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Mick Blue Evil Angel 201 minutes
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Reviewed by   04/11/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio co-direct this BAM Visions release for Evil Angel. This is probably the production arm's most popular series and rightfully so! They always get a good young cast to allow Mick to pound their little buttholes! The girls in this one include Marley Brinx, Alyssa Cole, Moka Mora and Arya Fae.

Marley Brinx

Marley is in pink lingerie and tells us that she's been craving anal. She strips down and spreads her holes. She is left with only her rainbow knee highs on and rubs her pussy. Marley is working on a full bush too! She fucks her ass ...

Reviewed by   04/11/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - April 11, 2017

Starring :

Marley Brinx
Arya Fae
Alyssa Cole
Moka Mora
Mick Blue

(Runtime - 3 hr. 17 mins)

**Note - This film was viewed via streaming on the Evil Angel website.

With the release, MICK'S ANAL TEENS 5, EVIL ANGEL, and Directors Maestro Claudio and Mick Blue return for the fifth time to continue BAM VISIONS popular series which features teens who enjoy the pleasures on anal sex.

As is the norm for this series, each sex scene which features Blue with a select starlet, is preceded by an introductory segment featuring each girl. During this segment, we are both introduced, and teased by them. Below is a breakdown of both segment, and scene.

Scene 1: Marley Brinx and Mick Blue
First we have the Canadian, Marley Brinx, who says she is excited to be on set for "Mick's Anal Teens". She says that it's been a week since she last had anal sex, so she excited. Marley is wearing a fluorescent pink top, and short denim shorts, with matching pink panties underneath. She feels herself up, as she says that she is going to show us how she prepares for anal. Eventually, Marley lubes up, and inserts a big buttplug into her ass. It isn't long before she gets up to walk over to another location with the plug still in. Eventually we see Marley remove her shoes, to tease us with her feet, before she go on to masturbate from POV, both with the plug out, and back in her ass. This continues with Marley straddling the camera as well. This segment ends with Marley giving us a "kiss" with her butthole, as she makes it wink for the camera.
Mick catches up with with Marley, who says that she is from Canada and grew up speaking French, but learned English as quickly as she could. During this, Mick has Marley show off her ass, before the focus becomes Marley's magnificent bush. Next, Mick has Marley perform the splits, before she brings her legs behind her head. From here, Marley makes her butthole wink, and touches herself. Next, Marley masturbates, while Mick simultaneously fingers the asshole. During this, we she Marley squeeze Mick's finger with her butthole. This is then followed by Mick eagerly tonguing and sucking Marley's pussy, as the camera maintain a close view of the action. Following this however, things transition to spoon, as Mick moves on to steadily fuck Marley's pussy at an increasing pace as Marley begs to be fucked harder. After this, Mick follows things up, by straddling Marley face while he fucks it, and as she suck cock to slobbery results. Marley eventually also goes on to suck on Mick's balls as well, as Claudio's camera gives us a nice view from underneath. The next position is doggy, as Marley props a leg up as she take a good pussy pounding. The view eventually changes from back, to underneath, as Mick pounds hard. Mick then lubes up Marley's ass, and proceeds to shove a long, clear dildo into the ass to fuck it. But following this, Mick soon replaces the dildo with his cock, as he plugs the asshole deep, this, while Marley again props a leg, and again as we have a close, underneath angle. It's an angle that soon sees Marley on her side. This being shortly before we see the action go to cowgirl. It's here that Marley ass is fucked at a quick pace, as she rides the dick. This continues on to show Marley riding harder, all from POV. The next position that the action takes is front facing spoon. It is here that Mick drills the ass fast and hard. This before Mick next. straddles Marley's chest to briefly fuck her face. Next, the camera gives us a diagonal view to start, as anal continues in reverse cowgirl. Mick fucks hard and fast, until he builds up to cum, as Marley sucks and jerks him off, which cause Mick to cum directly into her mouth. - This was a very good scene full of energy and enthusiasm. The scene begins with a nice tease from Marley Brinx, and boy, is she sexy! That leads to of course, the nice round of sex between she and Mick Blue.

