Wet Curves

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Mick Blue Hard X 120 minutes
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Reviewed by   04/25/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Time to check out a recent release from Mick Blue for Hard X featuring four ladies who enjoy not only fucking but also getting wet all over in the process. Namely from oil and some water starting with the tease and then also during the scene as well. A solid cast too with Angela White scoring the cover as well as the finale. A few highlights.

Cherie DeVille:

Nice way to lead off with a close in shot of Cherie's pretty face. Wearing a white top she wastes no time getting that all wet then peeling it off leaving only a pink outfit between us and that sexy bod. She keeps the wet party going coating that ass and the ground shots here were particularly good especially with Cherie aiding the visual pulling her cheeks apart!! The hard driving guitar track was a good addition as well as we move on to Cherie losing the top portion of her outfit. Finally it was time to lose it altogether and more killer open ass shots were provided and a great perv walk too. Damn it would be very easy to rub one out just to this hot as hell footage of Cherie so feel free and go ahead!! The liquid oozing down between her ass crack and off those tasty pussy lips-- yeah the visuals here were stunning. Heading inside we catch up with Cherie who speaks to us while utilizing a glass toy plus we learn anal is in the cards, yay! She spends a couple minutes here prepping both holes even pouring the liquid right into her ass hole. Her cock appears and hello it's straight to the A for the fucking. Markus gets a brisk pace working here as he taps that ass, Cherie seemed to enjoy. They keep up the oil play too with both bodies soaked and I bet it sure made slipping his cock into her ass easier! The two work through a few anal positions here during the remainder of the scene including cowgirl. The only thing missing really was oral sex and you got some A2M there towards the end from Cherie and it was very sloppy head as you can imagine at this point in a hard pounding anal scene. The scene ends with a good open mouth pop for Cherie and clean up also. A pretty good scene though I wish there had been more head from her possibly just before the fucking and the huge addition of more oil which we saw.

Karlee Grey:

Moving to the next scene which opens with a close shot on Karlee who is wearing a tight white top covering blue mesh see through underneath. Nothing much covers her bottom which is good for porn, lol. An early turn to show off her ass the yellow string that is the only thing between us and her ass hole. The oil begins here in earnest flowing down each ass cheek onto her thighs. No doubt it looks fantastic but beyond that the appeal is largely lost on me. Karlee then starts in on her top coating that so it can be removed leaving just the blue mesh top and her nipples were poking through nicely. Karlee is smart lifting that up so she can caress and sake those fun bags. Never a bad idea to do a slow peel down of a thong to give us more ass time. They start in with some water here too which I find more preferable to the oil in terms of thinking someone would be cool with coming in and sucking/ licking either her tits or her ass both of which receive the quality H2O treatment here. Yeah the open butt shots were pretty cool as well, again we need a tongue in there pronto! The music stops then as we hear a little dirty talk from Miss Grey who gets her pussy all nice 'n' wet- not that she needs much help if you've seen a Karlee Grey scene over these past few months. Markus is back again and goes right in sucking her tits and then right down between Karlee's thighs munching on both her pussy. It provided a nice transition to him pounding her pussy here in mish. You also see titty fucking here during this run of action and more oil too on those boobs. A little bit of head here too from Karlee in between the position change and Markus also gets a little oral fun too tasting her ass then sliding in for doggie. A bit of anal tease too with a finger or two here during this stretch. More head too from Karlee doing some sloppy P2M. Cowgirl was another great highlight for this one. The two principals were a perfect sweaty/ oily mess by scenes end with Karlee taking an open mouth pop with clean up after.

Cali Carter:

Next up we check in with Cali who starts us off outside wearing a white top over her bikini underneath. Killer eyes too with a great close up on them. Cali also starts off the oil play too coating that top so she's have to lift it up, nice going! Nice with her nipples poking through the mesh there and she rubs over her oily titties then pulling the top off of them so we can fully see those babies. Another good perv walk too and I think you'll enjoy the ass view as we follow behind. The liquid flows down then over her ass in rivers as we gaze up close and personal style. Fantastic and timely close shots on both her butt and tits here as they oil them both up. Cali then heads inside onto a big mattress covered by a white sheet and the walls surrounding Miss Carter were white too. So that sexy body certainly stands out here and we get dirty talk too from our girl as she continues the oil dousing from tits to pussy lips. It took awhile but we finally get some real nice sustained open ass shots on Cali's backside. This scene is the first one Mick decides to step in front of for the fucking honors and he goes right to doing just that from behind to Cali. The two come crashing together furiously in this open shot. A little titty fucking as well plus her first chance to engulf Mick's dick and a sloppy mess of oil and spit is generated from this aggressive head. Cali seems pretty down with tasting the oil too as she slides off during reverse to offer P2M and the aggressive head is heard loud and clear as she takes care of that cock. Oh yeah, a very nice cowgirl then is captured as fresh oil flows down over those ass cheeks. Cali is good for a few more P2M clean offs before the scene ends a good open mouth pop from Mick.

Angela White:

Time to close this one out and what a closer too as we get to enjoy Angela White! Close in to start as we quickly travel up over her see through top to her pretty face. Angela is outside too. Lots of cleavage showing and naturally Angela has fun with those puppies along with showing off her ass with the oil coming into play here as well. Great fuck me eyes too from Angela as she reels us in with the boob play. One is powerless against the affects those massive melons will have on your cock and pussy for the ladies enjoying this!! Angela's got a good looking ass too as you'll see when she has fun pulling the bottoms up and down with a fantastic spread shot too-- teasing ass hole alert! The combo of her bare oily breasts and wet ass might be hard to resist rubbing one out. Then it's inside time and that sexy accent comes in with Angela telling us both holes are in play for todays scene. Angela is sure to get both her tits and lips nice 'n' wet for Mick Blue who was smart casting himself opposite this busty beauty. He comes in from behind taking her pussy to start, hard piston fucking here boys 'n girls. A short break for P2M from Angela who cups those cum making balls too! Up next anal and they lead with cowgirl though the swing the shot around so it looks more like reverse. She slides off then for A2M and titty fucking. A resumption of the anal festivities then with a more proper reverse shot and dirty talk too from Angela who with that accent makes those words sound even sexier if that's possible. A couple more anal shots and Mick was ready to drop his load to Angela's waiting mouth and those tits with clean up too. The oil on those tits made the cum slide so easy off them right into her hand to be lifted up and cleaned off! A very good scene to close us out with.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

A pretty strong show here starting off with Cherie who had quite a lot of fun in her oily wet scene and we keep that momentum going through each successive scene culminating with Angela's anal hook up with the movies director Mick Blue. Extra wise be sure and take a look at the BTS where Mick checks in with the girls and Markus too. Coconut Oil too was used so the girls will smell great for a week, lol. A definite check out for those who enjoy a lot of oil play during the tease and sex.