes yes!!!! We certainly need more hot girl on girl ass licking in scenes, can't get enough. Manuel then comes back in with the girls sharing knob polishing duties for a few minutes. Lana of course has to play with the balls and she gets in there to lick at Manuel's ass too, naughty naughty girl. Lana is the first to be fucked here as she climbs on in cowgirl while Penny takes a seat as well, on Manuel's face. From there it was on to anal for Miss Rhoades first lying on her side then on to a wide open reverse view. Penny gets some anal action too with Lana there for A2OGM. Another anal delight comes in doggie anal for Lana with Penny right there hovering over her ass ready to taste that cock fresh from her friends ass plus you see several good gaping shots as well. The same shot for Penny too leading to Manuel's pop a multiple blast to Lana's waiting mouth. She scoops up more cum off her ass before going around to share the spoils with Penny! Two awesome scenes with three more to go on disc two.

Lana & Adriana Chechik:

The second disc begins with Lana filling us in on how the struggle to balance her internship, studying and her "side" work has been going. She suffers a stinging rebuke at work but soldiers on. Then a new day dawns and she gets a call from a client who actually wants her for his wife, not himself. Alright time to enjoy Lana in some g/g action only. A bit of time to enjoy Lana getting ready before going in to join Adriana. The black lingerie looked very nice on her. Heading into the next room we see Adriana waiting also wearing black lace. With a fire going behind them the two start making their own sparks locking eyes and then locking lips. Hubby gets a front row seat! Plenty of kissing here early on with some tongue action too. From there it was time to lose some lingerie and we enjoy some breast play. Adriana does a great job sucking on those tits before making her way down to devour Lana's pussy followed nicely by a turn over to doggie and some ass tasting!! Once again we get some fantastic in close shots of this smoking hot ass play. Adriana uses a few fingers here too before she lies back and gives Lana a shot. Holding her legs back we get a fine shot of Lana putting her face squarely over that pussy with an easy move down to taste that ass as well. Adriana gets another go at licking Lana's ass plus using her fingers before the scene closes out. I'm a big g/g fan so having a chance to watch these two hotties go at it in the middle of all this hot anal sex was a super addition.

Lana & John Johnson:

As the show moves on Lana is still feeling stressed when Penny offers up a little advice- charge more and be more selective. On to another date where we get a nice cameo from Casey Calvert who is there to facilitate the paperwork. Lana feeling pretty confident dispatches her to make her a drink instead and shortly thereafter we move on to Lana having sex with a client she'd been having fantasies about. Since he was high profile there was the need for the paperwork including the NDA - non disclosure agreement for those not knowing what the abbreviation meant. The fire behind the two was bigger and I guess that's in proportion to the BBC, lol. The two move on to the bedroom where Lana is now wearing only white lace lingerie and John gets busy kissing her lips followed neatly by Lana dropping down to take that BBC into her mouth. Good solid eye contact and use of spit as well making that monster cock ready for her holes. More than a few good minutes here for Lana to impress with her oral skillz. John then turns her around to doggie and we see a studded butt plug already in place. There is some pussy licking here that led to Lana losing the top portion of her outfit thus making her fully nude. Climbing on in cowgirl she removes the butt plug tasting it then we zero in on that sexy ass riding up and down his long schlong. The shot changes to mish then and hello John's now filling that ass! Gaping is seen when Lana turns onto her side as John continues to drill her ass. With those terrific titties I don't think anyone would tire of watching Lana riding anally in reverse and finally the pop arrives mostly to her upper chest with some clean up from Lana too closing out another hot anal scene, one more to go.

Lana with Mick Blue & Jean Val Jean:

As we arrive to the finale events are starting to come full circle for Lana who has just graduated while her firm she was interning at has just won a big lawsuit. Lana is also contacted by her very first client, Jean, who wanted to hook up as he was in town for the day. Lana was game and then he comes back with I'm bringing a friend and was she up for two guys. This was a big fantasy of hers so she agrees. The date begins with Lana arriving and Jean opening the door. Damn Lana kills it in a red dress that ends just above her pussy while up top showing off just enough cleavage to make you want to see what's underneath. Jean offers her a glass of champagne and you see there's a third for his friend who was using the bathroom. This is when things get real interesting as we see that it's her boss from work who comes striding out. The two do a nice job playing it off that they don't know one another. Lana takes a quick break to ready herself and she wasn't going to let this, her two lives colliding, hold her back. Lana comes walking out very confidently going up to the two men taking the glasses and setting them down on the counter. She kisses Jean first and then turns to Mick and the two just go for it. Heading off to the bedroom we have more kissing, Lana's body being shown off more and more before it was time as she drops down taking turns satisfying their two cocks. The strands of spit drop down from Lana's chin as she changes from cock to cock. There is some oral as well for Miss Rhoades as Mick gets in there tasting her pussy and her ass too when she's turned over to a doggie pose. The guys then start fucking this gorgeous woman first Mick from behind and then Jean gets his chance and he goes for filling that ass and I can't blame him there. Several pull out shots here reveal a superb gaping ass hole. After Mick gets a chance to tap that ass too in mish the boys were ready to fill both holes with the first DP coming in cowgirl. Of course they flip our girl over to give us another DP in reverse plus those boobs dance perfectly here. The scene closes with both loads dropped to her waiting mouth and Lana giving some clean up after she's swallowed their cum. Afterwards Lana is shown outside and she was a bit shocked at what had just happened but that it was also the most intense sex she'd ever experienced. The next day dawns and someone's received flowers. They were from Mick and he was also welcoming Lana to the firm in the post of Junior Associate so everything turned out pretty good in the end for Lana!!!

Final Thoughts:

This was amazing from first scene to last. Simply put if you're a Lana Rhoades fan this has to be in your collection. Five fantastic scenes each showing off her beautiful body and boy oh boy does she enjoy some hot anal sex in this release. I don't think anyone can complain about how much anal was shot for this release with four of the five scenes seeing that ass filled with a hard cock while the other with Adriana still saw her ass filled with Miss Chechik's tongue as well as a few of her fingers. Some story elements to this which were worked in nicely before the sex took over in each scene. The only thing missing from this was a good BTS where we heard from Lana as she talked about her experiences making this film. I really think her fans would have enjoyed hearing from her about how this journey was navigated from first scene to last. But that's the only thing really I'd say was missing from this release. Lana Rhoades is gorgeous and was presented as such beautifully in each scene here with some great costars too with Penny and Adriana leading the female contingent while Jean, Mick, Manuel and John all did their part supplying the lumber.