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  Evil Angel
185 minutes
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Reviewed by   04/26/17 Source: AdultDVDTalk

Date of Review - April 26, 2017

Starring :

Lauren Phillips
Savana Styles
Mona Wales
Missy Martinez
Chris Strokes
Sean Michaels
Mr. Pete

( Runtime - 3 hr. 1 mins)

With EVIL ANGEL's ANAL SOCCER MOMS 2, Director, Maestro Claudio is back with a second helping of sexy MILFs. All of whom are paired with a male talent for a series of 4 individual scenes, which have been collected from the PERV CITY.COM website.

Each of the four scenes showcased here, begin with an introductory segment, as Production Assistant, Indiana Bones chats with the ladies, prior to things going into sex. Below is a breakdown of all of the details.

Scene 1: Missy Martinez and Chris Strokes
We begin with Missy Martinez as Indiana Bones catches up with her. Indiana makes a joke about this almost being his fantasy(not so, because he is merely interviewing her, not having sex with her), Missy says that her fantasy would be surrounded by Mozzarella sticks instead of dicks. Missy then makes more jokes, as she goes on to show off her tits and ass. Indiana and Missy confirm that this will be her first time working with Chris Strokes. After showing off her pussy some more, more fun is had, as Missy names the Perv City teddy bear, "Ernesto". The focus is then Missy's big tits, as well as her attire. Before things get underway a short time later, Missy apologizes, for the bad things that she might say during the scene.
The sex begins with Chris Strokes sucking on Missy's tits, prior to going down on her pussy, and asshole. This continues as Missy is on her side. This is followed up by she eagerly sucking Chris' cock, as she also stroke it with both hands. This also includes sucking of the balls. After this, we also see a moment of titty-fucking from Chris. The slobbery cocksucking session continues on, both as we have an underneath view, and from POV, with both instances seeing the camera right in the midst of the action at hand. More titty-fucking is also seen after, as Missy's tits are well-lubed. This is followed by Missy lying back. Chris first fingers her asshole, before he inserts a colorful, spiral lollipop into the tight hole. After that is removed Chris tastes the asshole, prior to putting his cock in to fuck steady. This, as Missy sucks on the lollipop. This soon continues in side fuck, both with Missy's legs open and closed. This is followed up by Missy tasting herself on the cock, as she throat, and slurp on the cock and balls. Doggy happens next, as Missy assumes the position on all fours. Chris goes deep into Missy's ass, as he is in and out at a steady pace. This pace eventually increasing to become harder, and faster. After a time there, things next go to cowgirl, as Missy is bounced off the cock, as it fucks her ass deeply. It's here that for a moment Chris alternates between asshole and pussy, before he return to just the ass, to fuck at a quick pace. Soon we see things go deeper, as Missy plants her feet as she bounce. A brief moment of cocksucking, leads into spoon. Chris pounds the ass hard from here, occasionally switching holes again. The action from here eventually gets hard and heavy, working Chris up to cum, as he soon jerk off to blast Missy's chest with his load. - I really, really liked this high-spirited scene. First off, Missy Martinez is just great! Not only does she have an upbeat attitude about things, she's really funny too. This lady needs a showcase all to herself! When it comes to the action, the enthusiasm carries over, resulting in high energy sex.

Scene 2: Mona Wales and Sean Michaels
Indiana Bones catches up with Mona Wales next, who says that the scene today is a result of her Twitter followers requesting her. Mona says that she and her husband love to roleplay bizarre situations. Mona says that in comparison, older guys are better at fucking than younger guys. Mona cannot wait for her scene today with the legend, Sean Michaels. Indiana hands Mona a rose, with which they have some fun, including Mona rubbing her pussy with it. After Indiana admires Mona's "gum drop" nipples, as she calls them. Mona lies back and pulls her panties aside to spread, and wink her ass. However next Mona strips down out of her red suit to spread her asshole for the camera. This, shortly before the scene begins.
Sean joins Mona, as things kick on with Sean licking and sucking on Mona's nipples. A kiss between them, leads to Mona sucking Sean's cock, after she beg to do so. It's here, that Mona momentarily tests herself as she throat the big cock as much as she can. After another attempt at doing so, she then strokes with both hands as she suck. Next, this sucking continues as Sean sit back on the couch. This, as the camera go in close. However, it is cowgirl that follows. From here, Mona's pussy is fucked steadily, as she rides the cock. As the pace of the penetration quickens, we also see Sean plant fingers into to Mona's ass. This pace then slows, as Sean switches holes. There's then a break in the action that sees Mona straddle Sean's face briefly for tonguing. This, prior to anal continuing. This is brief, as it's Mona's pussy that is fucked as she bounces fast. Mona follows this up, by enthusiastically sucking cock prior to the action going missionary as Mona holds her legs high, and spread, as Sean takes her ass. Mona spills some dirty talk, which encourages Sean to go faster. This soon drives Mona to orgasm. The camera then takes a very nice low view as Mona straddles the cock for reverse cowgirl, as her ass is fucked. There is break in between which sees ass to mouth, as Mona sucks cock. Mona soon. once again straddles however, as Sean is in and out of her ass, and an increasing pace. Next up is anal from doggy, as Sean straddles Mona's ass to fuck deep. From here, the camera keeps a nice close view, which details the on-going penetration. The consistent action from the position, soon causes Mona to cum again. Spoon soon follows doggy, as Sean continues to slam his cock in deep. Its here that, after awhile, Sean switches holes, back and forth, but it's only briefly, as Sean returns to the ass, fucking until he must soon cum - but not before there is a moment of Mona tonguing Sean's ass. The scene ends with Sean jerking off, as he shoots his load onto Mona's face. - This was another great scene of consistent action from both performers, Sean Michaels and Mona Wales. Mona is a fan favorite, and it's clear to see way. She's enthusiastically dirty. I loved her dirty talk, for sure!

