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Dana Vespoli Sweetheart Video
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Reviewed by   04/10/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - April 10, 2017

Starring :

Sarah Vandella
Anna de Ville
Natasha Nice
Leigh Raven
Nikki Hearts
Sovereign Syre
Mindi Mink
Uma Jolie

(Runtime - 1 hr. 51 mins.)

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With the release of PRISON LESBIANS 5, SWEETHEART VIDEO and Director Dana Vespoli continue their "lesbians in prison" vignette series with this, the fifth installment, which offers up a series of 4 new storied scenarios.

Each scene presented here begins with a vignette, which tells the story of a convict, or convicts freshly escaped, or behind bars(or in this case, one such case, a pair of female guards at play). Included below is a breakdown of all the details.

Scene 1: Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven
The film begins with an escaped Nikki, who wanders about the desert before eventually passing out. After which we are taken via flashback to the incident which landed her in prison. As it turns out, Nikki was seeing Leigh Raven on the side, despite Leigh having a boyfriend. However, he was a boyfriend who abused Leigh. With a bruised face, Nikki attempts to persuade Leigh to leave, however, Leigh believes it's best that she and Nikki split. In the midst of comforting, the two ladies eventually go into sex, which begins with the pair passionately kissing, as Leigh says that she just wants Nikki, one last time.
The passionate kissing leads Nikki to kiss down Leigh's body, as she goes on to remove her bra, and her own belt in the process. Next to come of is Leigh's shorts, this followed be Nikki continuing to kiss between Leigh's legs until her panties are moved aside to allow tonguing. Nikki tongues and sucks at Leigh's pussy from here until Leigh removes Nikki's shirt, as well as her pants. This immediately followed by Leigh going down on Nikki to finger and tongue at her pussy. After a time here, Leigh positions on her knees, as she turn around. From here, Nikki removes Leigh's panties, in order to rub her clit, and tongue her ass. This is then followed by Leigh being on her back, and spread, as Nikki goes on to finger-bang her as Leigh simultaneously rubs her clit. This lasts until Leigh climaxes. Next, Leigh follows up by doing the same for Nikki, as Nikki sits back, and spreads. After this, Nikki is seated, as Leigh straddles her. From here, we see Nikki finger Leigh. as Leigh rides Nikki's hand, steadily. This giving way eventually to quick and hard fingering from Nikki. Next up, However, things progress, as Nikki next straddles Leigh's face, as Leigh eats her pussy. Initially, Nikki's position is that she lean back, however as things continue, she sits upright. This is followed by more passionate kissing with Nikki on top, which closes out the scene. - This was a good scene. I like both Nikki Hearts and Leigh Raven a lot. They are a real life couple, and when they get together for a scene, the true passion shines through.

Scene 2: Sarah Vandella and Mindi Mink
In this scene, it appears that Mindi Mink has a problem. Although her sentence has been reduced, and she has only 6 months remaining, she is still paired with Sarah Vandella, a cellmate, who frightens her. Why? Only because Satah s supposedly responsible for murdering an entire family. These are facts that Sarah has bragged about with pride. Instead of keeping it in, Mindi was quick to tell the District Attorney the details, which would explain Mindi's fear. Mindi attempts to get moved to another cell, or to take up in solitary confinement, however when she is unsuccessful, it's back to the cell she goes. There, Mindi is soon approached by Sarah, who knows everything about the DA. However, instead of pouncing her, Sarah surprisingly comes on to her.
First, the 2 ladies exchange kisses. before they both have their orange jumpsuit tops removed, as well as their white thermals. Their bras also soon come off, as they both suck on eachother's tits respectively. Next up, Mindi spreads, as Sarah eagerly goes down on her, to tongue, suck and slurp. After this, we see Mindi tease Sarah, by blowing air across her bare back. This prior to she being on her back, where Sarah initially half-saddles Mindi, and Mindi rub at her clit. However, Sarah soon goes on to ride her face, as Mindi sucks on Sarah's pussy. Next, Sarah returns the favor as Mindi sits back as Sarah buries her face into her bush to tongur and suck. This is followed up by Sarah assuming posistion on all fours. Here, we see Mindi kiss Sarah's back, as well as rub her hair, and tits across Sarah's pussy to tease. This being just prior to Mindi going on to lap her tongue on Sarah's clit hard, which soon causes Sarah to cum. This, which soon ends the scene. - I felt that this scene was just ok, in that it is a little slow. However, the positive thing about the slow pace is that it gives us time to admire the incredible bodies of both ladies.

Scene 3: Natasha Nice and Sovereign Syre
In this scene Sovereign Syre is a prison guard, whom is confronted by another higher up, Natasha Nice in the locker room, as she prepares to head home. Apparently, Natasha has heard rumors about Sovereign fraternizing with female inmate Sara' Vandella. This upsets Natasha, who says that she only has the right to do so. From that point on, it appears that Natasha is determined to teach her fellow guard a lesson, as she comes on to her, right then and there.
Natasha pops Sovereign's right breast out of her bra, and proceeds to bite her nipple. She then peels away her tank top and bra, as she squeezes, and sucks on Sovereign's tits after. The tank top, and bra then come off as they exchange kisses. This is followed by Sovereign being place on her back, as Natasha follows up, by spitting into Sovereign's mouth, and kissing her passionately. Natasha then removes her own shirt and bra, as Sovereign strips out of her camouflage shorts, and assumes the position, as she bends over the wooden bench. From here, the camera's focus is Sovereign's ass, as Natasha spanks it with her belt. prior to peeling off Sovereign's red panties. Sovereign is soon in charge however as she first sucks on Natasha's toes. This prior to Natasha being bent over, as Sovereign buries her face in deep. This tonguing ans sucking continues next with Natasha sitting back while spread, allowing Sovereign to go in between her legs to lick at her clit. This, which is soon followed up by some quick, deep fingering by Sovereign as she also simultaneously massages Natasha's clit. This leads to Sovereign being on the bench, and Natasha on all fours, as she next go in between the legs on Sovereign, where she attacks the pussy with her mouth, and tongue. However, this eventually sets up more deep fingering by Sovereign to Natasha's pussy, as Natasha s seated close. This is then followed by a moment of scissoring between the ladies, as Natasha maintains the top position as they rub their pussies together. Finally we then have Natasha who lies back, as Sovereign goes down on her with her tongue for a final time, before the scene soon end. - This was a better scene, with a little more energy then the previous scene. The set up to the scene was also nice. As a big fan of Natasha Nice, I have to say that she looked(although a little out of place) really sexy in the guard uniform. The sex between Natasha and Sovereign Syre is also somewhat passionate too.

