Black Snake Oil 04

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Aiden Starr Evil Angel
155 minutes
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Reviewed by   04/25/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - April 25, 2017

Starring :

AJ Applegate
Chloe Cherry
Alexa Nova
Rizzo Ford Mickey Mod

(Runtime - 2 hr. 35 mins.)

**Note - This film was viewed via streaming on the Evil Angel website.

With EVIL ANGEL'S BLACK SNAKE OIL 4, Director, Aiden Starr, offers up this, the fourth installment, of the series, which sees a variety of starlets paired with qualified male talent, Mickey Mod.

As the title aptly suggests, the 4 scenes presented here, consist of 2 things, black snake (as in Mickey's black cock), along with the use of massage oil, in order to lube things up, prior tp penetration.

Below is a breakdown of each of the 4 scenes, which feature; AJ Applegate, Alexa Nova, Chloe Cherry, and Rizzo Ford, respectively.

Scene 1: AJ Applegate and Mickey Mod
The scene begins with AJ Applegate posing for Mickey Mod as he snaps pictures. Aj is wearing a light blue one piece, which she soon peels down to reveal her tits. This excites Mickey, as evident by his hard cock, visible as Director Aiden Starr's camera looks on. AJ and Mickey exchange kisses before the focus is her ass. They go back to shooting pictures, however, the tension between the 2 first timers(never having worked together) is too much, as AJ soon begins things by sucking Mickey's cock. AJ works the shaft over with her mouth, also including Mickey's balls in her coverage for a moment. This as Mickey snaps a picture with is insta-camera. AJ then strokes Mickey's cock, as he simultaneously rub her clit. This lasting until AJ pushes Mickey back on a bed, and subsequently mounts is face, while Mickey eats her pussy. The camera of Starr stays on the action, mostly focusing on AJ's iconic ass, as Mickey tongues and sucks. After AJ comes down, she and Mickey kiss passionately, which leads to cowgirl. First, AJ grinds. This is then followed by AJ's pussy fucked slowly by Mickey, as Aiden lends a hand, by oiling up AJ's ass. The camera continues to give great views, as Mickey increases his pace. Next, AJ and Mickey sit upright for a moment, before Mickey again is on his back. First AJ takes charge as she grind, and pop her ass quickly on the cock, before Mickey momentarily fucks hard. Next, we see AJ on her knees with ass up as Mickey goes in to tongue-punch AJ's asshole. This would continue as Mickey buries his face in, just prior to putting his cock in for doggy. From here, Mickey fucks the pussy steadily, until some oil is applied. After this, Mickey enter the ass to fuck it. The pace from here is an increasing one, as Mickey eventually goes hard, as he holds AJ near. The camera does a nice job during, as it captures AJ's action. After that action, ass to mouth follows, as AJ goes on to taste herself as she slurp the cock. This is followed by spoon, as the anal continues. Mickey fucks the ass steadily as AJ's legs are held together tightly. Mickey's pace increases, as AJ's legs are then open. This, as AJ rubs her clit. Mickey from this position pounds the hole at a quick pace, going deep as he apply a choke hold to AJ. Following this the pace slowly for some more passionate fucking of the ass. This lasting until, AJ goes on to ride cowgirl, after briefly sucking cock. The pacing from here, as Mickey moves in and out of the as goes from slow to fast, as AJ is pounded from this position, during which Mickey spanks AJ. After some hard action, AJ jerks Mickey's cock hard with both hands until he erupts with cum into her mouth. Showing off the prize, AJ loses the load from her mouth, but his quick to retrieve it for the swallow. - This was a great scene. The overall action ranges from slow and cautionary, to fast and hard. But no matter the pace, the good thing is that the passion is never lost. I also really liked that the camera was always there to capture the reaction of the performers. Great stuff, and again, AJ's ass looks fantastic, as always!