Scene 2: Moka Mora and Mick Blue
Next, the soft-spoken Moka Mora, says that she s ready to get fucked in the ass, as she teases us with her ass. She soon gets her tits out of her purple bikini top, as she asks us if we want to see her tight little holes used. This as she then peels down her yellow shorts to reveal her ass to the camera, as she hold her legs together tightly. From here, she spanks, and runs her fingers along her asshole, before briefly going on to finger it. Moka then moves to her opposite side, as she lubes up a buttplug and inserts it into her ass. This is followed by Moka picking up the camera to give us a closer look as she touch herself. This, followed by a view from behind, before the camera is sat stationary. From here, Moka does more toying of her ass. Moka eventually takes hold of the camera again to give us one last point of view look of her pussy, before we are taken to the scene.
Mick is quick to admire Moka, and has her do some walking, as his curious camera follow behind her. After surveying Moka's body, he has her walk over to the pool table, which coincidentally matches Moka's purple and yellow outfit. Moka then pulls off her yellow shorts, though she is still covered by a pair of yellow lacy leggings and purple ankle warmers. Soon, Moka rips open the leggings to better touch herself. From POV, Moka touches, and spreads her pussy, before finally fingering it deep. Mick then lends a hand, literally, as he too, fingers the pussy. This, before he next, goes in to tongue and suck at it. This soon leads the action to begin with spoon, as Mick fucks the pussy at a quick pace. Following this, we see Moka suck cock, as Mick simultaneously finger her pussy. Next, it's cowgirl, ass Mick maintains a quick steady pace for most of it. However soon he increases his pace, going deeper and harder. This is then followed by doggy, which sees Mick take Moka's ass. After fucking the ass steadily for a time, there is a brief moment of cocksucking, before Moka is back in cowgirl, although this time anally. From here, at the start, Moka farts, as Mick goes on to quickly fuck the ass, This the goes to missionary briefly next, Mick then straddles her chest to fuck her face, prior to reverse cowgirl being seen, where Mick his time with both Moka's pussy and ass, with the latter being hard, and fast. Next, things go back to missionary, this time as Moka's legs are pinned back. From here, for an extended period, Mick drills the pussy hard, before pulling out to unload onto Moka's tongue. - This was a good scene. The scene begins with a tease from Moka Mora that, honestly I felt was a little dull. Luckily, things did pick up during the sucks however, as the action is both nice and hard.

Scene 3: Alyssa Cole and Mick Blue
Alyssa Cole starts things by calling us "Daddy", as she says that today she will be getting Mick Blue's dick in her. Alyssa's lacy leggings are then pulled down, as she inserts a buttplug into her ass. This followed by some teasing for the camera. She then takes the buttplug out to suck on it, before it soon goes back in. This before Alyssa goes on to briefly play with her pussy, before moving on to her tits. We then see her toy with the buttplug, before sitting back to rub her pussy. During this time, Alyssa stresses that she is already very horny. After another check of the buttplug, we are then taken to the scene.
Mick chats with Alyssa, who says that she's from Colorado. A fan of skiing, she and Mick talk about their mutual love for the sport. Mick has Alyssa pose, and after her mention of being a one time gymnast, Mick asks her to get into a flexible pose. This eventually taking Alyssa into a split. After this, Alyssa is back on the couch. While on her back, Alyssa's legs are pinned back. This as she uses an Hitachi vibrator on her clit. This would continue, as Mick lubes the area up with oil. After a time of admiring Alyssa's pussy and ass, Mick has her wink her asshole for the camera. The action begins with Alyssa eagerly sucking cock on her knees. Here, she strokes, and sucks both the cock, and balls for a time. This leading to cowgirl next, as the camera gives us a low view, as Alyssa rides the cock, as it slams deep into her pussy. Following this, Alyssa is on her back with her legs up high. This is where Mick takes Alyssa's ass. From here, a steady pace is kept, until things go to the floor. Here, Alyssa's ass is fucked from cowgirl, as the camera keeps a low view. It's from here that Mick first fucks hard and fast, until the pace slows, as Alyssa rides the cock. Doggy is seen next, as the anal continues on. Mick fucks steady from behind, before straddling to go deep into the ass. The focus is Alyssa's pussy next, as Mick fucks it both in spoon, and side fuck. The action from here continues steady until Mick works himself up to cum. The scene ends with Mick unloading into Alyssa's mouth. - This was a solid scene. The opening tease/prep segment with Alyssa Cole was somewhat fun. while the sex between she and Mick was really thorough.