Scene 3: Lauren Phillips and Mr. Pete
Next up is Lauren Phillips. The fiery redhead, is wearing a bright, multi-colored top and denim shorts. Indiana and Lauren talk about how sweet Lauren is, stating that she came baring treats for everyone on set. The 5'10" beauty, then stands, as Lauren soon removes her shorts to show off her ass. The conversation then focuses on when Lauren lost her virginity. Lauren doesn't elaborate other than to says that she was young. She says that she has had sex numerous times outdoors, when asked where the strangest place is that she has ever had sex? Indiana then has Lauren remove her top, to reveal her glorious 36DD tits. This is followed by she removing her panties next. Lauren then goes on to bend over, and twerk for the camera. Following this, the focus is the Lauren's flexibility. Lauren brings up her ability to lick her feet, after which she goes on to demonstrate, shortly before her scene with Mr. Pete begins.
First, Lauren, and Pete kiss, as Pete wastes no time to titty-fuck. However, next, Pete moves on to fuck Lauren's face, as she take the cock deep into her throat. Lauren also follows this up by sucking on Pete's balls. Next, however, it's cowgirl, as Lauren rides hard, as her pussy is fucked, Missionary/side fuck follows, as Pete covers Lauren's mouth with his shirt briefly, as he pounds the pussy consistently hard. In between there's a break, during which Pete finger-bangs Lauren deep, and hard, causing her to squirt. This is before Pete returns to fuck, only this time, it'd Lauren's asshole that endures the hard slamming treatment. Lauren then is on her knees, as it's ass to mouth, as she suck cock. While this happens, we are treated to a great view from underneath, as Claudio's camera keeps a close view in the action. It's also from this view, that Pete briefly plays with Lauren's tits. as the slobbery sucking continues on. The next position from the couch is then spoon, as anal resumes at a quick, and hard pace from Pete. This continuing until Pete switches holes from a moment. He does however go back to the ass, as Lauren closes her legs tightly. After a time of this, Pete once again holds Lauren's legs open to pound the ass hard. As this continues, Pete also begins to suck on Lauren's toes briefly. After a moment of cocksucking that's also brief, the anal continues from behind, as Lauren is seen with her face down, and ass up. Again from here, Pete also eventually fucks both holes. Following this, is front-facing spoon, as Lauren's ass faces the camera. From here, with Lauren's legs held tightly, Pete fucks the ass deep. It is after this position, that Pete jerks odd to cum, as he goes for Lauren's mouth. - This, the third scene of this collection is also a very good one. This was the scene that made me want to check this one out. Why? Because Lauren is hot as fuck, plain and simple. This woman is stacked. Luckily for me, this scene worked out exactly how I hoped it would. The action between Lauren and Pete is hard, and somewhat rough. It's a great scene.