Scene 4: Anna de Ville and Uma Jolie
In this scene, Uma Jolie is ambushed after returning home by Anna de Ville, an escaped convict that got into her home via an unlocked back door. Anna ties Uma up, as she makes her watch as she tries on her lingerie and expensive jewelry, all while talking about how to live out her escape. Anna then decides to have some fun with Uma, whom she soon strips down.
First, Uma stands, as we see Anna admire her ass, as she squeezes it. This is before Uma is then on all fours on the floor, as Ana both fingers and tongues at her pussy. This would be followed up by Uma, who next returns the favor to Anna, who is then positioned face down, ass up. From here, Uma tongues, sucks and fingers at Anna's pussy, eventually going on to insert several fingers into her at Anna's request. Uma briefly goes down on Anna' pussy next, before things go into 69, with Uma on top. Here, the two go to work on eachother's pussies for a time, before we see Uma sit upright to ride, and twerk on Anna's face, as she eventually tongue Uma to climax, which would soon bring the scene, and film to a close. - As far as sex goes, this was a good girl/girl scene, although it seemed very brief. Among the 4 vignettes shown here, story-wise, this is the one that is most fun all together, as it allows Anna de Ville to be a character, and because the sex itself is both youthful and energetic.

With the PRISON LESBIANS series, Dana Vespoli continues to direct this series, which has become popular. I know that when it comes to me personally, I had yet to see any of the releases prior to this one, although I did plan to review the previous entry, but just never found the time to do so. So yes, this was my first foray into the all girl series about the sexual pleasures of inmates and guards alike. So, what did I think? Well, to be perfectly honest, I felt that things could have been better.

Prior to this, the only other time that I had reviewed for SWEETHEART VIDEO or Dana Vespoli, was when I reviewed the boxing themed, LEFTY. That movie was really good in all aspects, in fact, I gave the multi-nominated film a 5 star rating. And if you know me, that is no easy feat to achieve(in fact people hate me because I am so honest). In that film, I had no problem when it came to the aspect of sex. Which now brings me to the sex aspect of PRISON LESBIANS 5. To me, the sex scene in each of these scenes was pretty much your standard slow burning girl/girl stuff(aside from during the final scene when Anna de Ville instructs Uma Jolie to insert several fingers into her vagina, as Uma finger her). Although in one, or maybe 2 of the scenes there is a hint of passion between the performers, there is never truly a constant level of passion through \out. And the same could basically be said about overall energy as well. Of these 4 scenes, the only scenes that I truly connected with as a viewer was indeed the fourth scene. Again, as I said in the scene breakdown above, it's youthful and has an energy to it.

As for the stories themselves, they're fun, but at the same time not so out of the ordinary, really. The collection begins with a story of an escaped convict, which is left open for interpretation. Nikki Hearts is an inmate who has escaped to the desert. She's exhausted and on the edge of passing out. When she does, we the viewer are whisked away to an earlier time, which hints to why it is that Nikki landed herself in jail the first place. Nikki once had a lesbian lover in Leigh Raven, whom, also had a boyfriend who apparently beat her. We are treated to their supposed last sexual romp, prior to it showing Nikki picking up and furthering her escape into the desert. In the end, though the story does not tell us, we assume that Nikki went to the slammer for retaliating against the boyfriend. We then get a story about a concerned inmate Mindi Mink, who is housed with the dangerous Sarah Vandella, whom was quick to boast of her crime - the killing of an entire family. Mindi, though scared, tells the District Attorney all the details of where to find the bodies. After which she fears for her life, when it becomes known to Sarah herself. The third scene sort of crosses over, as Sovereign Syre is a prison guard rumored to having had relations with the previously mentioned Sarah Vandella. In the story, Natasha Nice is a fellow guard who confronts her about it, and when she does, gets much more than a confession. In the last scene, Uma Jolie finds herself ambushed and bound by escaped convict Anna de Ville, who breaks into her house while she is away. Tied and gagged, Uma must watch as Anna tries her things on for size. However, it isn't long before she is forced into sex by her captor. All of the stories are ok, with the scene featuring Anna de Ville and Uma Jolie being the standout as well. Although both story and sex are both brief in this scene as well, Anna has just enough time to make a character out of whom she is portraying. Personally, I'd love to see Miss de Ville take on a villain role n a fully scripted porn feature one day. I think that she would do well in such a role.

In the end, PRISON LESBIANS 5, for me, is just an ok release. The storylines are thin, and the sex is decent enough, although standard. Technically, the editing, as well as how everything is shot, is nicely handled(spare for the lack of closeup shots when necessary). So with that said, the film is one that is well presented, yet is somewhat lacking when it comes to overall content.

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