Scene 2: Alexa Nova and Mickey Mod
Alexa Nova is next to be the subject of Mickey Mods snaps. Alexa is wearing a purple one piece, which is quickly down past her tits. She and Mickey play around, like having Alexa suck on his finger, and he spanking her ass. It's the type of stuff that turns Mickey on, as evident by his hard cock. Alexa is eager to suck, and goes right after it. She tongues the head, shortly before she takes it deep into her mouth, as she simultaneously stroke with her hand. Director Aiden Starr then gives her the deep throat challenge, as Alexa take it deep into her mouth. The sucking continues as Alexa take to her knees from a bench, this position shoes off Alexa's ass, which Aiden is quick to admire, as she asks Alexa to pull her suit aside, as she checks out her asshole. Following up more sucking, Alexa lies back as Mickey goes on to finger her pussy. Following this, Mickey splashes Alexa's tits with oil, just prior to his his cock going into her pussy for side fuck action. From here, things are slippery with oil, as Mickey is in and out with ease, as he fucks deep and hard, driving Alexa to orgasm. Following this, Alexa is face down, ass up, as Mickey oils up, and fingers the ass. Anal occurring next, as his cock goes in. Spoon however is next, first with Alexa's legs tightly closed and then open. as Mickey pounds away hard. The action transitions to side fuck eventually, as Mickey continues to stuff the ass. After some ass to mouth which follows, Alexa then rides the cock in reverse cowgirl, as it plows her ass. From here, Mickey continues to pound the ass hard and fast. The next position sees anal continue, as Alexa climbs on for cowgirl. Here, as Mickey steadily fucks the ass, a little fun is had, as Mickey sticks the polaroids on to Alexa's ass, as he continues to fuck it. This is then followed by Alexa again being face down, with her ass up, as Mickey's fucking resumes at a even, and steady pace. This is followed up by Alexa returning to eagerly suck cock, prior to Mickey jerking off hard with both hands, as his load is aimed at Alexa's mouth for the finish. - This was a really great scene. Not only is it fun and high-spirited, the action is hard, and somewhat thorough. I enjoyed it a lot.

Scene 3: Chloe Cherry and Mickey Mod
This scene opens up to show Chloe Cherry standing in front of a mirror, as she poses and checks herself out. She touches herself, as she is approached by Mickey Mod, who has his camera. She poses for him, moving her sky blue one piece aside to touch her pussy. This, before she goes on to suck on Mickey's understandably hard cock. This, as the mirror in the background gives us a view from behind. Chloe throats the cock deep, as Mickey then follows that up, by finger-banging Chloe's pussy deep and hard, this as Chloe makes it clear that she wants Mickey to make her his "filthy fucking whore". The hard brand of finger-banging continues, as Mick and Chloe stand. This, followed by more cock throating by Chloe, before the action kicks off in doggy. Following this however is missionary soon, as Mickey oils Chloe up before going in with is cock, to deliver a steady pounding. The next position is cowgirl, where we see a combination of Mick fucking the pussy hard, along with some quick bouncing from Chloe. This is soon followed up by the position switching to reverse cowgirl next, as Mickey plunges Chole's asshole hard, as she is slammed down. After an extended time here, the action carries over next as Chloe is positioned on her side, facing the camera. It's from here, that Mickey continues to fuck the ass deep. Things would then go to spoon, as Mickey continues the same, as he thoroughly fucks the ass. This would also go on to include Mickey planting fingers into Chloe's pussy, as she again says that she wants to be Mickey's whore. Next, up, Chloe is on her knees, with her ass up, as Mickey fucks the ass steadily. In between this action, Mickey pulls out several times, as Aiden's camera captures the gaping asshole. When the action resumes, Mickey fucks until he goes on to jerk off to cum, aimed at Chloe's mouth as she beg for his load. - This was a solid scene, featuring one of my very favorites, Chloe Cherry, a girl that I absolutely crush on(she's so damn hot!). Unlike the 2 previous scenes, which featured a lot of interaction from Director Aiden Starr, this time, Starr steps back, to let Chloe and Mickey Mod go at it. The end result is a scene full of energy, and action which is hard. I loved Chloe's dialogue during the scene especially. It's such a turn on!