Scene 4: Savana Styles and Chris Strokes
Next up is Savana Styles, who is wearing a nice, tight blue dress. The Montreal Canada native says that this is her first time working for PERV CITY, this, as she pulls the top of her dress aside to show her tits. The next focus is Savana's incredible ass, as Savana quickly removes her dress. Savana has a toned body - she says that since moving to LA, she likes to hike. Her panties soon come off, as Savana soon spread, and wink her ass. Next, the view is the front, as Savana spreads her pussy, as the camera zooms in to show Savana's big clit. This being shortly before the scene with Chris Strokes soon begins.
Chris first oils up he tits, and then her juicy ass, after which Savah bounces for the camera. Chris feels up Savana's tits and ass, as they kiss. Chris briefly touches her pussy Prior to Savana grinding her ass on Chris, before he gets his cock. Savana is soon however, on all fours from the couch, as she goes on to suck, and slurp on Chris' cock deep. During this, there is some brief titty-fucking in between. As the sucking continues, we are treated to the underneath camera view. It continues as Chris sits back to enjoy some titty-fucking, as Savana bounces with Chris' cock in between her tits. This before she go on to suck Chris' cock. Next up, Savana squats on the cock as it goes into her ass, from reverse cowgirl. It's here, that Savana bounces on the cock at a steady pace. This is followed by Savana tasting her ass on the cock, as she sucks briefly. Reverse cowgirl that resumes after, for another brief period. This before sucking leads the anal into doggy, where Chris fucks both the pussy and ass. After this, Savana is then back to sucking Chris off, just prior to she going him a footjob, as she lie back on the couch. Following this, we see Savana climb on for cowgirl. Here, steady bouncing becomes harder, as holes are switched, and Chris fucks Savana's pussy. However soon, things are alternated between pussy and ass, as Savana pops her ass. Eventually, the pussy pounding continues, as Chris slams down hard on the cock. This is followed up by more sucking of the cock, before missionary sees Chris slam his cock hard into Savana's pussy. This soon slowing down to a more steady pace. The action from here continues until Chris must cum. He does so, by jerking off to splatter Savana's tits with a nice big load. - This was one scene that I was anticipating seeing, ever since I saw a preview of the scene posted on Twitter. It does not disappoint at all. Savana Styles is really sexy, and has one of the most beautiful asses in the world! I have never seen anything like it. It is perfectly round, and is just spectacular! The action between Savana and Chris is solid, and it is also eye catching as many of the positions put Savana's ass on display quite nicely, thanks to great camera work.

To bring everyone up to speed, a few months ago, I reviewed the first installment of the ANAL SOCCER MOMS series. Despite Claudio assuring me that I would likely enjoy what was to come from it, the truth is that I just didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped to. So, going into this PERV CITY release, the follow up, I hoped, that it would, in my opinion, fare better. I was certainly drawn to it, because of its phenomenal cast of ladies.

So, how as ANAL SOCCER MOMS you ask? To put it in simple terms, fortunately, it's great. In my opinion, this release is a big improvement over the previous entry. First, the subjects themselves are more interesting, and fun. In addition to that, the subsequent sex that they have with select male performers, is also great, as it is thorough, as each girl takes a pounding via either hole, at any given time during the scenes. As I said, the girls themselves are fun, and individually lively in their personalities, and their likewise eagerness for sex(particularly when it relates to cock). The collection begins with the voluptuous, and funny, Missy Martinez, who seems to have fun with every aspect of her job. She loves her job, and loves what her profession allows her to do. She brings this attitude to her scenes, which results in a good time, not just for the performers, but the viewer as well. This scene was no exception. I love her - she's great! That scene is followed by a scene involving Mona Wales, who appears here, as a result of her fans voting her in. Her scene, which is with veteran performer, Sean Michaels, is good proof as to why so many porn fans are drawn to her. Mona is very likable, and when it comes to the aspect of dirty talk during sex, she can definitely hang with the best of them. The third scene featuring beautiful redhead Lauren Phillips, represents my initial reason for seeing this release. Once I knew that Lauren was featured here, I was in. She is a beauty, with a great body. Her scene here with Mr. Pete is solid proof that Lauren likes it rough, as the resulting scene is packed with fast, and thorough action. I enjoyed it. ANAL SOCCER MOMS 2 closes out with a fourth, and final scene featuring the French Canadian Savana Styles. A woman who lets her curves do most of the talking for her. And what curves they are! Savana does sport big enhanced breasts, but that's not all that she's packing. No, her most mesmerizing attribute, is indeed her big round ass. First in her pre-sex interview segment, she teases us with both. But it is the sex scene that follows, which puts Savana on best display. As Savana is fucked by the big cock of Chris Strokes(whether it be her ass or pussy), the scene, via some very nice, and on-point camera work by Claudio, gives us MIss Styles from every alluring angle possible.

As a collection of scenes, which especially have a distinct focus on anal, ANAL SOCCER MOMS 2, is a very solid release. Technically, I believe it to be nearly perfect, in terms of its quality of sex. Though the 4 scenes feature 3 different male performers, they each feature consistent action from scene to scene. In my opinion, a lot of it has to do with the featured ladies themselves, as each of them are enthusiastic for the scene. Another key aspect is of course, the seemingly always impressive camera work presented by the Maestro, Claudio Bergamin. Here, he sticks to the innovative angles that work, while keeping us, the viewer "deep" into the action. Again, this is a solid offering by the folks of PERV CITY. I highly recommend it.

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