Scene 4: Arya Fae and Mick Blue
Next, we have Arya Fae, who is dressed in a purple top with lacy leggings, and hot pink shorts. She's excited to be fucked by Mick, as she has never shot a scene with him at this point. Arya feels herself up as she get on all fours, and eventually, she's spread out on her back, as she touches herself. Eventually she's on her knees from the couch, as she peels her shorts off, to the show off, and tease with her ass. This before again lying back to spread. As this continues, Arya gets her tits out, before she soon go on to pull down her leggings, to show off her bare pussy and ass, just prior to she inserting a clear buttplug into the latter, as she lie back on the couch. Arya then picks up the camera for some brief masturbation while up close. Following this more posing shows off Arya's ass before we go to the scene.
Mick chats with Arya, as he says that today is the first time that the have had anal sex, when Arya corrects and says that it is their first scene together, period. Mick then asks about anal and vaginal sex, asking Arya which she prefers. Arya says that she enjoys either. Mick then mentions Arya's talent of being flexible, as Arya explains her background in dance. This, of course followed by Mick asking Arya to demonstrate. Arya does the splits as well as standing, to bring one leg up high above her head. Following this, it isn't long before Arya bends over to twerk. This continuing on, as Arya take to the floor to pop her ass, which Mick loves. Arya then gets off, as she uses an Hitachi on her clit. Mick has her then take to a split on the couch. With her legging now ripped open, we can see that the buttplug is still in. Following this, Arya goes on to suck Mick's cock deep. This is followed up by Mick also fucking her face. After this, we see Mick steadily fuck the pussy at an increasing pace, both with Arya's legs open, and closed. The legs are then open, as Mick slows the pace a little, before increasing speed at Arya's request. This is followed by Arya briefly sucking Mick's cock, before the action goes to cowgirl. It is during this, that the flexible Arya performs a split, as she bounce off the dick. Things go to anal next, however as Arya is on her back, with her legs held high. Here, Mick plugs away at Arya's asshole as he creates a big gape as a result. During this, there is a moment in which Mick also fingers the pussy simultaneously. However this is soon replaced by a long dildo. Following a brief moment of Mick sucking on Arya's pussy, she's on the dick in a side mount. Here, the pace is of increasing speed, until things pick up in doggy, where Mick pounds both holes equally. Reverse cowgirl is next, as Arya says it's her favorite. From the position, Mick hoists her legs up, as he eventually pound the ass fast and hard. Reverse cowgirl then transitions to spoon where Mick hits the holes hard. before having to cum. He does so, when he loses it into Arya's mouth for the finish. - This was a great, great scene. Yes, it was the scene that had me wanting to see this movie most. The fortunate thing is though, that it truly delivered. Arya Fae is sexy as hell, and her tease segment and sex scene seen here, prove that. Of all four of the tease segments seen in this release, Arya's is definitely the best of the group. Not only is it more engaging toward the viewer, it's also a turn on. The sex is the same, as it too, is up a notch from the others. Here, it's hard, but not only that, Arya really gets into it with her dirty talk, as well as her reactions to getting fucked. I loved that. This scene is a definite winner.

Yes, with this release, Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio are back with a fifth round of beautiful anal teens. This series is a great one, and it is one that I have now reviewed 3 entries from, starting with #3. Personally, the reason why I keep coming back to this series, is the setup. Unlike most all sex releases, the tease segments are not shot perfectly, and they are not over polished in post production. or anything like that. No, instead, Mick and Claudio hand the girls a camera, and then have them film a little tease/introduction video themselves. I like this particular setup, because it allows the viewer to get up close and personal with the featured starlets for a moment. These segments often show a hint of their personalities, as each of these segments are different. Following these segments, we have the typical kind of chat that we usually get with Blue, as he asks each starlet a series of questions. It's these questions that often lead to them masturbating, which then of course, leads to the sex. Here, we have a nice selection of girls. Appearing in order are Marley Brinx, Moka Mora, Alyssa Cole, and Arya Fae. The tease segments, as well as the other introductory things are ok for this release, although I do have to single out Arya Fae and Marley Brinx as being the standout teasers, as I was kind of bored with the segments from Mora and Cole, to be honest.

The good thing about the sex scenes found in ANAL TEENS 5, is that they are it's strong point. While the tease segments are just ok, the sex scenes are what really picks things up. So much of this has to do with the sexual performance of Mick Blue, who is seemingly always consistent, scene after scene. However, with that said, something that makes things even better is when the female participant actively participates, and we have good example of this in at least 3 of the 4 scnes. While Mick might fuck someone to the best of his ability, it's nice when the girl gives him something to feed off of. I mostly saw this in the scenes involving Marley Brinx and Arya Fae. The Arya Fae scene does truly stand out in all aspects. Not only do we have hard, passionate vaginal and anal sex from both performers. but we also have Arya, who actively engages with Mick during. She tells him what she likes, and what she wants, and how she wants it. This, at the same time, is a huge turn on(at least it was for me!). It is this scene that has me contemplating my overall rating, because had it not been for the fire of this scene, I would have definitely rated it a little lower. I do hope that co-Directors Mick Blue and Maestro Claudio bring Arya Fae back to work with them many, many times.

Overall, MICK'S ANAL TEENS 5 is a good release, as it sticks to the series' tried and true formula. It works because the finished project feels familiar, from the setup, the quality of sex, the camera work and so on. It's more of what we have come to expect from this series. Yet, it is these very things that had me looking for something new from the series. Maybe next time they can maybe find a way to change things up a bit?

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