Erik Everhard Takes on Europe

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Performers Director Studio Category Duration (approximate)
James Deen James Deen Productions
120 minutes
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Reviewed by   11/28/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Running Time:
141 min.

Production Date:
None given

James Deen

Anita Bellini, Cherry Kiss, Christen Courtney, and Haley Hill
Erik Everhard

Audio /Video Quality:
The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very good. There's a touch of grain that gives it a hint of artistic style, as well as nice care towards the lighting while also keeping a very handheld and real feeling to the camerawork.

The Movie:
Erik Everhard Takes on Europe gives you just that. Each scene features legendary porn stud (and extremely nice guy from what I've been told) Erik Everhard taking on all European talent with a slightly artistic gonzo styling and no shortage of sodomy.

Scene 1

Haley Hill


Erik Everhard

Dirty blonde Haley wakes next to Erik and heads to the kitchen to get a glass of water as he continues to sleep. She runs a hand around herself with a little smile before returning to the bed to watch him sleep. She pulls down the covers and kisses her way down his stomach before pulling out his cock to start sucking it. Erik wakes up and Haley strips off her panties and climbs on it for a cowgirl ride. Erik lays her back to eat her pussy and fuck it missionary style before adding a finger to her ass, grabbing some lube, and spooning her shitpussy. He rolls Haley on top for a reverse cowgirl rectal reaming with a bit more pussy pounding mixed in along with some nice gaping. Erik gets Haley on all fours to eat and fuck her holes doggie style with Haley continuing to gape nicely as well as mixing in a bit of ass to mouth action, and they keep it going as she lays back and props herself up for some missionary work. They work between cowgirl and missionary with some nice oral action and plenty of hard pounding worked in, and Erik finally lets Haley have a nice facial finish that she takes like a champ.

Scene 2

Anita Bellini


Erik Everhard

Brunette Anita starts out in black heels with gold metallic accents standing in front of Erik and giving him a little dance in a pink and black dress and stripping off her panties at his command. She continues to show off how he wants for her before moving in to kiss him and sit on his face so he can eat her bald box. Erik has her get down so he can bury his face between her cheeks and continue eating her from behind and below and then lets her turn around to eat his meat in reciprocation. Anita strips down and lets Erik eat her again before they go straight to the anal cowgirl style including Erik standing up for a midair cowgirl fuck. He lays Anita back to fuck her ass missionary style with Anita showing off some solid gapes. She gets on all fours to let Erik have his way with her holes in doggie and keeps it going with a reverse cowgirl butt boning. Anita rolls to the side and lets Erik take her ass from behind and in missionary again. Erik finally nuts in Anita's butt and they happily wait for it to cum out with Anita having a nice satisfied smile on her face.

Scene 3

Christen Courtney


Erik Everhard

Hot dirty blonde Christen touches up her hair and makeup in the mirror wearing a simple but sexy little dress until Erik arrives to start kissing her from behind and running his hands around her. He slides down her panties and starts to worship her ass through and under her dress as she leans against the wall and then reaches under her dress to play with her pussy before finally pulling it up to bury his face in her ass and eat her holes from behind. He pins her against the wall to kiss her as he slides her dress down and they play with each other before Christen drops down to eagerly eat his meat. Erik picks her up and sets her on an opening leading into the kitchen to devour her box before passing her through the window and then meeting her on the other side to help her down and fuck her from behind over the kitchen counter. He helps Christen to sit back on the counter as he continues to fuck her pussy and kiss her, and she eagerly sucks and strokes him clean with some nice throat action mixed in. Of course Erik has to give that big booty some attention, and works it over with his fingers as he worships her ass as well as fingering it as he fucks her pussy from behind. He moves on to fuck her ass from behind as Christen plays with her pussy and then helps her onto the counter so he can eat her box and fuck his way between her holes. They also get a reverse cowgirl ride in on the floor with Christen gaping nicely. She continues to show some solid gapes as he sodomizes her doggie style and then takes a solid pop over her tongue before letting Erik fuck her face as she tries to suck out every last drop. Some of the cum flows out of her mouth over her nicely natural tits as she continues to suck him while giving the camera some great naughty eyes with a little smile to match.

Scene 4

Cherry Kiss


Erik Everhard

Cute dirty blonde Cherry comes home to find Erik on the couch watching the game, and when she gropes him through his jeans and tries giving him a few kisses he's told "maybe after the game". Erik changes his mind when Cherry walks off and returns wearing sexy lingerie telling him how she wants him to fill all her holes like he used to. She closes the door in his face and teases him through the glass as she strips down a little and acts like she's dropping down to suck his cock. They kiss passionately when she finally opens the door and Cherry quickly drops down to eat his meat repeatedly taking it deep in her throat. They move to the couch where Erik impales Cherry on his cock cowgirl style and they pleasure each other orally. He fucks her bald pussy missionary style, and when he goes back to fuck her pussy more after eating it she has him fuck her ass instead while demanding he give her more. Cherry hungrily sucks him clean before wrapping her ass around his cock reverse cowgirl style for him to pound her pooper. They also get in some solid anal spooning and Cherry shows off some beautiful gapes and takes some solid ass to mouth as Erik pounds her ass with her ankles behind her head. Erik rolls her over to eat and fuck her holes from behind and Cherry devours his cock in return before wrapping her pussy back around it for another cowgirl ride. Cherry lays back for more missionary fucking and after Erik blows a nice creamy load over her beautiful bald beaver she hoists her nether regions up in the air and collects his seed with her fingers to take a solid taste of it as Erik lays drained on the couch next to her.

"Fuck! What a movie!". Those were the words which fell from my lips as the credits started to roll on Erik Everhard Takes on Europe. Every now and then a movie comes along where from scene to scene you just don't expect things to get any better (hopefully in the good way), yet somehow it does. This is one of those movies. No, I didn't care for all of Haley's ink, but she definitely started the movie off on a high note and it only got better with Anita and her anal cream pie. Things went off the charts hot with Christen, and in all honesty I didn't think Cherry had a chance of maintaining the momentum from Christien's scene let alone build on it. That, however, is just what Cherry did and makes it easy to see how her scene earned its nomination for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production with this year's AVN Awards. It is fucking awesome. I love the bit of frustration with Erik on the couch to start the scene and how she frustrates him in return teasing him when she finally breaks his attention away from the game. The chemistry and energy is nothing short of amazing, and yet still she wants more right until she's dripping his seed into her mouth from her pussy and fingers. This isn't just one of the best sex scenes from a foreign production to come out last year, it's one of the best sex scenes from any production I've seen over the last year. The other thing that really impressed me about Erik Everhard Takes on Europe is the overall style and James Deen's direction. There's great attention towards the lighting and angles, along with a touch of softness to the picture that gives it a slightly film-like look that really worked for me. It's artistic but not overpowering, and has just enough of a rough or raw feel that it completely fits the action while also making it just a little classier. It's that style that makes the substance all the hotter, and really blew me away. Erik Everhard Takes on Europe is a must buy release that's more than deserving of the attention it's received this awards season.

The Extras:
Extras include trailers, a behind the scenes featurette, and cumshot recaps.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts just over seventeen minutes and nicely identifies each of the girls. James works behind the camera, chatting with Erik and the girls to figure out how they want things in each of the scenes as well as chatting with some of them after the scenes. It's a very natural feeling behind the scenes featurette with some nice eye candy and a few nice chuckles. This is a good addition to the overall release.

Condom Usage:

Final Thoughts:
It's a fantastic must buy anal release that's more than deserving of the attention it's receiving this awards season.

Note to James Deen Productions:
What can I say but "Very nice job!!!"?

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