Scene 4: Rizzo Ford and Mickey Mod
Rizzo Ford is next, who is wearing a shiny hot pink one piece suit. Aiden has Rizzo give herself a frontal wedgie with the suit, soon after things begin. When Mickey Mod comes in however, Rizzo is touching herself, as she lie back. This, as Aiden says that she has brought him a new "kitty". Things soon get underway soon after, as Rizzo goes on to vigorously suck cock. Following this, Mickey goes on to eat pussy, as he sucks and tongue at Rizzo, who during, tells Mickey to "eat it like he hasn't had a meal in weeks". This, as he also licks her asshole. Missionary follows, as Mickey fucks Rizzo's pussy, It's here that Mickey's pace is slow and steady, however, he goes deep. This is before things then carry over to spoon, as Mickey fucks harder, and faster. This is followed by a face-fucking session, as Mickey straddles her face, as she take the cock upside down. This then leads to Rizzo's ass being oiled, before the action resumes for a time in doggy. Next, however, Mickey goes on to tongue Rizzo's ass, prior to fucking it. The pace from here is steady, eventually seeing Rizzo sat upright, as Mickey goes deep. Following doggy, is side fuck. Rizzo is positioned on her side, with her ass facing the camera. This, as Mickey hammers his cock in quick, and deep, as the camera keeps things close. Next up, anal continues in reverse cowgirl as Rizzo straddle the dick. Mickey continues to pound the ass from here for a time at an increasing pace. After this, Rizzo returns to sucking cock, both as Mickey sits back, and then, as he stands. This eventually leads Mickey to jerk off to cum, all over Rizzo's face, just as she wanted. - This was a good scene as well. I first saw Rizzo Ford in BURNING ANGEL's STREET PUNXXX. I liked her in that movie, but hadn't seen her since. She is again likable here, as I really liked her dirty talk, and in-scene dialogue. It made things fun. Mickey Mod, yet again performs well, as the action is somewhat hard.

As I said above, with this release, Aiden Starr returns with the latest installment of this series, one whose title, title certainly grabs one's attention. I myself had planned to review the previous entry, but unfortunately, I just became too busy to do so. However, luckily for me, the series continues, and as it turns out, the latest release is a very good one.

As I have said in the past, releases that stick to only one talent for a collection's entire run of scenes don't always go over well with me. This is because sometimes scenes can become dull, or repetitive. To be honest, going into BLACK SNAKE OIL 4, I feared that I would be getting more of what I describe. However, luckily for me, although, yes, all 4 scenes presented here, do feature Mickey Mod, the sex itself sort of differs from one scene to the next. First of all, I found each of the scenes to be laid back, and fun. This is a big deal, as my interest was kept through out. For most of these scenes, the performers not only interact with one another, they also interact with Aiden Starr, as she directs the scene. This adds some additional fun, to the already hot action. Another nice thing about each of the scenes is that each of the girls' individual personalities shine through in them. This, in turn gives the action in each scene a different feel, as I said.

The scenes this time out feature a great cast of ladies whom are eventually dicked down by the capable Mickey Mod. AJ Applegate in her scene, shows off her big butt and smile(Bell Biv DeVoe told us to "never trust a big butt and a smile", but I would trust AJ, for sure!), and goes on to enjoy a passionate romp with Mickey. That scene is followed by the redheaded cutie named Alexa Nova, who gratefully endures a heavy pounding in both holes. Coming third, but first in our hearts, is Chloe Cherry. Aiden Starr, simply watches on for most of the scene, which sees cute Chloe and Mickey go hard. Following this scene, the collection finishes out with a fourth scene featuring Rizzo Ford. In her scene, Rizzo gladly sucks cock, before getting fucked just as she likes it. Collectively, what we have here is a solid 4 rounds of straight-forward fucking.

Overall, this is a great group of scenes, featuring a nice balance of both energy and enthusiasm from all of the performers. Though part of this release's gimmick is the use of oil, please note that it is used sparingly. This isn't exactly BIG WET ASSES. But with that said, that isn't a bad thing. The main focus of these scenes is of course the sex, and with that they succeed in delivering some consistent action that is enjoyable.

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